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17k Mile Survivor: 1976 Chevrolet Nova Concours

Fifth-generation Chevy Nova’s (1975-79) were the last of the rear-wheel-drive models. They would continue to sell well even though the FWD Citation was coming soon to replace it (which was too bad). For 1976, the designation for the most dolled up Nova you could buy changed from LN to Concours in order to better compete with what Ford was up to with the Granada/Monarch. This ’76 Concours looks like a stunning car, one that was purchased new with no intent of ever being used much and its 17,000 miles attest to that. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, this remarkable-looking Chevy is available here on craigslist for $18,500. Thanks, Rocco B., for sending this tip our way!

Chevrolet would build more than 334,000 Nova’s for 1976, making it the car’s sixth best sales year from start to finish (1962-79). Drilling down further, 154,000 were 2-door sedans (there were also 3-door hatchbacks and 4-door sedans). 131,000 Nova’s overall had some form of V8 engine, 15,000 were the 350 cubic inch jobber and nearly 16,000 2-doors Concours models would have a V8. So, the seller’s specimen is somewhere under 15,000.

According to the poster that comes with this car, it was owned by a Chevy dealer at some point. The poster mentions the car had 10,000 miles on it at that time and still retained its new car smell, but we don’t know just how long ago that was. Or is the seller actually the dealer/owner that was referenced in the poster. We’re told the car has been garage-kept and – when paired with its current dry location – that would explain why this car looks practically new. The odometer reading reflects an average annual mileage of under 400 miles, so I’m betting most of that has been to car shows in the local or regional area.

The white paint looks great, and no dents or dings are apparent. The red landau top also looks good and matches the spotless interior of the car. The Nova wears a set of 1970s-style Rally wheels with brand new BF Goodrich raised white letter tires. This Concours was well decked out, with the 350 motor and TH350 automatic, power steering and brakes, cold factory air conditioning, tilt steering and dual exhaust (which might be aftermarket; I’m thinking these cars had a single exhaust when new, even with a 4-barrel carburetor). The spare tire in trunk still wears the writing on the tread.

Online price guides are lower than the seller’s asking price, but really nice cars are often worth a premium. When you consider that $18,500 will buy you a new Kia Soul (not that there’s anything wrong with them), the Kia is not as nice and will be worth half as much money in a short time. The Nova is either going to stay put or grow in value over time.


  1. AW

    Very nice Nova, and it’s not the stripped down inline-6 version. And stock “dual exhaust” Novas had two tail pipes coming from the single muffler. Upstream was a single exhaust pipe & cat feeding that muffler, like on the Camaro.

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    I’ve always liked the look of these.Some good friends
    of our family bought one of these new – bright yellow with a
    black vinyl roof.It was a really nice looking car.

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  3. Lawrence Branham

    Is the engine color correct?

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    • Naptown mark

      Corporate blue started in 77 iirc.

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    • Superdessucke

      Yes. GM did not switch to corporate blue until 1977, so this was the last year of Chevy Orange.

      Beautiful car. I don’t think I could see myself spending 17 grand on it, but it’s a very attractive vehicle. Unlike some, I really like the white letter tires on this.

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  4. Joe

    The raised white letter tires look out of place on a car that was meant to be upscale.

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  5. Howard Kerr

    When the Concours first hit Chevy showrooms Car and Driver was quite enthusiastic about it, as long as it had the 350, bucket seats, and MOST importantly, it was equipped with the F41 suspension.
    I considered buying one when they were new but didn’t like the “Landau Roof” treatment. I would eventually buy a lightly used 77 coupe. To me these always had odd proportions: HUGE outside but cramped inside. Like they made it extra big by accident?

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  6. George Mattar

    I got a tour of the now defunct Tarrytown Assembly plant when this beauty was built. It was a long time ago, but may be this very car was being built right before my eyes. I worked for a Chevy Olds dealer in the Tarrytown zone. You never see these on the road. Drove 400 miles today round trip for a granddaughters birthday. Boring. Boring drive. All stupid imports. How times have changed and it’s all bad.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      It may be bad,but not totally bad.
      It makes our older cars stand out when
      we drive them.

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  7. Patrick Nikolas

    The meaning of Nova, is slow

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      Nova Omega Ventura Apollo

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    • Paul R.

      Actually nova in Spanish means “not Going”.
      Shows you have to be careful in naming a model for international sales.

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      • Chuck Dickinson

        Which is why in Spanish speaking countries it was not called a Nova, but a Chevy ‘something else’ depending on where, the model, the years, etc.

  8. JoeNYWF64

    IMO Chevy should have kept the ’74 body style for ’75-79 & even the older lighter front subframe for better MPG, accel & braking. No need for opera windows/colonnaide look, since the ’68-74 already had the support between the doors & rear side windows – & was never a hardtop those years.
    At most, just massage the front/rear styling & bumpers.
    This redesign looks too much like a car for someone who is very old or has a family.

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  9. Chris

    That’s a special time capsule . I would love to own a car that clean . Beautiful. I would drive it all day long

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  10. BC

    What’s going on with the bumper (white filler) in the picture of the front left corner?

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  11. Matt

    I owned one of these! Was my second car, purchased it when I was 18 for $1,500. Mine was ‘77 Concours, p/w, had the L-48 350, factory 4 speed and factory rear sway bar and 10bolt posi. Was rolling on Keystone Classics but then swapped them out for 15×7 Chevy Rally wheels. Added poly bushings all around and thicker front Trans Am sway bar and the car handled great! (At least to a kid!). Built it, had it bored 30over, straight duals and still got trounced by early ‘90’s LXs. Still was cool rowing through the gears

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  12. Joe T

    Are you sure about the 350 V8 comment? I owned a ‘76 2 door coupe with a 305V8. It was a great car.

  13. Novaman

    I have a 75 nova custom with a 350 for 24 years . My first car was a 76 nova with a 250 .I love this style of nova . It would be nice to have enough room for another toy. Glad to see the value has gone up a little on this gen.

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  14. Mike M

    My second car was IDENTICAL to this one! I have never seen another till now. Bought it new and sold it four years later to start on my first street rod build.

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    • Bob Wallerick

      I also had this same exact car. Very weird seeing your exact car on this page. It must have been an unmemorable ride since I forgot all about owning it until right now when I saw it. Just last week I was listing off all of the Novas I have owned and it did not include this one. None the less, this is a tempting car to purchase.

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  15. Larry D

    This is a very nice Nova. I watched it on ebay for a long time and it never sold. I think the market is just too soft for Novas as late as ’76, especially the luxury versions with the Landau half-vinyl top.

    It is an amazing car though in the ultimate color combination. I’m surprised no one has picked it up yet.

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  16. Woody

    My uncle had the exact car,we would clean and wax for him and then cruise it to the ice cream treat.Very nice ride.

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  17. Thomas

    I had 77.. Black with Black Valour seats had the 305 V8.
    Imatation wood dash..that looked good…and with the 1 inch chrome around the wheel wells..wish I still had that one and the 57 Goldenhawk…

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    I also had the same car , However mine had the log 6 and velour interior & no a.c. I miss that car!i

  19. Scott

    Can we please get real here? This is not a fifth-generation Nova, It is a SECOND-generation Nova (third if you count 1973 & ’74 models as a separate generation). The first generation was 1969 to ’74. From 1962 to ’68, Nova wasn’t a model line; it was an appearance option package on the Chevy II line, just as Malibu was an appearance option package on the Chevelle line from 1964 to ’77, and the first generation of the Malibu as a model line began in 1978.

  20. mrgreenjeans

    Had a new one bought in the fall of ’75, a ’76 Super Sport. Red Orange with black graphics, diff lock, rallye rims, automatic and 350 – 4bbl. Engine was orange. The only other one locally in a town of 100,000, was a yellow and black 4 speed hatchback, also a ’76. These cars were relatively quick back in the day of the new unleaded fuels and smogged motors. It also handled pretty well and would run corners with ease on lake country runs with friends. Brakes were adequate, but not it’s strong suit…. nor was the build quality from the factory. A bent rim in the trunk as a spare, along with a rear window corner leak. An oil filter put on so tightly, the first oil change done under warranty required the mechanic to use a 3 foot breaker bar to remove. Was married in ’76 with that car driving us to the church and 45 years later I kind of wish that Nova SS was in the garage yet

    • mrgreenjeans

      That car always turned a few heads, of folks admiring it…. forgot to mention the steering wheel was the same as what came in Corvettes with a nice x-pattern 4 spoke design with fat rim. Round horn pad with a great looking little SS decal in the center. I realize I am not staying on topic of the Concours pictured above, but I do believe the SS and Concours were the rarest Novas built and may well have been the two models which got the most 350s other than those built for special Police use….. YES, my paperwork from new along with the Monroney sticker is in my archives. A brochure in the plastic sleeve showed what presentation the ‘squad car’ received. (as expected they were 4 door ‘plain wrapper’ but they had the 4 bbl, diff lock, and 3 speed auto)

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