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$0.99 Opening Bid: 1968 AMC AMX


Are there any American Motors eXperimental fans out there? I thought so, I am, too. This 1968 AMC AMX will be a nice project. It’s listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $0.99 and a $12,000 Buy It Now price. That’s quite a spread! There are still six days left to figure out where to hide this project so your spouse doesn’t kick you out of the house, aaagain. This car is located in Sterling Heights, Michigan.


The AMX was made for three short years: 1968, 1969, and 1970. They’re a two-seater configuration, the first since the demise of the 1957 Thunderbird, and they were the only steel-bodied two-seater built by an American company at the time. The AMX was one inch shorter than the Corvette of this same era at around 14′-8″.  This particular AMX is #722 and it was stored in a pole barn for a couple of decades so it’ll have to be gone through; hopefully there won’t be any huge surprises. Of course, there will be some rust work to do and the usual brake and fuel system work, but there are parts available for most of what you’ll need. One of you will know this, but, isn’t this a 1969 hood? I thought that this hood was part of the “Mod Package” available in 1969, but I could be wrong. And, of course, the wheels aren’t original, not to mention the bumpers have been painted.


The interior may need more work than the exterior does from looking at the photos. The seller said that they didn’t clean anything after getting the car out of storage where it sat for 20 years. This interior will have to be stripped of at least the seats and carpet to see what’s going on under that carpet. There are a number of suppliers for interior parts that you’ll need once you get to that point. The trunk looks fairly solid but there are enough rodent droppings in there to make me want to put a hazmat suit on before doing any work in this car.


As you can see, this is AMC’s 390 V8. This one has a four-barrel carb and about 315 hp. The seller mentions that it was rebuilt before it was put in storage but I’m guessing that at least some sort of refurbishment is in order after sitting for that long.  This car has a lot of potential but it’ll also need a lot of work. Luckily, the body appears to be in pretty nice shape. I really like AMXs and I never see them on the street or even at car shows anymore, what happened to them all? Are there any AMX owners out there, or at least AMX fans? What is this car going sell for, $10,000? More?


  1. Alan (Michigan )

    This is one municipality away from my home.
    The offer to put eyes on it is an easy one for me to make.
    Love the AMX. Not on my short list, but major cool.

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  2. Rocko

    I remember them, the crank used to fall out all the time.

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  3. DENIS

    I would love to own it for 5-6000….gonna spend plenty to restore but bones are good. The 390s can be made to haul ass. Do I see a red Studebaker fender to the right side of the pic? I would be a player for project #8 if it wasn’t so damn hard to get away to pick it up…luv dem Kelvinators

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Denis, I think it is the C1 vette behind the AMX in the first photo.

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    • PackardMike

      Yup. Looks like a 58-60. Not listed for sale.

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  4. Jeffro

    Not a fan of the hood. Looks like it has gills. I do like the car though. 390 and 4 spd! I could see a Mark Donahue tribute out of this. Or after a weekend of binge drinking, possibly a Phil Donahue tribute. Lol

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha! That’s good stuff, mister.

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      Ugh Mark Donohue did the Javelin not AMX. I don’t know about Phil though.

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      • Jeffro

        I got model wrong. Oops. Atleast I’m not doing a Richard Petty tribute car. See…sunshine behind every cloud.

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      • Ck

        Phill drove a Pacer x if I’m not mistaken.

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  5. moosie Craig

    Back in the day I worked with a guy that had one, Yellow, Black stripe, Black interior, 390″ 4 Spd. Traction Lock. During our lunch break from the warranty claims adjuster job at World Wide Volkswagen I would race him with my showroom stock ’69 Road Runner, 383″ 4 Spd. 3:90-1 Sure-grip, I’d beat him every time, by at least 3 cars. The fun stopped when our immediate supervisor wanted in on the action with his ’68 390″ 4 Spd. fastback Torino, we would both beat him ,,, badly ,,, causing us to catch the nastiest jobs.

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  6. JW

    While having a bed cover put on our truck the wife and I looked at one exactly like this one but in perfect condition at a small car lot down the street to kill time. The salesman offered it to us for $16K and we could drive it home. I love the AMX’s but the finances were not there without dipping in to retirement fund so we had to pass, damn recession !!! Nice find but too high on his price.

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  7. redwagon

    is it me or does 12k seem reasonable for this? granted, 5-6 sounds better, and AMC in general does not bring the franklin’s like ford or chevy or chrysler but starting at $1 and having a 12k bin seems like the seller is not delusional. refreshingly so.

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    • RayT Member

      For $12K I would at least expect the seller to do some clean-up and describe condition, history, etc. in more detail.

      It’s tempting, though! Not being an AMC expert, I was surprised to see how much is available for the AMX and Javelin. Shouldn’t be too difficult to get this up and running and looking nice! And no need to think about SBC transplants, either, as the 390 is, from what I’ve heard, a pretty capable engine.

      If I was going for a ponycar, I think I’d prefer this to a ‘Stang or Camaro. I like the looks, and certainly appreciate the rarity factor!

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    The seller is not educated on AMC. He states that “numbers match” no such thing in AMC world. This car needs a lot of work so I could see 5-6k tops.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      I’d also question how he came up with it being #722. . . If he’s going by the dash plaque number, well, those weren’t a sequential thing either.

      Everybody lists their AMX as “rare”, and while the production numbers weren’t terribly high, it seems that there’s always a number of them to choose from at any given moment. So I question rarity overall, but trying to find a factory 4-speed with Go-Pack and air conditioning is pretty hard to do (most of the A/C cars seem to have been automatics).

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      • AMCSTEVE

        True dat. Looks like it could be a mud bucket, bring magnets.

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  9. Carguy

    There’s a nice original 1968 at the Classic Car Collection on East Highway 30 in Kearney, NE. Low mileage red,white and blue car that only ran in quarter-mile increments. It was the first Pete’s Patriot (Google it) and was then renamed the Steakmaker when Pete’s was attached to a 1969. The ’69 was one of 52 Hurst modified cars and is currently residing somewhere in Connecticut. The two cars were owned by a group of high school kids who worked with the local AMC dealer and drag-raced on weekends and set records and won trophies. Hot little cars.

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    • kyle

      Only a half hour from me. I need to go check it out someday.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      That’s a mind-blowing collection of great cars! I passed by Kearney for too many years and finally stopped in 2015 and spent several hours there. It’s huge and the people working there are as nice as it gets. Thanks for mentioning the Classic Car Collection, Carguy!

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  10. CarNut from Winnipeg Member

    A few of these always appear at the Winnipeg area shows. Always liked them.

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  11. Tom Driscoll

    Easy $30k car fixed…do the math…

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  12. Jonathan Wojcik

    I currently own this car! If anyone has any info, pictures or stories on it, let me know. I believe she was a 1/8 mile drag car in the 80’s somewhere in michigan. Right now shes torn down and getting new floors/rockers/ rear quarters.

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