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Worth $2,500? 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

After featuring a supposed rust-free Mopar this morning, we must have needed something a little more corroded. Barn Finds reader Mike S sent in this Road Runner thinking it was nuts that someone would ask $2,500 it. Well, we figured it would be best to see what you all think. It’s located in Edinboro, Pennsylvania and is listed here on Facebook marketplace. Thanks for sharing the tip Mike!

The interior is kind of there. Probably doesn’t really matter though because it’s all going to need to be restored anyway. The interior is the least of our concerns though. You can always order the trim, but rust repair and mechanical rebuilds take a lot more work and money.

That’s a lot of Bondo! At least the seller is honest in their description. They believe that every panel is going to need to be replaced and that it’s not a project for the “faint of heart”. That’s obviously true. What about the “faint of wallet”?

The seller also mentions that a frame rail will need to be replaced. Looks like the floors aren’t in good shape either. They don’t include a photo of the engine bay, but this would have originally had a 383 V8 and an automatic transmission. Apparently, there’s a 400 in there right now so plan on sourcing an engine.

At least there’s a set of rims included in the sale! In all seriousness, I’m having a hard time seeing an upside here. Sure, it could be done, but should it? This may be the cheapest entry into Road Runner ownership, but it might also be the most expensive in the long run. What do you think?


  1. Maverick

    Graveyard carz

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    • Al

      Previously owned by Air-o-smith, so it must be worth $25,000.

      Too bad American Nosepickers isn’t there to state it was Air-o-smith’s
      1969 Plymouth Toad bummer.

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      • Chris

        Frank “the D bag” Fritz would surely over pay for this parts car.

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    • steve stevens

      “SCRAP IRON”..It amazes me the prices people ask for older vehicles….it’s like there is gold buried in them somewhere.

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  2. John M.

    Looks like it’s going to cost just as much in replacement body panels as the seller’s price. (Maybe more depending on how deep the rust has gone into the car)

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  3. TimM

    It would kill you to restore it!!!
    Out of their mind!!!

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  4. Shaun Dymond

    I’d guess that this old girl is probably past the point of economical repair, but there’s bound to be someone willing to take a punt on this mammoth project.

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  5. 8banger Dave Member

    Not a chance.

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  6. Camaro Joe

    It might be worth $2500 if there’s 27 $100 bills in the glove compartment. If you are smart and really careful, you MIGHT be able to get it on a trailer without pulling it in half. I’ve seen that happen with rusty unibody cars.

    I’m about 15 miles south of this location, so I would offer to go look at it if someone is interested. But I can see from here that there’s nothing much of any value left.

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    • BigBlocksRock

      Had one of these in HS. Loved it. This one…ugh
      Maybe some bits & pieces one could use. Just not $2500 worth of bits & pieces there.

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  7. unclemymy Member

    At some point it just has to be given up – maybe it will look better up in Muscle Car Valhalla…

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  8. Dave

    If you combined this one with the other rusty Belvedere on this page all you’d have are two junkers. Sorry but sometimes you have to say goodbye.

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    If somebody had told me come and get it for free: NO THANKS

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  10. Karl

    Looks like a car flipper found another “gem” in a old junkyard and hoping the $100.00 he paid to haul it away will result in him netting a $2400.00 profit ! This time I think the flipper loses out .

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  11. Alan

    Out in the elements too long. Just the look of the dash is scary enough!

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  12. Rosko

    I know that part of PA well. I expect the car has had that much mud in it since about 1970! Lots of snow = lots of salt

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  13. Ted

    This is why the mentally challenged shouldn’t be allowed to either sell or purchase vehicles.

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  14. James Martin

    Yahoo, we can sell our perfect road runner. It ran when parked. Has a little rust but not to bad. Needs just a little TLC to get back on road. His weed must be better than mine. Wow. I want some.

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  15. Pontiactivist

    This car is local to me. Have seen it on Facebook Market Place. Guy is a big mopar parts seller. Always advertises mopar parts on market place.

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  16. Ben

    Hi Ho Hi HO it’s off to the junkyard we go

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  17. dweezilaz

    Cue the laugh track on that price.

    Rust springs eternal.

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  18. Don

    I say, take it home put it in your garage and fix it, if you can’t weld don’t bother.

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  19. mikestuff

    My first real car, after my 1957 Ford in 1965 and my 1959 Pontiac in 1970, was a 69 Roadrunner, not unlike this, Orange, wide black stripes on the hood. Bought that in 1971 and found out later I found out it had been “road hard and put away wet” and was able to get out of it. I just hate seeing them (or any cars) that look like this.

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  20. Jim Z Member

    You guys’ been scammed…It IS April Fools Day, isn’t it?

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    • Mike S

      It was a week or so sent in. It would be a good laugh if it was today, but this guy is serious.

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  21. BigBlocksRock

    Had one of these in HS. Loved it. This one…ugh
    Maybe some bits & pieces one could use. Just not $2500 worth of bits & pieces there.

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  22. 38Chevycoupeguy

    April fool’s guys and gals! Writer doing the write up, rightfully regrets not mentioning what rightful day it is. 😂

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  23. Chris

    So true, my uncle was the first I knew who sprayed used motor oil on the undercarriage of his cars. Good practice that I continue to do to this day. Alot of these cars we love looked like this by ’75-’76 in the Northeast.

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  24. Tony T

    Wweren’t these unibodies and no “frame rails” as such?

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  25. Dave L

    I redid a road runner almost as bad, but I had a bunch of spare parts plus a good engine and 4 speed. That’s a parts car, and overpriced one.

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  26. Bodyman68

    If i was 18 and this was $50 id say challenge accepted but at this point in my life hell no . Been there done that not enough money in it . Graveyard bound and where it belongs as I’ve junked better cars.

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  27. George Mattar

    This seller has had rusty Mopars for sale since the late 70s. I went to look at a Vitamin C 69 Toad Runner conv he was selling in 79. Black gut. White top. In only 10 years, the quarters were total junk. Paint shot etc. I forget the asking price. Got in my friends 69 Camaro and went home to State College PA.

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