1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Convertible!!!

Sometimes a classic car will appear, and it is hard to determine what its strongest attribute is. That is the case with this 1967 Chevelle SS 396 Convertible. It will require some restoration work, but the result should be well worth the time and effort. If you fancy the idea of a rapid wind-in-the-hair experience, you will find the Chevelle located in Sarasota, Florida, and listed for sale here on eBay. The desirability of this classic can easily be gauged by looking at the bidding history. It has taken a mere 20-hours for 43 bids to be submitted on the car. This bidding has pushed the price along from its opening of $1,967, all the way to $25,000. The Chevelle is being offered in a No Reserve auction, which means that someone is going to find themselves the proud owner of a potent classic in a few short days.

The Marina Blue Chevelle is far from perfect, but one of its greatest attributes is its general lack of rust problems. There are some spots visible in the lower rear quarter panels, but these are relatively minor. That seems to be the full extent of the issues, because the floors, frame, and the rockers are said to be rock solid. The body wears its share of bumps and bruises, with the worst of these being in the door and rear quarter panel on the vehicle’s passenger side. These are repairable, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the next owner chose to replace these panels to ensure perfection. The convertible top has seen better days, and this is one item that will undoubtedly be replaced. There are a few trim pieces that are damaged, but the majority of it looks like it is okay. The glass all appears to be in good order, and while the wheels aren’t original, I don’t mind their appearance. They are something that will either stay or go, depending on personal taste.

The owner states that the Chevelle is a full numbers-matching car and that while it runs and drives, it shouldn’t be considered to be roadworthy. The Chevelle’s drivetrain makes for some tasty reading. The vehicle comes equipped with the 350hp version of the 396ci V8. Those ponies find their way to a 12-bolt Posi rear end via an M21 4-speed manual transmission. That combination means that when the vehicle is in its mechanical prime, it should be capable of blasting its way through the ¼ mile in 14.4 seconds. That’s a seriously fast wind-in-the-hair experience! The Chevelle was found sitting in a barn in Montana, a spot that it had occupied for many years. The owner has coaxed the car back to life and has even managed to clock a few miles behind the wheel. He does say that the brakes are soft and that it will need some work to be returned to a roadworthy state. However, it does sound very positive. One encouraging sign is just how nicely the engine bay now presents. I certainly wouldn’t be ashamed to lift the hood and display what is hiding beneath.

It is no surprise to find that after sitting in a barn for years, the Convertible’s interior is going to require some restoration work. However, it doesn’t look too bad, and if the next owner wanted to drive the car as an original survivor, then the trim would be up to the job. There is an aftermarket tachometer fitted to the left of the wheel, but the interior is otherwise stock. The shopping list will extend to new covers for the front seat, a new carpet set, and new armrests. I believe that the remaining trim would present well if treated to a thorough clean. There is the possibility that the next owner might be concerned about a potential color mismatch between the new components and the original items. If this is the case, then there are some excellent kits out there at very competitive prices. For less than $1,000 it is easy to purchase kits that come with covers for all of the seats, a full carpet set, new armrests, along with new door and rear trims. That would have the interior looking at its very best and could be an option that is worth considering.

When you examine this 1967 Chevelle SS 396 Convertible carefully, it is easy to see why the bidding has been so intense to this point. The simple fact is that you will find it virtually impossible to locate a reasonable example for $40,000, while $60,000 or more is very common. The fact that this one is so solid, and that it is a numbers-matching vehicle, all combine to make this a very desirable classic car. I would love to park the Chevelle in my workshop, but my bank account serves as a constant reminder that this isn’t going to happen. If your bank account is healthier than mine, would you be willing to bid on this fantastic Convertible?

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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Love the bench seat with a 4 speed.

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    • jack taggart Member

      I have a 69 buick gs 400 rag top with bench and 4 spd possibly 1 of 21 made like that no frills no power anything but just put power steering on as at 72 yrs old iwas a bear to steer unless moving down road have had this car since August of 71 second owner just over 76000 original miles restoration in 87 soon to get repaint and a little love n care original signal red white top and black seats

  2. Gaspumpchas

    An amazing car that looks unmolested, just used for what it was built for.presents nicely with the magnesium slots, 4 speed and bench seat. For what this car will sell for you would want a good luck at the underbelly. Drive as is or do it up, as the new owner will decide what level he wants to take it to. Would love to know what it sells for. Good luck and stay safe.

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  3. jerry z

    For a convertible, surprised it didn’t come with ps, pb, and buckets/console. I’d figured the droptop would be a little more luxurious than a hardtop. Nice car otherwise.

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  4. wayne l butler

    That tach is a factory option known a blinker tach because of the blinker indicator located inside the tach factory location hide dash blinker.

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    • LarryS Member

      Does appear that there is a directional arrow in the tach. Very cool. Never saw one before.

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    Why spend money to fix up some classic cars if they can bring this much money looking all worn out?!
    Back in say ’72 as a used car, looking like that, i don’t think this car would be worth much more than a grand! & a girl on a 1st date i think would run back in the house, if the guy showed up in a car looked like that, especially if the roof was up. lol

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  6. Troy s

    Definitely like the marina blue paint along with those wheels. Car has a bit of a hoodlum presence to it.
    350 horse 396 is nice as many here lately have been 325 hp versions. If it was an L78 option car, and I’m not sure if those could be had in a convertible, the price would be through the roof…in this shape,,,,
    which isn’t really that bad.
    Not a convertible guy but this old SS 396 looks interesting.

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  7. Robert White

    When I was 16 back in 1976 my brother had a 1967 Beaumont Sport Deluxe 396cid 400 turbo 12 bolt pozi with snow tires on the rear. I used to take his car out to the rural road with no traffic late at night for some FUN times at 110mph where I marvelled at the light poles zipping by like blades of grass as the car almost started floating at 110mph given my speed.

    I would never own a convertible with any sort of horse power to speak of given the potential to crash at 110mph if one busts a tie rod or a driveshaft et cetera.

    Speed kills, but convertibles are just plain too risky at speed.

    Hardtops only for moi.


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    • Johnny

      I rolled my 64 Lemans one night . I had just passed a deputy sherriff doing 108 and the last time I looked a big telephone pole was between the hood. I dove for the floor my uncle and I. The window pillar on his side came down toward his seat. How I missed the pole–some one was looking out for us. All I got was a few cut in my head. The cop pulled up .The car was cross ways in the road and asked how we were.? I told him and he asked how fast I was doing? I told him about 65. He said he had clocked me doing 108 ,but since no onw got hurt and he was going off duty.He wouldn,t say anything. Happened right above the Kent University Stadium.Near Ravenna,Ohio. That was back in 1972. I,ve slowed down alot since then. I could see paying that kind of money to just take a car to car show. It was made to run. To bad you can,nt get any real gas with some octane at a reasonable price to really see what it will do. I,d put some alcohol in it and it will wake it up.

  8. Terry J

    I was a mid ’60s teen and remember these great cars new. The drivers rear quarter looks like a repaint, could mean old damage. Terry J

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  9. Bigbird

    This one is nice. Interiors can be done for not much. and you can still get the materials to make correct. Body work is different, cost big, and any rust issues the price goes up. I had a friend HS that ordered one of the first ’66 SS396 when they came out. Same as this but a HTop, 2-speed power guide, no power anything with no posi. It was the cheapest car ever, and from the factory they put the 396 flags on crooked. I think he paid 3100.00…..

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  10. TimM

    This is a car I would really love to own!! It’s got everything!! Big block, 4 speed and the rag top!!! What’s not to like???? I can’t think of a thing!!!

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  11. John Oliveri

    If I had the extra money to purchase this car, I’d do some changes, like I’d loose the bench, add buckets and a console, white interior white convertible top, maybe paint it black or a deeper blue , cars got a lot going for it w the 396, 3 pedals and convertible

  12. Stevieg

    I like the idea of a white interior, it being a convertible. I would keep it as a bench seat. I would also paint it the original blue instead of another shade. This could be a very pretty car, and still have that “edge” to it. I wish I could buy it!

  13. Bigbird

    Yep…she went big….

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