1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible With 2,177 Miles!

If you looked for long enough, you could possibly locate a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible with a lower odometer reading than this one. However, I wouldn’t want to hold my breath until one is found because I suspect that I’d be more than a little bit blue in the face by then! This Convertible has a genuine 2,177 documented miles on the clock, and it has led a sheltered life. The time has come for it to go to a new home, so the owner has listed it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Little River, South Carolina, and while bidding on the Caddy has reached $24,900, the reserve hasn’t been met.

The Firethorn Metallic Eldorado is in superb condition for its age, and the paint is claimed to be original. It shines beautifully, with no evidence of chips or other flaws. The panels are laser straight, while the White power top is as nice as the rest of the exterior. A spare top is included with the car, as is both a hard and a soft parade boot. There are no apparent rust issues, and no problems are mentioned in the listing. The exterior chrome is close to perfect, as are the wheels and hubcaps. The Cadillac is fitted with Soft Ray tinted glass, and this shows no signs of scratches or chips. The original Window Sticker remains in place on the driver’s side rear window, and the seller claims that it has never been removed.

With a documented odometer reading that is so low, it is hardly surprising to find that the Eldorado’s interior is as spotless as the exterior. It is finished in an attractive combination of Red and White, and it appears to have no problems. The leather upholstery on the seats shows no evidence of wear, marks, or cracking. It looks soft and supple and oh so inviting. The dash, door trims, and carpet are equally as impressive, while there are no cracks on the wheel. This is a Cadillac, and that means that luxury appointments abound. The buyer will receive a car that features air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power seats, a power trunk release, a tilt-and-reach wheel, an AM/FM radio, and cruise control.

The Eldorado is a giant of a car, and it deserves a giant of a motor. Lifting the hood reveals a 500ci V8 that sends its 190hp to the front wheels via a 3-speed automatic transmission. Cadillac wanted to ensure that the driver didn’t raise a sweat, so the car comes equipped with power steering and four-wheel power disc brakes. Tipping the scales at 5,236lbs, that monster V8 propels the Convertible through the ¼ mile in 19.2 seconds. It would be an expensive proposition as a daily driver because it achieves a fuel economy figure of a mere 9.6 mpg. The low mileage of this car is due to the role it was purchased to perform. The Convertible has only ever been used in parades and other special events, meaning that it has led a sheltered existence. The claim might seem unbelievable, but the seller has documentation that confirms the mileage. The Caddy has recently received a service, fluid change, and a new set of tires. It runs and drives perfectly and is ready to be enjoyed by a new owner.

We’ve seen a few impressive Eldorado Convertibles over the years here at Barn Finds, but this one is extraordinary. It is close to showroom fresh, and the odometer reading is astounding. There have already been 31 bids submitted, which makes me wonder how close we are to achieving the reserve. If I were a gambling man, I would be putting my money on that figure being up around the $30,000 mark, although it could be even higher. The owner claims that it is probably the lowest mileage ’76 Eldorado Convertible in existence today, which is a possibility. I think that it will find a new home, but it will be interesting to see what the winning bid is on this giant American classic.

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  1. Terrry

    These cars were so slow and got miserable mileage because they were smogged to death. And Caddys of this era, especially this body style, were not exactly assembled with the best of detail. Still, this one looks nice and if the mileage truly is genuine, it would be a good investment.

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    • PJ

      Everything you said is %100 correct – the 1976 Eldorado is still one of my favorite cars I’ve ever had. It was technically my mom’s car. I was lucky enough to drive it in high school through 2000-2003. The plus side to the car for me was that you could fit 6 people in it easily, and up to 8 if you wanted to squeeze in. It really did drive nice if the size didn’t bother you. smooth as butter. – It was one of the most unique and well known cars in the parking lot in those days.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      The assemblers were forced to work with the sticks and rocks provided by GM. I can’t picture putting those fenders on bumpers on that whale on a moving line when it was about 100F in the plant. 90% of the quality issues folks moan about on this site were caused by Management. I worked on a truck body assembly line in 1974 and was a proud member of the United Steelworkers of America.

      “Workers of the World-Unite!”

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        I thought there were no politics on this site

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      • Chester

        I hear ya brother! We had a better world in those days, didn’t we? The youngsters here have been so brainwashed, they have no idea what we (and they) have lost.

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    • Al Cotton

      I currently have the identical car with 69,000 miles but mine is fuel injected and still has the original donut spare tire. Would love to have a parade boot.

      Al Cotton

  2. DJS

    They still had that special ride on the open road nothing compared to it . My boss had one I got to drive it now and then

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  3. rbig18

    What the heck happened to the left side valve cover in only 2700 miles?

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    • Terrry

      Notice also, the seller didn’t post a pic of the odometer and is a dealership. i would definitely want prospective buyers to see the counter.

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    • Will Fox

      Heat. These only got a rudimentary spray of paint at the factory to begin with. It doesn’t take long for the paint to flake off & peel.

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  4. Dale S

    It was common knowledge in the mid 1970’s, that quite a few people bought these ’76 Eldorado convertibles as investments, and stored them away for future sale. There should be more low mileage examples out there.

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    • Mikefromthehammer

      I was going to say the same thing. GM marketed them as the last convertibles (due to roll over safety(?)).

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      • Frank Sumatra

        If you could manage to roll this car over, you richly deserved the consequences.

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    I’m guessing Caddy either did lousy paint prep or used lousy paint on the valve covers. Or both.
    A Caddy with HVAC controls to the LEFT of the driver = 1 cranky passenger. lol Imagine that only on the left on modern “cars” with today’s on-demand power everything dual zone passengers.
    In pic 7 in the ebay ad i see cracks in the tire’s sidewall! Can i assume that’s an old pic? Otherwise the how-long-in-storage ? “new” Cokers do not impress me.

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  6. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Dale S. There are probably quite a few low milage Eldorados out there, but, most of them are the last 200 assembled, white on white on white with red and blue pinstripping. A lot of them were purchased for $100,000 or more as “investments” of the “last” convertible. A lot of that hoopla blew up in their faces.
    I’m not sure I like such a low milage Caddy, or any car. It means no one has really enjoyed it. This one is in superb condition, and as mad as I lot of you will get for my saying this, I would drive the crap outta this car. 9 mpg or not, this would be my daily driver. I’m going to enjoy it. Not place it on a pedestal.

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    • jokacz

      Wasn’t there a law suit over this “Last Convertible” fraud?

  7. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Maybe the current owner would like to explain why the soft rubber shield below the rear license plate is white instead of red. I’ve had enough Cadillacs to know this is supposed to be color coordinated with the body.

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    • SteveO

      My grandfather had 2 of these both of his lost the paint, his were painted if I’m remembering correctly. His did not have 2700 miles however…..127,000 maybe lol

    • Jcjc123

      I recall that part around the plate being a neutral light grey, but it’s been a while.

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    • Joseph Zimmerman

      Perhaps that is the license plate laid down “for confidentiality” in the photo.


    Telescopic tilt wheel

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  9. jwzg

    List all 2021 cars with 4 cyl and more than 190 hp.

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  10. Shawn Fox Firth

    I’d fit a Duramax to make it affordable as a daily driver

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  11. 1-MAC

    Maybe too nice to drive as a sllight damage will drop value like a rock. If you want a keeper to love and cherish, buy this one. If you want a driver buy one with some miles(that is easily altered) and some moderate wear and drive that one. This model Eldo has very restrictive exhaust. Install true duals and watch mileage and power go way up. (It is now an anyone and exempt from inspection or emissions)

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    • Randall Fitz

      Here in California it’s still subject to emissions inspections!

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  12. Kirk Dobson

    I always question claims of such low mileage. The valve condition and the off-brand A/C compressor are suspect.

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  13. Karl

    It’s a giant of a car! To someone looking for this type of a car it’s probably a decent deal, it makes me wonder with mileage being that low is the buyer going to be replacing lots of seals and gaskets that have dried out or do you guys think they would soften up and seal again with use? I do find it amazing that a 500 ci engine could be made to produce ONLY 190 HP in a 5000 plus pound car! What a waste!

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  14. Steve Clinton

    One of the thousands of Eldo convertibles that were socked away because of the impending end of American drop-tops which was a false alarm. They are now coming out of the woodwork (or barns).

  15. Bob Mck Member

    I own one just like this one which had 12K miles on it when I got it about a year ago. I have seen many of these with very few miles at auctions. People bought them thinking they were the last convertibles to be made. Those buyers are dying and the cars are being sold by the estates. If this sells for $30K, someone will be getting a good deal.

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  16. Mark

    I’m unconvinced about the mileage. The valve cover, blue engine paint overspray, the two colors of blue engine paint, the replacement A/C compressor, the alternator mount, the air intake hose, the white plastic trim under the licence plate, are all a bit questionable. It looks like the cylinder head on the passenger side has been out at some point too. And black hubcaps on a red car? The body paint and seats look new enough, but it has had too much engine work for 2700 miles. Maybe it’s the right mileage, but I am.unconvinced.

  17. BadBMW

    Lots of naysayers here who have probably never owned one of these and likely can’t afford one now. All I can say is…..your loss!

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  18. Billyray

    I would avoid any ’71+ convertible from GM, because of their dreaded “scissor top” design. They look scary and rickety in operation, are prone to problems, and a lot of top specialists won’t even touch them. This Eldo might still work ok, but I would want to see it operate, before any bidding.

  19. Kenn

    Is Harry sick? I see no negative comments from him. Guess others are stepping in to take his place. Jeez Louise, “documented” low mileage, beautiful paint and top, a true luxury automobile, what’s not to like? If gas mileage is a concern, you can’t – and sure shouldn’t – even consider a car of this quality, size and distinctive panache.

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  20. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Love it.
    God bless America

  21. Jeff

    There is one in midland michigan the Cadillac dealer had it only left the showroom once a year in 2017 it only had 54 miles on it. It was one of the final 200

  22. John Kurt

    It may be a lead sled, but it’s a nice float boat. The 472/500 CID Cadillac engine made the cover of one of the speed magazines in the 80’s or 90’s, Hot Rod or Motor Trend??? It pictured both engines on stands with an anchor behind them. The article was about Iskenderian grinding cam shafts for them and explaining head mill work producing 700Hp and equivalent torque ratings. Also both engines actually weigh less than a big block Chevy.

  23. martinsane

    In the write up it says power to the front wheels, is this land yacht really front wheel drive?

    • Dwcisme


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  24. Jim in FL Member

    Having owned several of these, this one’s a beauty.
    Would love to own it, but….

    Bidding just over $37k with 4 days to go…and the reserve “not met”.
    Just how greedy is that dealership? (oh yeah, it’s a “dealership”…forget I asked!)

  25. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Yes, there was a class action suit on General Motors for the “last convertible ” fraud.

    Oh, and BillyRay….. do you know why GM came up with the scissor top design? That was so they could use one rear sear for both hardtop and convertible.
    In previous years, if you ordered a convertible you had a smaller back seat to accommodate the frame of the top.
    With the scissor design they didn’t have to make two different size rear seats.

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  26. Billyray

    It’s true, I did some measuring, based on backseat leg room and hip room as stated in mfg’s own lit. The difference is about 2 inches more at the most, everything else being equal, in the scissor top convertible. Not enough IMHO, to justify such a poor design. But that’s just me.

  27. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    They also switched over to 2 gear motors instead of hydraulics . When I purchased my ’75 Eldo the driver side motor needed replacement. I kinda surprised myself as I switched it out myself with a motor I got from a junkyard Caddy.

  28. GCS Member

    Wow. Nice. Love the exterior color. They rusted in rain around the trim, so this a gem…

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