Yup, It’s Green! 1974 Oldsmobile Omega

Do you agree with Kermit that “it’s not easy being green?” I’m not so sure it’s not easy because we certainly seem to see a lot of green survivor, restovivor and other decent condition collector cars, especially from the 60’s and 70’s when green was a very popular car color. This Chevrolet Nova derivative is listed for sale here on eBay, where a few bids have taken the bidding over $2,000, but the reserve has not been met. It’s located in West St. Paul, Manitoba, Canada.

There’s a few spots where some rust has taken hold in the lower body; you can see the bubbles right behind the fender well in this picture. This shot also highlights the factory rallye wheels and raised white letter tires, which work for me on this car. Imagine how benign it would look with plain old hubcaps!

The wrinkles here concern me, and the painted over latch tells me some work has been done back here. It may be very localized, however, as I don’t see any overspray on the jack usage decal.

Yes, the interior is green too! Several different shades to be exact! There are some split areas in the seat and at least three cracks in the dashboard top pad. However, aside from the cracks, the pad actually looks pretty good. Do you think the 46,250 miles are correct after looking at this pictures?

Although base Omegas came with a 250 cubic inch six-cylinder, this one was outfitted with a Rocket 350 V8 from the very beginning. The transmission is the famous GM Turbo 350 automatic. Not only that, but the air conditioning works so well we are told it is “ice cold!” It’s so unusual to report that about a car, I did a double take. There have also been some new body mounts (why?) and end links purchased and installed on the Omega. Are you interested in seeing if it’s easy driving green?


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  1. Mike

    If anyone is interested in this one let me know. This is right in my neighbourhood. Never seen it though.

    • Steff

      Hi mike, i know this is a year ago. Would like to know if this car was sold. Will appreciate your response. Thanks!

  2. G.P. Member

    My barn finds page is full of ads for some reason, any idea ?

    • Howard A Member

      Hi G.P., you have to log in periodically. Apparently, a security feature doesn’t keep you logged in.

      • GP Member

        Thanks Howard A, I didn’t know that.

  3. MikeG

    Wow this is a nice car. I always remember how about incredibly plain they made the Omega in the 80’s. I’d pick this up and do a little cosmetic work and drive it as is.

  4. Mark

    Okay there’s green and then there’s THAT GREEN, and I can’t stand THAT GREEN! Nice car but . . .

  5. Howard A Member

    Well, of course the A/C is going to be “ice cold”, it’s in Canada, hey.( kidding, and do Canadian’s say “hey” that much?) Same thing, if this was a Nova, it would be gone by now. The “other” cars, Ventura, Omega, Apollo, never got the respect the Nova did. That’s a shame. They were just as cool. If this gets sold for this amount, it’s the deal of the week. Nice car and I like green cars. Beats the black, gray drab of today.

    • CarNut from Winnipeg Member

      We say “eh?” not “hey”.

  6. MSG Bob

    Hmm… Nova, Omega, Ventura and Apollo… Somebody at GM _did_ have a sense of humor (once upon a time, anyway). Seriously, that shade of green looks too much like the color the Army had for their Temporary Motor Pool vehicles in the late ’70s through early ’90’s. I’ll pass.

    • boxdin

      The Nova sold well in Mexico despite being named in spanish;
      No Go

      • Mike H. Mike H

        From the following Snopes article:

        Although “no va” can be literally translated as “no go,” it would be a curious locution for a speaker of Spanish to use in reference to a car. Just as an English speaker would describe a broken-down car by saying that it “doesn’t run” rather than it “doesn’t go,” so a Spanish speaker would refer to a malfunctioning automobile by saying “no marcha” or “no funciona” or “no camina” rather than “no va.”


  7. packrat

    These pictures made me laugh out loud, in a good way. Yes, I remember these new, and in this pistachio green. A nice little car, with a straightforward engine made much more complicated the next year with cursorily-engineered mandated add-ons. Seems to be in reasonable ‘driver’ condition. 42k miles passes the first online squint test. I’d drive it as is. The auction will finish at a far more reasonable price than a similarly original Nova of the same year. ‘Millionaire-Me’, in a separate universe somewhere, thinks this would be a good one to look at as a potential seventh car for his fleet.

    • Tom Driscoll

      …yes, didn’t the cat converter arrive in ’75?

      • packrat

        ’74 I believe, unless that was the year everything had something horrible odd, like EGR pumps that didn’t really go anywhere. The best way to clean up the ’74 models was to pull all the extra garbage off and tune them, and they would pass the local MARTA just fine.

  8. rdc

    Why the hate for green cars? Is it light green or odd shades of green or what. I personally like some dark shades of green like the GM or Ford dark green of the 60s. I especially like BMW Oxford green. Just me I guess. :)

    • Dave

      Green is good. I like subtle colors and earth tones. If you have a nice car, color doesn’t matter. Bright red and orange always get the attention, even if the car is not as nice. And they get the attention of the law.

      • boxdin

        Buddy of mine is 1969 Cougar Nut, he has 69 vert in orange w white, his buddy has same car in a very nice green metalic w darker tan leather. To me the green car is so much classier version of same car. Orange car looks kinda silly.. both cars are perfect restos.

      • Fiete T.

        My favorite Mopar green is GG1.

  9. Tom Driscoll

    And, features the ultra rare in-dash clock!

  10. RoselandPete

    Are body mounts the same as engine mounts? If so, I think these cars were some of the first that I recall having sudden unintended acceleration problems which were caused by defective engine mounts causing the engine to shift and pull on the accelerator.

  11. CarNut from Winnipeg Member

    Wasn’t this on here about a month ago? I have seen it before. Remember because it’s 15 minutes away.

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