13,270 Original Miles: 1977 Chevy Blazer

The seller goes so far as to describe this 1977 Chevrolet Blazer as being in new condition, but with under 14,000 original miles, it may not be the exaggeration we think it is. Looking handsome in cordova brown over frost white paint, the Blazer has never seen rain or salt and been stored in a climate-controlled facility despite residing in New York State. Find this showroom fresh Blazer here on eBay with bidding over $25K and the reserve unmet.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader local_sherrif for the find. Having just returned from a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, I can confirm these old-school Blazers are still all the rage in island communities, just like the Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Land Rover Defender 90. This Blazer comes with the removable hardtop, Cheyenne package, 31 gallon fuel tank, and more.

The interior is in stunning condition, and the seller notes the A/C is still freezing cold. Obviously, there are no major flaws to report, as both the seats and the dash appear to be in excellent condition. Door panels are similarly damage-free, and factory optional color-keyed floormats look like new. The window sticker is included, as are the original steel wheels.

The 350 four-barrel is paired to an automatic transmission, and the engine bay looks absolutely spotless. The Blazer comes with an unused spare tire and its original exhaust system. Obviously, some level of mechanical reconditioning should be performed before taking the Blazer on its first long-ish journey, but hopefully the low miles means its needs are few.


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  1. Chas358 Chasman358

    Beautiful. 👍

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  2. sourpwr Member

    Gonna need that 31 gallon gas tank! Mine got 9mpg.

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  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    We sold a pile of Jimmys through the 70s and into the 80s. All super reliable and gave very little trouble except that we had some that would crack the transmission case. The 203 transfer case was quite a load on the back of the transmission and it occasionally got its way. There was a cure in ’78 and it consisted of brace rods that ran from the transfer case to a reinforced inspection cover at the bottom of the bell housing. Never a problem after that. I would say that we were equally split between 350 and 400 engines. The 350 was the more rugged of the two. My ’79 has a 400 and it has served me well for 330K miles. But I never used it all that hard; most of its miles were on the highway. Of course, when I needed the 4×4, I was glad to have it. This looks like a good truck to have. The units we sold had the usually complaints about fuel economy but with a little tuning we got most of them into the lower teens. Well, there were some who complained about terrible mileage but a lot of them also drove with their feet in the radiator…

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    • sourpwr Member

      That’s a hoot! I used to have radiator foot. Now I just have gout.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        I just have two bad knees, from almost 48 years of concrete floors. So what do I do after retirement? Work on my old relics in my shop–that has a concrete floor…

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  4. Jim

    I can’t imagine any scenario where a vehicle could gather that much oil/grease/dirt on the underside in just 13,270 miles.
    Pay attention to the photo of the front differential. You can see the engine oil pan in the background. Somebody did a quick wipe off with a rag but the oil pan is still covered with road grime.
    The left side of the front differential is wet with something. Most likely power steering fluid.
    The front seat covers fit horribly.
    There is overspray on the door jams.
    In the view of the Rear Differential you can see all of the grease and grime on the transfer case.
    In the shot of the Spec Plate you can see where the paint has been removed.

    I’ll admit that it is pretty clean, but not 13K clean and CERTAINLY not 25K clean.
    It’s a crying shame that someone will buy this thinking it’s really a 13K vehicle.

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    • Ward

      I have to agree with you Jim. Looks a little too greasy underneath for only 13k miles. There’s definitely signs of a respray at some point but that drivers side seat cover really jumps off the page.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      The engine bay in my ’79 looked very similar to this one. Only mine has 330K on it. Of course, I was a fanatic with the pressure washer and I religiously kept my engine bay and undercarriage spotless. I’ll agree that there could well be a leak at the power steering pump. I’ll add that the PS alone can make an undercarriage look pretty bad. That fluid has a very high capillary action and can go everywhere you can imagine, and half the places you can’t. My truck always had a drop of oil at the bottom of the inspection cover but it never marked its spot. I used to get underneath with a light and check everything but never found anything but that one drip. It must have figured that two drips in my truck were enough.

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      • PeteMcGee

        This does appear to still be wearing it’s original spiral shock absorbers. One indicator of low mileage would be a pic of the rear brake drums with the wheels off, I have a very low mile 76, and the factory stickers on them look brand new.

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    • David G

      I think the overspray on the door jambs you refer to is the white secondary color, unless I missed something. That is normal, as my ’78 GMC pickup has similar overspray and I know the history of it since day one, and the paint is 100% original on mine. I am the second owner. Now the plate in the door jamb, that does raise suspicion seeing Cordova brown in the center of the rivets. there does appear to be a leak at the rear axle pinion seal. Wondering if transfer case just has overspray of the Ziebart rust proofing chemical. It tends to get everywhere on the chassis and running gear when they spray the frame and under body areas.

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    • Otis

      More like 113k miles! Underside shows many more miles as well as having been repainted.

  5. local_sheriff

    First off I’ll admit I feel almost embarrassed for submitting a vehicle in such a price range – in my world a real barn find would not break the 10k barrier but offer potential for someone who likes to spend some time in the garage.

    With that said I haven’t seen a pre-81 K5 in such (seemingly) great condition in a decade. Being a Blazer-holic since my early teens and having owned and maintained both Blazers and GM trucks I have ‘some’ experience with them…

    However coughing up 25K for a frickin’ Blazer is absolutely UNHEALTHY use of money! K5s are great in every aspect but they are NOT 25K great. At that price one could possibly build a new one out of repop parts! Bidding indicates some people have access to more $ than is good for the national economy…

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  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    A closer inspection from a Barn Find sleuth ?

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  7. TimM

    You are right about the price!! However what would you pay for a newer truck with computer controls sensors and all the craziness with that kind of mileage on it???? With that being said I know if you drove the tires off this truck and put another 30k miles on it there still wouldn’t be a code that prevented you from getting an inspection!!! I would much rather drive this truck!!!

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  8. PeteMcGee

    I have owned several of these squarebody Blazers, IMO not as sturdy as the 69-72 K5s, but more comfortable and ride and handle better. Good daily drivers if you can stand the fuel cost, that improved in the 80s with the advent of overdrive automatic transmissions. As an aside, all the aftermarket manufacturers have discontinued the transfer case chain for the NP203 now. There is one vendor that will have them custom made, but you have to order two at $300 each. This nice example will not see daily use and most likely end up in a climate controlled garage in a collection.

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  9. Morley Brown

    What these guys do not realize is that the majority of these vehicles are going to be bought by someone looking for a daily driver. They certainly are not special in anyway . Mass produce vehicles seldom are. Maybe in a hundred years, but by then oil will not be used to power such a vehicle. So in my mind it is a drivwer and after 6 months it has a lot of miles and there goes any extra value it might have had. For that high a price, leave it in the barn, you great , great grand kids will love you for it.

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  10. Deanna Codrey

    Thank You for your comments! I love it,but so glad you pointed all that out,us females looking for great treasures from the past,we don’t notice these type things and definitely appreciate that! 👍

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      If the price is right I wouldn’t hesitate buying this truck, or something like it. You should plan on getting under the hood a little more often than you would with one of those new marvels of technology but these are easy to work on, and relatively cheap to fix. Understand that with a carburetor they can be a tad temperamental and they won’t be as economical as a new one. But this will get you there and bring you back…

  11. bone

    The fact it spent its whole life in New England amazes me ; these Blazers (and pickups) rusted everywhere from the roof down . We were getting this generation truck in the junkyard before they were even ten years old. This one looks amazing and if I lived out west I wouldn’t think twice about buying it.

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