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Anyone Interested In A Group Buy Of 26 Cars?


This collection has something for everyone, from some classic American iron to British, German, Japanese and Italian imports. They range in age from 1948 to 1992! They are located near Fredricksburg, Virginia and are listed here on craigslist but the listing keeps getting flagged. The seller is looking for $45,000 firm for the entire collection, which works out to $1,730 per car.


We don’t have any details about the cars that are included, but here’s a picture of the oldest in the collection, a 1948 Packard. It seems pretty clean to me. Who knows, maybe it even runs and drives!


Another older American car is this 1952 Pontiac Chieftain. There’s also a 1963 Plymouth Valiant with a V8 and a 1992 Dodge pickup.


This 1965 Corvair is just one of four Corvairs included, with a 1964 and two 1963s, one of which is a Spyder.


This 1960 Triumph TR3A highlights a set of Triumphs that include a GT6. There are two Spitfires pictured in the ad but not listed in the list of cars for sale, so I’m not sure if they are included or not.


Some of the MG’s, Triumphs and Fiats are shown in this picture. As far as MG’s go, there are 1958 and 1959 Magnettes, a 1958 MGA, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1978 MGBs, 1967 and 1970 MGB-GTs, and a 1978 Midget. The Fiats include two 1976 Spiders. There’s a 1970 Subaru 360 in the list that I can’t find in the pictures, a VW Beetle and a 1991 Dodge Stealth (Mitsubushi 3000) to round out the imports.


Finally, there’s this clean-appearing 1987 Jeep Wrangler. I know there are too many cars here for most individual enthusiasts to consider restoring, but I can easily see a group banding together and then parceling the cars out among the group. The seller is interested in serious cash offers only–anyone interested in a Barn Finds group buy?


  1. Avatar photo Jeff Staff

    The ad reads like a guy who has figured out exactly what he needs to make to move his life to some island and never come back. If that’s the case, I wish him well. Nice find.

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  2. Avatar photo Spitty 72

    I’m in for a grand.
    Are there 44 other BF’ers out there?

    BTW…early adopters get the pick of the litter.

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  3. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    Seller wants 45 grand cash… good luck fella.

    I wish there was a way to follow up on these stories.

    I love to know more.

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  4. Avatar photo Scotty G

    I’ll take the Subaru 360 and the MG Magnette if anyone else is in?!
    No, really, I’m serious. I know that nobody else here wants the Subaru for sure.

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  5. Avatar photo bcavileer

    Tr3, and mga. I am in for a group buy. And i am in Virginia. Interesting group.

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  6. Avatar photo DA

    Easy sell if a group of guys band together and buy the lot. Some of these can sell for over the average $1700 as is. Will take a few people to store 26 cars regardless.

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  7. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    I would go for the Vair convertible.

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  8. Avatar photo jim s

    seller is willing to take offers on the one or ones you want. great find.

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  9. Avatar photo Matt

    I’m in for the v8 valiant. Dead serious I live an hour and a half away from him

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  10. Avatar photo Paul B

    Love the Packard, the Fiat and the Subaru too. Can’t figure out where I would store all the cars


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  11. Avatar photo Fogline

    A comprehensive list of what is actually there would be nice. I think there is definitely a possibility of putting together a group buy and everyone ending up with a couple of interesting cars. Alas, for me, too far away or I might be tempted to find one partner on the whole deal. Still might consider it….

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  12. Avatar photo That Guy

    I think the $45K asking price isn’t unrealistic if you add up the value of each car individually. But it’s not realistic to expect full value for everything when you are selling it as a single lot. That’s true of almost any collection, whether it’s cars, stamps, exotic dead bugs, or celebrity-signed catheters. And unlike stamps, the logistics of transporting 20+ cars will increase the buyer’s cost big time.

    The seller needs to either change his strategy, or be prepared to sell for a fraction of his price, to someone who has the space, time, and resources to move all this stuff and resell it piece by piece.

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  13. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    Remember like the last lot sale, we don’t even know anything about the cars including whether or not they have titles.

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    • Avatar photo Dave Wright

      As I remember, you are a Canadian Fireman, an honorable vocation……but if you couldn’t double or triple your money on most of these……stay with your day job.

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  14. Avatar photo Justin Boyle

    I’m down near Raleigh, NC, so that is close enough to bring back a toy. I’d go in on a group buy! A complete cars list and more pics would be nice though.

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  15. Avatar photo tirefriar

    Too bad the Fiats are 1976 YM cars. My second choice would have been the Corvair but Vince already has dibs on it. I’m out!

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  16. Avatar photo Kevin

    I bet his ad is being flagged because, as he states, he also has some individual ads for the same cars at higher prices. Sounds like a CL policy violation.

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  17. Avatar photo rogerowen

    Go for it guys! But hey – no squabbling. Sadly wrong side of the pond for me.

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    • Avatar photo MikeH

      No squabbling—right. My thoughts exactly. Can you imagine trying to get 45 people to agree on how to manage this?

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  18. Avatar photo Frank

    Would love to join group get a fiat or bug

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  19. Avatar photo Keith

    I’m in for a grand, as long as there are titles. I’ll be the guy to take the Wrangler or the Corvair.

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  20. Avatar photo Paul B

    Now everyone can just wire me their cut to my bank in Nigeria and I will take care of everything. Just message me for details. I will also take Bitcoin.

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  21. Avatar photo Gary Lindel

    Count me in for the early Spitfire. But I don’t think it’s included in the sale. Bummers.

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  22. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    I’m in for a Gill take the Jeep

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  23. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    I am in for 25G’s if we can get them moved west cheep enough. I have the room to make them ready to sell and store them if nessisary.

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    • Avatar photo Dave Wright

      And I didn’t have to ask my wife……..

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  24. Avatar photo BMW/Tundra guy

    I know the likelihood of this getting pulled together is not high BUT I am definitely in if someone want to take the reigns! !!!!!!!!!!
    If this could get moving, just reply and we could find a way to set something like this up!

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    • Avatar photo Dave Wright

      I am with you……,the problem for me is distance. If there was someone that lived close to inventory, document and manage the lot……the rest would be easy

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