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Another One! 1968 AMX Stored For 25 Years


We seem to have hit the mother lode of AMX’s lately, with this one, this onethis one and this one all being posted since February 17. I would have to say that this one looks like the worst of the bunch, especially on first glance, but it should be the least expensive as well. It’s located in Verplanck, New York and is up for auction here on eBay.


This one is obviously a flipper find, and the description is a bit confusing. The seller does list the VIN, so we can tell that it originally had a four speed and a 390 V8 with a four-barrel carburetor by looking it up here. However, the assertion that it was originally silver with black stripes might be right, but there are a lot of other colored panels on this body as well, and what’s left of the stripes looks white to me. The seller also tells us that the quarter panels and floors will need repair. Let’s look at another picture to examine the rust more closely.


Based on this picture, I’m thinking there’s going to be more rust repair than the seller thinks. The rust on the roof looks pretty progressed in places. Also, the rear spring mount extensions could mean that this car has had a rough life. AMX’s weren’t known for their suspension prowess when they were new, so who knows what this one would handle like now.


In the front, we have a twisted bumper, no grille and a missing headlight surround in addition to the mismatched panels. I’m not saying this car can’t be brought back by any means, but just that the future owner needs to go in with their eyes wide open.


The interior is, well, trashed. The passenger seat is missing (I’m not exactly sure what’s there at the moment, perhaps part of the back seat? as Jack pointed out in the comments, the AMX doesn’t have a back seat!) and the seller also mentions the factory air cleaner is missing as well, but that those are the only two parts missing. If that’s the case, there must be a lot of parts stored somewhere from this interior alone! The ad talks about boxes of parts and spare doors and a trunk lid, and based on what I can see you’re going to need them. But with a 390, the factory four speed and the Go Pack options, this is the way you’d like to see an AMX build sheet. For the right price, a pretty low one, this might be a good buy. I fear, though, that it’s a pretty ambitious project for an amateur restorer. What do you think? And who advertises a car like this without even showing the engine?


  1. Avatar photo Bill

    Seller says he has a lot of new and replacement parts that all go with the deal. Fairly rare AMX when it’s done. You wonder, though, whether the price of these will jump like the Ford, GM and Chrysler pony cars.

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  2. Avatar photo American_Badaz

    It will be a very fun and cool ride many thousands of dollars from now.
    I would still rather have a 2nd gen though.

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    • Avatar photo Joe64NYWF

      later gens – several hundred pounds heavier

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  3. Avatar photo Jack NWPA Member

    Jamie, you didn’t say ” back seat”?

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Wow. I must have been tired, or thinking about the Javelin I showed my wife that night. My bad!!! :-)

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  4. Avatar photo AMC STEVE


    What’s so rare about it exactly? If you check AMC on Feebay daily there is always at least 2 or three 68-70 AMXs on there. Hard ones to find are 71 Javelin/AMXs, Rebel Machines and Ramber Sramblers. Rouges are less common, then Marlins getting harder to find as they are growing in popularity because of a recent major build that was in HOT ROD/SEMA
    To much money to sink into his one, you’ll be upside down just in parts to make any kind of profit.

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    • Avatar photo Jacob

      Wow really? I never thought of that SEMA Marlin being a reason for Marlins becoming more popular (or that they were even increasing in popularity). I’m restoring one right now. There’s a few idiots asking $30-$50k for restored marlins, but other than that, every other example I can find is under $15,000. I’d love to see them go up in value and get the popularity they deserve.

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      • Avatar photo william

        You can find Marlins unrestored and complete for the most part for $1200.00 to $1500.00

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      • Avatar photo Jacob

        $1200 to 1500 if you mean full of rust by unrestored. I’ve gone on all of Craigslist for the past year or two and have never seen one without tons of rust or missing engine/interior for less than ~$2300. They aren’t worth their weight in gold like some of the big three cars, but I wouldn’t say they’re that cheap either – especially when they’re actually complete.

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  5. Avatar photo Pfk1106

    Saw one of these driving to a new lunch spot. Went down a road, always looking in back yards and outbuildings. I live around a lot of farms. Spotted a blue maverick with black flames . Looked like a potential hot rod. It’s hood was missing as it was sitting under a tripod engine hoist. Behind the maverick under a tarp, the white nose with twin red stripes of an amx. Amx had its lights, and bumper in respectable condition from afar. Interesting road, need to keep looking.

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  6. Avatar photo JW

    I don’t exactly know what these AMX’s go for when restored but the bidding is at $3,500 and I feel for the condition of the car and missing pieces it’s topped out now, a lot of work ahead on this car and that being said from a Rustang owner.

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  7. Avatar photo JCW

    Jacob how do you go on all off craigslist? Is there a way to search all by vehicle?

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    • Avatar photo Jacob

      I’ve just been going on: http://www.searchcraigslist.org
      It’s not a very nice interface, and you tend to get a lot of duplicate or deleted posts, but it works.

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