1936 Hudson: Surviving In Style

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This Hudson listed on craigslist in Boise is very original and looks really nice. The paint is original with touch ups and some flaws. It’s said to run and drive as is. It would be great to know what the interior is like, but it’s said to be a “newer” interior. It could be worth the $12,000 asking if the interior is really nice and there is little or no rust. What a grand old car this would be for a driver! So would you make this your driver?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Now look at the difference between the ’38 Willys from before and this Hudson. Granted, the Willys was marketed to a different group, but look at how beautiful this car looks compared to the Willys. I always thought, some of the ’30’s cars were the most beautiful designs ever, and this Hudson is no exception. Wish there were more pics of the interior. These had such a beautiful dash. Very nice car.

    • jaygryph

      Man, that IS a heck of a dash. Not seen that one before.

      I had a 39 DeSoto for a while, and that was quite a car. I loved the style of it, very swoopy and looked very similar to the Fords of that era. It was a lot of fun to show to friends who had never driven anything older than the 80’s or 90’s. They were amazed that something could work on 6 volts, especially with how slow it sounded cranking over. When the flathead six would fire off they’d expect some hotrod noise, rather than the very quiet sewing machine whirr it actually produced.

      Cool car, it showed up on Craigslist once after I sold it, a few years on, but haven’t seen it since. Wonder where it went and if it ever got the new trunk and rust repair they wanted to do to it. Sometimes I think I aught to write a blog about what happened to the various car’s I’ve owned that popped back up on craigslist.

  2. Chris A.

    That dash is really cool! Art Deco at its best. Hudson deserved a better fate.

  3. Ed P

    Only four pictures!! Is the seller hiding something?

  4. Jim Marshall

    Love the dash. Kind of like the Lincoln Zephyr with the center located speedometer.

  5. MikeH

    I can’t find any pics of the dash, but I know what it looks like. Hudson, and many other cars, in the 30s sold cars in the UK, Aus, NZ, etc. The dash would be totally symetrical with the speedo in the center. That way the car could be either LHD or RHD without changing the instruments.

  6. Jim Marshall

    This is it dash from a 39 Zephyr.

  7. Rex Rice

    When I was a kid, these Terraplanes were not cool. Ugly and underpowered. Many had an electric pre-shifter mounted on the column that was cool.

  8. Wayne

    Rex, “underpowered”??? These Hudsons and Terraplanes held many land speed records and had more torque and top speed than the side valve Ford V8.

  9. Dustin

    Correction: this is actually a Hudson-Terraplane. In 1932, Hudson replaced their other brand Essex with Terraplane, which built cars under their own name until 1936. Terraplane was a cheaper Hudson (like Chevy is a cheaper Cadillac). Then it became Hudson-Terraplane and the Terraplane was totally phased out by 1939.

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