12k Mile 1979 Lincoln Continental Collector’s Series

If you wanted your Lincoln Continental “fully-loaded” in 1979, it was hard to go past the Collector’s Series. These came with every conceivable option and treated their owners like royalty. This particular car not only comes with all of that luxury but has a mere 12,500 genuine miles showing on its odometer. It has led a sheltered life and is now looking for a new home. The Lincoln is located in Santa Cruz, California, and has been listed for sale here on Facebook. The price for this classic has been set at $10,900.

Finished in a combination of Midnight Blue Metallic and White, the Lincoln presents extremely well. The original owner purchased the vehicle for his weekly trips to church, but it has spent most of its life sitting in a barn. The photos are a bit limited, but they tend to indicate that the California climate has been kind to this giant. The paint holds a healthy shine, while the White landau-style vinyl top has no apparent issues. The Collector’s Series brought turbine-style alloy wheels, and these seem to be in good order. There are no issues with the trim and badges, and the tinted glass is in good order. Making the Continental an even more enticing proposition in fine weather is the inclusion of an electric sunroof.

When you consider the limited service that this Lincoln has seen, it is no surprise that the interior is spotless. Buyers could choose to equip their Collector’s Series with either leather or Kasman II luxury cloth upholstery. This car features the latter material in an elegant Dark Blue. There is nothing here that can be faulted, and there have been no aftermarket additions. The upholstery and plastics are perfect, as is the dash and carpet. Luxury touches abound, with the vehicle featuring air conditioning, along with power functionality for the windows, locks, trunk release, and the six-way adjustable front seats. Throw in cruise, a rear defroster, a tilt wheel, remote exterior mirrors, a Cartier digital clock, and an AM/FM radio/8-track player, and life is looking good inside this classic. However, the touches go beyond anything that you would typically expect because a unique umbrella is included, while the Owner’s Manual is bound in leather. There are no engine photos, but we know that the Continental comes equipped with the 400ci V8, which is backed by a C6 automatic transmission. It should be no surprise to learn that power steering and power brakes are part of this package. The owner claims that the car has a genuine 12,500 miles showing on its odometer. It appears that he holds a significant collection of documentation dating right back to the car’s original sale in 1979. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if he holds evidence to verify the mileage claim. I am amazed that he supplies no information on how well the Lincoln runs or drives. However, its overall condition does give us cause to be quietly optimistic.

The 1979 Lincoln Continental Collector’s Series marked the end of the line for one defining characteristic of the marque. This was the last of the truly “big” Lincolns. When the 6th Generation cars appeared in 1980, they were physically smaller than their predecessors. So, if you subscribe to the “big is beautiful” philosophy when it comes to classic cars, then maybe this one is the car that you’ve been looking for.


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  1. LMK Member

    The exterior is painted in the Bill Blass Designer Series color scheme but I’ve never seen a Bill Blass Lincoln have that type of upholstery…

    They usually have leather seats with contrasting piping .

    Anybody know more precisely which upholstery was available during this period in the Bill Blass series…?

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    • Brian Cady

      My grandparents had a 79 Bill Blass Edition. It had a white vinyl faux convertible top with white leather seats and navy blue piping.

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    • Tiberius1701
    • Will Fox

      I worked at a L-M dealer in `79. The Bill Blass edition would’ve had either navy leather/white “straps” sewn into the upholstery, or the opposite: white leather with navy “straps” on the seats. And that year’s Bill Blass would have had either the carriage roof, or the white vinyl landau top like this one.
      But this car appears to be a mixture of both Collector’s Series & Bill Blass–never seen one like this before. The interior is “Collector’s series”.

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      • Marc Perkins

        I agree completely I never recall seeing a factory 2 tone collectors’s series.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Typical FB, lousy pics, but got to get the dumb dog in there. And bull horns? Sorry, they had me and they lost me. They were nice cars.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      Howard, easy on the K-9! The poor pup was just doing as he was told…..

      Like 16
  3. Chuck

    I like the dog. I think Howard A is the dumb one!

    Like 10
    • Howard A Member

      Yeah, I get that a lot, thanks. Apparently, if you don’t like dogs, you’re a monster. What about the car?

      Like 2
      • TimS Member

        Calm down, Howard. There’s a well-kept vintage camper up near the top of the listings. Take a deep breath and go write a good monster truck show comment.

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  4. art

    California climate is kind but…Santa Cruz? Best to have underside pictures. The air there is laden with salt and that creeps into places beyond what one would expect. Not many pictures either to make one secure about lack of rust.
    Why do folks take such poor pictures and then expect to sell at top dollar?

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    • Steve R

      Cars effected by coast rust do so from the top down, not the bottom up.

      Go inland two or three miles, often less and rust isn’t an issue. Ocean fog doesn’t penetrate far inland, its a common misperception by people not familiar with the area.

      Steve R

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  5. Shingo

    Definitely a Collectors Series but the 2 tone is not factory correct.

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    • Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

      The Facebook seller states “I have original paper work from production line matching all parts to car!!” Difficult to argue against that I would think.

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  6. albert

    yes it is google it and u will see 1979 Lincoln bill Blass

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  7. John J

    Collectors Series came in navy blue with navy blue top or white with white top. A few medium Blue paint with dark top and interior were also produced. The Bill Blass designer series was also a very popular Mark 5. My thought is that somebody bought the all white collectors series and had it painted to mimic a Bill Blass. The interior appointments and all else looks to be correct Collectors Series. Maybe somebody couldn’t decide which of the two cars they wanted so they tried for bet of both worlds. Whatever the case, it appears to be a very nice car as good a 70s luxobarge a you can get to float down the interstate.

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  8. Mike Adams

    Who puts cow horns on a car and parks it? Also the numerals on the odometer are uneven, which almost guarantees it has turned over. That plus no engine pics and no underside pics, I’d call BS on the mileage claim.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      Those odometer digits, by Ford standards of the day, look pretty straight to me.

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  9. Robert Bolam

    My father owned the same car and I bought it when he passed. Did not say collector’s series, it had an anchor with a forward and backwards B.

  10. Vic M

    If I had 10G and the room, I’d love to have it.

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  11. 1-MAC

    A whole lot of car for the price. Compared to the min Lincoln of today. With proper care this would last a lifetime. Look at the running gear to get that durability and strentht today you would need a 3/4 ton pickup.

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  12. CVPanther Member

    Gorgeous boat. I’d love to own this if my bank account and garage space agreed. They will never make ’em like this again.

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