32k Mile Survivor: 1969.5 Ford Maverick

In-between models like this 1969.5 Ford Maverick are interesting curiosities, as they effectively were limited production cars. However, even with the rarity factor dialed in, they’re not necessarily hugely unique compared to the models that preceded or followed it. The seller of this attractive survivor here on eBay does note, however, that Maverick fans should appreciate the very minor tweaks this model year received, in addition to its high state of preservation. There’s one bid to $5K and no reserve.

This is about as base of a Maverick you could buy, equipped with the three-speed manual and tiny 170CI six-cylinder. Thank goodness it has the stick! Mileage is reportedly a hair over 32,000, and the seller points out many original details, like crayon marks from the factory under the rear bumper and protective plastic sleeves still on the rear seatbelts. The AM radio, chrome trim around the windows, and hubcaps were the only other options the first buyer of this Maverick requested.

The 69.5 models came with some very subtle differences, limited to the location of the ignition switch and the horn ring on the steering wheel. In 1970 models, where you inserted they key was in a different spot and the horn ring disappeared. Small differences, sure, but a Maverick fanatic is sure to appreciate them, especially in a car that’s survived this week. Despite being a low-optioned model, the interior still looks fairly high-zoot with that cloth insert pattern.

If you’re looking for a 302-powered Maverick or a very clean Comet, check out this pair listed here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive from the large Georgia collection clean-out we’ve been featuring. The V8 car has some Grabber equipment on it, like the hood bulge and the rear spoiler, and the Comet is a nicely preserved specimen with an excellent interior. Reach out to me via the listing for more info on either car.

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    These basic Mavericks were staples at my small hometown blue-collar Ford dealer (which was also in Ohio, not far from where this car was originally sold). They fit perfectly with the local clientele. I remember that most of them were equipped exactly the same: 200 6-cylinder, automatic, AM radio, whitewall tires, accent group (bright window trim and 14″ wheels with wheel covers). Occasionally one would have a/c which made it “well equipped” I guess.

    My childhood friend’s older sister had one of these, same color.

    Good to see a survivor basic economy car, even has a three-on-the-tree. Love the plaid interior.

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  2. flmikey

    I remember when these came out, the base price was $1,995.00…looks like this one has a few options, like the radio, carpet, and hubcaps…this one looks like it is in bargain territory…

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  3. 68custom

    Grandma had a 70 we ended up with same color, interior, monkey wards A/C and 200 six. Plus the ultra rare semi automatic transmission. No one in the family wanted to drive it and rust eventually killed it.

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  4. mrobin

    I had a 69, same color with no options and did pay $1995. plus tax.
    Not exactly a exciting car, but it never let me down.

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  5. don

    My best friends Great Grandmother had one identical to this except it had the auto trans . It was already getting faded and worn by 1978 when it was given to him ; we were both about 16 and he promptly crashed it one autumn night due to “wet leaves” on the road ( his story, anyway) He bought another one for $25.00 that was T- boned and we put the whole front clip on – I remember we drilled out all the spot welds for the inner panels ,and not anywhere near professional , we used pop rivits to put it back together ! After that it was a trip to the parts store to buy some wrong color mixed paint (very cheap). It ended up brush painted with light blue marine paint – Fun times I’ll never forget , cruising in that little car .

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  6. Richard Gugenberger

    I had a 1969 1/2 Maverick Red with the 200 six 3 speed red vinyl seats 14″ tires full hub caps , drove it for 70k and not one problem , nice little car ! Traded it in on a 1972 F100 , another story !!

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    • Dan Smith

      Do you have any pictures of the interior of the red Maverick? Thanks

  7. Frank D’Elia

    A friend in college had that exact color and trim level Maverick. It was cheap, but much sportier than my 68 Falcon! He tried to use contact paper to give the car the “blacked out” hood treatment like the Grabber! I have many great memories of riding in that car, but don’t think I ever drive it! Great to see one still around! I’m sure it’s not Andy’s!

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  8. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    In little less than a decade on, the highest evolved Falcon/Maverick/Granada emerged as the Lincoln Versailles.
    Not necessarily a bad thing; it foreshadowed the multitude of cars that would evolve off the original FOX platform that started with the Fairmont/Zephyr twins.

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    • stillrunners Stillrunners Member

      Not really limited as they some them for years. Dad started resaleing these before his Mustang binge…je actually bought a new 302/auto in 1975 that was around for a few months then resold. These were good cars built well for the price….back in the day !!!

  9. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    I remember Grade One at Greenway Elementary, the small brick cottage school , bored to death, looking out the window towards Burnell Street and seeing the first Maverick. Burnell Street was also home to Burnell Motors, which sold Austins, Triumphs, MGs, Lotus and even Rolls Royce.

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  10. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Like it
    God bless America

  11. TimM

    My neighbor that lived in the house behind me growing up had one of these!! His was black with the six cylinder!! Had a standard transmission though!! He was going to sell it to me when he got a job working for a tree trimming company that clears the branches around the electric lines on the side of the road!! Said he wanted to get a pickup so he could cut trees for side money on the weekend!! The next week he was killed when the saw caught an electric wire that grew into a tree branch!! His parents never sold the car as far as I know!!!

  12. Louis Q. Chen

    The picture brought me lots of memories! My first ride was with a returning VN war vet after he used it for going back to complete his college degree. His was equipted the same except for a larger 6 cyl. and automatic. It was a decent car though. Why could we have cars that was simple and easy to repair these days? I really missed the good old days!

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  13. Frank Y

    Reminds me of my dads Maverick although his was Lime Green. ( I think they gave him some cash off just to take the color) You could spot it a mile away. Learned to drive in a Maverick. It had the 200 6 cyl. And dad put a CB in it since he drove I95 to work in Baltimore.

  14. Mike H. Mike H.

    Kudos to the seller for providing really good photos. None of the underside, but they really managed to cover the whole rest of the car quite fully, and the quality of the pictures is much higher than what we’ve come to expect of late.

    The car is cool; no doubt. Can’t see any money in it, but it’s a rarity. Like finding a 1970 vintage Bic lighter, I’d say. Sweet novelty to find something that was meant to be disposable but still in good working order and functional, but not necessarily super desirable.

    I’d own this, though.

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  15. Michael Dawson

    Just curious: $1,995 was the suggested retail price for this Maverick, and others like Gremlin, Pinto, Vega, etc., advertised similar low-ball MSRPs. Did dealerships complete with one-another by selling these cars for less? That is, could one get the Maverick for $1,795 (or less?) out the door??

    • r s

      I doubt very much that there was enough extra room in the $1995 price to get $200 or more off of it, plus the fact that they were selling pretty well at the time so no need to cut the price that much to sell them.

      Chrysler Corp. factory rebates a few years later, when they really needed to move the Volare and Aspen models, were $100-$200 on a much more expensive car. At the time that was a good piece of change so all the more reason I doubt you could have gotten $200 off a basic Maverick. The Pinto started out at $1919 and I’d be shocked if at the start anyone got more than $50 off that.

      • Michael Dawson

        I tend to think the same as you, r s. Not much wiggle room at prices that low, and probably nowhere close to a $200 discount, if any. How I do remember later when Joe Garigiola was pushing factory rebates for Chrysler Corp cars on TV! Incidentally, my grandmother’s last new car was a 1975 Maverick 4-door (250-6, auto, power steering, radio, exterior decor group). If I remember correctly, she got a rebate of $250.00 and she acted as if she hit the lottery! Ha! Though the whole industry was down in that post-oil “crisis” period, it’s a little curious that Ford offered incentives on what was considered a gas-sipping, “economy” car.

  16. walt

    I saw 1 that was fixed up nice, very clean & sweet, Sleeper. Painted black, fat 15s tucked inside wells, hot 351 Windsor, headers, etc. it was bad 2 the bone!

  17. PatrickM

    Wow. Not much talk about this car. I like it but, I feel the bidding is now out of my reach…$6,500.00. Also, what’s with the other two engines? E-bay write up isn’t clear at all.

  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $9,766.
    Not bad for an instant entry in the classic car game.

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