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10k Original Miles: 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Silver Anniversary With No Reserve

There was a time during its early production life that many at Chevrolet believed the Corvette would never see its Silver Anniversary. However, it defied the odds and has remained an integral part of the American motoring landscape ever since. This 1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary Edition presents beautifully for its age, which is understandable considering it has a genuine 10,000 miles showing on its odometer. It is largely unmolested and would suit an enthusiast searching for a well-preserved C3. The seller listed it here on eBay in New Baltimore, Michigan. Bidding has raced to $11,877 in a No Reserve auction.

Styling changes for the C3 Corvette had mainly been evolutionary since Day 1, although the company’s decision to introduce a fastback-style rear window for 1978 changed the car’s profile dramatically. It improved visibility and was the precursor to the glass hatchback that appeared exclusively on the 1982 Collector’s Edition and became standard fare for the subsequent C4 Corvette range. The 1978 Silver Anniversary Edition wore a unique paint combination of Code 13 Silver over Code 07 Dark Gray. The seller believes most of the paint gracing this Corvette’s panels is original, although it is unclear why they don’t think it is 100% original. It presents nicely for a car with forty-five years under its belt. The shine is deep and consistent, with only a few minor chips and marks. The panels show no stress cracks, and the gaps are consistent. The correct badges are intact, the glass looks flawless, and the alloy wheels are free from curb strike and stains.

The interior shots reveal one of the few changes to this Corvette, with the original stereo making way for a CD player. Otherwise, it is as it left the factory. The Light Beige leather seatcovers sport the wrinkles that are an integral part of aging, but there is no wear or damage. The remaining upholstered surfaces are equally impressive, as are the carpet and plastic. The overall condition suggests the vehicle has led a sheltered life, and the new owner will slip behind the wheel of a classic that features some desirable options. The original owner ordered the car with air conditioning, although it is unclear whether this blows cold. The new owner also receives power windows, power locks, and a leather-wrapped tilt/telescopic wheel.

The original owner didn’t go mad ticking the boxes on the Order Form when choosing this Corvette’s mechanical specifications. The engine bay houses the L48 version of the 350ci V8, which sends 185hp to the rear wheels via a three-speed automatic transmission. This was the most conservative drivetrain combination offered in 1978, with the car taking 17.1 seconds to cover the ¼-mile. The seller claims this classic has a genuine 10,000 miles on the clock but doesn’t mention verifying evidence. They recently replaced the original tires and refurbished the brakes. The car runs and drives perfectly, with no issues or vices. They supply this YouTube video that features a walkaround, allowing us to hear the small-block running. It sounds as smooth as silk, with no smoke or unwelcome noises.

If the odometer reading for this 1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary is verifiable, it will do nothing but increase its desirability. Low-mileage classics can cause potential buyers angst as they try to balance the driving experience against the possible devaluation that additional miles may cause. This Corvette treads a welcome middle ground because while its mileage is low, weekend outings are unlikely to impact its future value significantly. It has already received twenty-six bids, indicating that people relish the prospect of slipping behind the wheel to enjoy all it offers. Recent results suggest the price should pass $20,000 before the hammer falls, and the action so far seems to support that. Is this a classic you might pursue further with those thoughts in mind?


  1. John Hanley

    To me this two tone silver is the best looking color scheme of all the C3 cars.

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  2. Rick

    “Desirable” is relative. All ’78’s were considered “Silver Anniversary” and all had those badges. This paint scheme was just one of several, including the Pace Car version. In the end, it just could be a low miles C3. The interior wear and condition seems to reflect that. Could be a nice driver for the right person!

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    • Bamapoppy

      Rick, you are correct about all ‘78’s being ‘Silver Anniversary’ cars but the two-tone silver paint was put on 15,283 units, not a rarity at all. These are generally considered SA cars while the black/silver ones are the Pace Cars but one can also refer to them as anniversary cars. In all of my years attending Corvette shows I’ve never heard a Pace Car owner call his an anniversary car.

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  3. Maggy

    Can’t hardly get in and out of em with my worn knees and back.Once you’re in them you’re fine.Pretty car though. If you like these later c3’s I’d seriously consider this one.Looks like a super clean example. Was somebody’s summer car I’m sure.Time to go to a new home.glwts.

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  4. Rbig18

    This is near me, although I am not a huge fan of this era Vette it could be tempting. However, I would not be able to stop myself from swapping in a 4 speed muncie, removing then replaing those heads, a CAM, lifter and rocker swap too. If mileage is correct it should be left alone and I couldn’t live with this engine and tranny so let it go somewhere else.

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    • jrhmobile

      Fortunately the powertrain parts are so cheap and plentiful that you could buy the entire kit, remove and replace with new stuff and store the low-mileage numbers matching stuff to go with the car for the next owner. The cost of a crate small-block/manual trans setup wouldn’t be that much more than going through the original powertrain anyway.

      Like the best of both worlds. Two cars in one.

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  5. Stan


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  6. matt kennell

    Love these disco era C3’s . My 1979 eggshell white vette with T tops and standard power was a great interstate cruiser. I miss that car dearly and am glad to see these models starting to be appreciated.

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  7. Acton Thomas

    Great looking car from all angles. I always wondered why someone would buy L-48 badges and drill holes in a perfect hood to install them. The car was fine without the badges and they were not factory anyway, unless you ordered the L-82 option. Ok, I’m done whining, it really is a beautiful car. GLWTA!

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  8. Cooter Cooter

    I recently restored a 79 adding a ZZ4 crate engine pulling 420 Ft # of torque. Rebuilt the 350 turbo tranny with a shift kit and it moves very well! New interior, paint and glass. Draws a crowd everywhere I drive it.

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  9. James . P Kennedy

    Already too much money for that car. Even the pave cars do t go for much more than that one. Automatic is the death mail too.

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  10. ron e bee


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  11. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    This could have been one that was originally purchased as an investment and sat for years. Until it was no longer an investment.

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    • Tbone

      I agree that it was probably an investment. It never stopped being an investment, it just became a bad investment

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      • Mr C.

        I owned a 71Roadster LT1 and a 72 L48 Coupe. They were OK but not very quick. I remember the guys buying the 79 Pace cars as a investment and they took a beating when those cars never produced what they expected. I was in my 20s and my back still hurt after a 2-3 hrs drive to the Corvette shows we attended. Used Vettes were a dime a dozen back then.

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  12. George Mattar

    With the boring L48 and TH 350 and that ugly gray interior, pass. If it was an L82 4 speed with red or mahogany leather, then I would jump on it. Tried to buy an L82 4 speed loaded 78 SA about 10 years ago from a consignment dealer. It had 29,000 actual miles, all paperwork. He wanted $17,000. I had $15,000 cash in my pocket. He said no. I left. Two hours later he calls, that deal fell through at $17,000. You can have it for 15. Said too late. Found a silver 73 coupe.

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  13. Jim Smith

    I may not be seeing it correctly, but the colour of the engine and intake appear too blue…

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