1966 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight With 6,748 miles

Sometimes here at Barn Finds, a car will land on our desks, and it really makes you wonder just what the story is behind it. That’s the case with this 1966 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight. The original owner purchased this magnificent car back in 1966 and then drove it for two years. During that time, the car accumulated a mere 6,748 miles on the odometer. The owner then parked it in 1968, and it didn’t see the light of day for the next 50-years. You have to really wonder why the original owner chose to do this. It has now emerged from storage and is remarkably well preserved. The time has come for it to head to a new, and very fortunate, owner. Located in Anoka, Minnesota, the Oldsmobile is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Ninety-Eight has been set to open at $22,700, but there has been no activity up to this point. There is also a BIN option available, and this has been set at $29,599.

Finished in Porcelain White with a Black vinyl top, the presentation of the Ninety-Eight is close to perfect. It isn’t clear where this classic spent the past 50-years, but the conditions must have been ideal because the Olds has suffered absolutely no signs of deterioration. The car looks like it has just rolled off the showroom floor, with no signs of any rust issues anywhere. The trim and chrome appear to be in as-new condition, and I am struggling to find anything to fault on the car. I’ve zoomed in pretty hard on the supplied photos, and even the tinted glass appears to be free of any marks or swirls. What the car does have is presence. But then, when a car measures 18½’ in length, that is hardly surprising.

The Ninety-Eight was a pretty well-equipped car when new, and in addition to the usual luxury appointments, the original owner chose to add leather upholstery. Once again, the condition is nothing short of astounding. Every upholstered surface appears to be perfect, with no wear or fading visible anywhere. The headliner is spotless, and the dash just looks amazing. When it comes to features, the next owner is going to want for nothing. As well as the leather upholstery, they will receive climate-control air conditioning, power windows, power locks, a 6-way power front seat, cruise control, a wheel that is adjustable for tilt and reach, power trunk release, a power antenna, plenty of courtesy lights, and the original factory floor-mats front and rear.

Gracing the engine bay of the Oldsmobile is the 425ci Super Rocket V8 engine, producing 365hp. Backing that giant is a 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission. On the Ninety-Eight, power steering and power brakes were a standard feature. The Olds is not a light car by any stretch of the imagination, tipping the scales at 4,150lbs. Even so, that fantastic V8 could still propel the car from 0-60mph in 7.3 seconds, while the ¼ mile was covered in 15.3 seconds. The originality here is the ongoing theme, with the battery and part of the exhaust having been replaced. The belts, hoses, plug wires, and even the tires, are all original.

So, how does the Ninety-Eight run and drive? I could describe it, but instead, I’ve included this video. It provides a walk-around of the vehicle and also provides footage of the car running and driving. It all sounds crisp and clean, with absolutely no squeaks, rattles, or smoke.

This 1966 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight is a pretty special car, and buying this would probably be as close as you could possibly get to buying a brand new 53-year-old car. I hate the term “time capsule,” but I believe that this car really does qualify for such a title. There is no doubt that it would turn heads wherever it went, and I am happy to admit that I will envy the car’s next owner. They will be the owner of what is probably the nicest and most original 1966 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight in existence today.


  1. phil

    WOW wow WOW !!! I admit I would put some miles on it tho..To me cars were meant to be driven not parked and looked at !

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  2. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    To the golf course on a Sunday morning…. Plenty of room for clubs in the trunk.

    Then on to brunch with the family. Style all the way…..

    My grandmother had the (’65?) 4-door version of this, what a GREAT car it was.
    Love this one.

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  3. jpb

    My Dad had the 4 door version —same year and color combo. I remember the smell the day he bought it…….would love to own this !

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  4. normadesmond

    I sent you guys the link to this weeks ago.

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  5. Duh Huh

    The unmistakable sound of an Olds V-8! An awesome machine for donuts & 1/4 mile long one-wheel burnouts all the way thru first and second! That’s how to drive an Olds 98! Then wash the crumbs of rubber off and drive across the country…,.with the A/C blasting ice cubes… riding on a cloud….10mpg.

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    • Leonard Stewart

      I had one I put Bosch plugs in it and mileage went up to 20mpg.

  6. Troy s

    Talk about riding first class! What a beautiful car.
    Whenever I hear of people just parking a car for literally decades like this one my mind goes a hundred directions as to….why??.. Just for curiosities sake.
    One things for certain, that car is massive!

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      I love classic Oldsmobiles. This ’66 98 is a beautiful car in absolute amazing condition – I would love to own it – but I can’t right now.
      My second car was the 1965 Dynamic 88 shown here. I had it painted the “Cocoa Brown”color (I can’t remember the real name).
      I replaced the original 425 engine with a 455 from a ’69 Toronado, installed factory A/C and black interior (from a’ 66 88).
      This was one of my all time favorite cars. It was beautiful, big, comfortable, and fast!

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  7. Tom Member

    Great car! Oldsmobile’s don’t disappoint in my book! I have a 1964 Olds 98 4 door hardtop, survivor that has 58K on it. Plastic seat covers still on from 1964. My dad purchased it when it was just about 1 year in 1965 and I arrived in 1966.

    My first car was a 73 Olds 98 and one of my biggest losses was selling my 67 Olds 442. We have had many Oldsmobile’s over the years…..great cars.

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  8. Doc

    The size of those quarter panels will make a modern day Suburban blush and run for cover!
    Stunning and of course it’s and Olds.

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  9. Solosolo ken tilly Member

    Perfection personified.

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  10. Chas358 Chasman358

    I love classic Oldsmobiles. This ’66 98 is a beautiful car in absolute amazing condition – I would love to own it – but can’t right now.

    My second car was the 1965 Dynamic 88 shown here. I had it repainted in the “Cocoa Brown” color (I can’t remember the real name).
    I replaced the original 425 engine with a 455 from a ’69 Toronado, installed factory A/C and black interior (from a’ 66 88).
    This was one of my all time favorite cars. It was big, beautiful, comfortable, and fast! I love Oldsmobiles.

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      Sorry for the double comment folks. My bad.

  11. local_sheriff

    Shockingly well preserved GM car! For some strange reason fullsize Oldsmobiles don’t seem to have been fully accepted as classic cars until recently. That’s a shame ‘cuz I love to see other GM fullsizers at car shows than just Chevies!

    Though we’re talking serious $ here I’m confident no one can build a similar 98 for anything near seller’s asking. I suspect most model specific bits would be close to impossible to locate in anything than boneyard condition. If I were the buyer it definately wouldn’t stay a 6.748miles vehicle very long though… 😁

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  12. Rube Goldberg Member

    I believe we can all agree on this one, unbelievable. When I was a kid, the old man had Oldsmobiles, a teal ’63, 98 4 door, and then a dark blue ’65, 98 4 door. Both cars had the green “cold ” light, that went out with a “plink”, and we could blast the heat. You can see it there under the gas gauge, and it says “Gen”, but clearly an alternator. Folks just weren’t ready for that word, apparently.GM always had great heaters. The ’65 was the car my brother got his license on, and consequently, his 1st speeding ticket with. My old man maintained his cars very poorly, and many times, the cars were subjected to the “Italian tuneup”, flooring the engine in park until it cleared out, filling the garage with fumes and probably lead deposits. Amazing those big Olds motors took that. I got news for ya’, this car was probably a few boxes on the order form away from being a Starfire. This has got to be the nicest car to come through here in a while.

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  13. On and On On and On Member

    in 1967 I Took my driver’s license test in a 65 98 Luxury sedan. The color was called ‘Nocturne Mist’ a beautiful dark blue/grey color. I remember ‘Blue Coral’ Simonizing that thing, talk about a sore arm that night………..Awesome car.

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  14. Ken Carney

    The hell with the shipping cost! My BIL or
    girlfriend and I would fly up there and drive it
    back to Florida. They’re only new once
    so sit back and enjoy the ride!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Dont forget to stop by my place and give me a ride Ken!

      • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

        I had this same car in a droptop. 65 Dynamic 88 convertible in navy blue with sky blue interior, white top. Loved that car. Drove it to California from NJ when I was 17 and ended up selling it there in 1971

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  15. rpol35

    Magnificent condition but probably a hard sell at that price-point, it just doesn’t have the following or demand that a 442 commands. It will sell eventually but probably more like a $16-$17K price.

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    • Miguel

      The car would be compared to a Cadillac of the same vintage, not the 442.

      I don’t think the price is out of line considering what Cadillacs command.

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    • Little_Cars

      @fpol35 I was waiting for someone else to point that out! The audience for this car is deep and wide—lots of stories to tell from our 1960s collective memories. But the truth is, this car has only a limited following of buyers, dying off as each day passes. The person who drops that coin will park it in their personal showroom again for 50 years. No fault in that. Try finding a parking spot big enough for this at your local market. And I’m sure the mileage would make that jellybean econobox in your driveway go “told you so” Is there any mention of a refresh of the soft parts and consumable items? If this is riding on original rubber parts those will need to be gone through. Suspension bushings, door seals, etc.

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  16. Comet

    Honey, I’m going to Minnesota. Where’s my members only jacket?

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  17. Miguel

    I have always like the design of the tail lights of these and the Cadillacs. The whole area lights up red until you put it in reverse, then it blasts bright white.

    It is too bad new cars are so boring in this way.

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  18. Bob McK Member

    Really beautiful car. Not sure there is a following at $30K. From the pictures, it looks like a dealer has it. They always overprice cars, hoping some uninformed buyer comes along. Wish the top went down.

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  19. Bob McK Member

    Having sat for 50 years, everything will need to be rebuilt. Don’t even dream of driving this home on those original tires. Better plan on a flat bed to get this one home.

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    • Solosolo ken tilly Member

      @Bob McK. Did you watch the video? It appears to be in fantastic, running condition and many of the necessary parts have been replaced already. If I were a buyer I would drive it to my home wherever that may be, 5 miles or after fitting new tyres, 500 miles. I used to buy old cars from an auction house in Johannesburg and then drive them home 500 miles to Durban in South Africa, without doing anything to them other than to pump up the tyres, add petrol, check the oil and drive. Out of 27 cars that I bought in 10 months, only one gave me any kind of trouble and that was only a front wheel bearing which I repacked with grease and carried on home where it was replaced with a new bearing.

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  20. Bob McK Member

    Ken Tilly, you have been a very lucky man. That has not been my experience. A few years ago I sold a 56 Cadillac to a guy. The tires were 18 years old. I told him that they were old and he should replace them before doing any highway driving. He didn’t listen, went out on the highway and all four blew out. He was really mad… But I was honest up front before he purchased the car. I just hope he didn’t damage my (his) beautiful baby.

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  21. Samuel Reid

    My aunt had one of these cars. It had the Olds “wonderbar” radio complete with the floor-switch to change the radio stations. Great car. This one is sharp!

  22. belinda

    We had one come in the yard. 66ish I think. I recall driving it down U.S.395, middle of the week. Was hard to keep it under 100 M.P.H. hy-way flyer it was.

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  23. Little_Cars

    Never understood a seller who goes to the trouble of shooting a walkaround video, and driving video, without saying a word. I would be giving specifics about everything seen in every frame of the video. Instead there is some sort of elevator music added to create a “package.” I’d much rather hear the provenance of the car and maybe a description of its >>few<< flaws and potential repairs needed. Hey, if you're going to show the floor mats how about making them clean and not tracking in gray gravel dust from your Birkenstocks! LOL

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  24. Tom Gibson

    Love that 98 and hope it goes to a good home. Someone may want to break it to the sellers that Olds didn’t offer leather on the 98 for 1966, or on any Olds that year including Toronado. What they have is the standard, and very elegant, Moroceen vinyl and patterned cloth interior.

    • normadesmond

      If I had a nickel for every ad I’ve ever seen that read “leather” when it should’ve been vinyl, why I coulda bought this Olds!

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    • Paul

      The starfire had leather

  25. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Two bidders was enough, apparently.

    Finished at $25,600.

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    • Paul

      My friend’s dad bought a 66’ Oldsmobile 98 LS which was a step up. Bought it brand new and drove it 300,000 miles with one transmission overhaul
      I drove the car when it had around 250k and let me tell you I was impressed. Unbelievably smooth and powerful. Can’t imagine driving one new.

  26. Lee Stephens

    Mr grandfather, John Aldrige sold Olds at Jim Letts Oldsmobiles
    for many, many years and retired from there. He had a Toronado, I believe 1966 when they came out. My mom had 1967 White with a Black vinal roof 2 door Cutlass Surpreme, gave it to me in 72 when I turned 16, my grandfather bought her a 1972 Cutlass Surpreme, That year he bought a 1972 four door Ninety Eight, just beautiful!!!, In 1978 I found a 1964 Starfire 88 Convertable. That was a hot car. Wish I still had it, well any of them. My grand dad also had a 1973 Vista Cruiser. I also have had 1977 two foor Red, White leather seats, etc 1968 Delta 88 2 door. They were all really great cars.

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  27. Little_Cars

    Lee, I had to look up 1973 Vista Cruiser because I didn’t know the marque existed past 1972. Sure enough it was just a badge by that time, applied to the new colonnade body style. No glass in the roof.

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