1969 Dodge Dart GTS 340 Convertible

In the late 1960s, Chrysler was at the forefront of the muscle car game. This included putting big engines, like the 383 and 440 V8s, into the Dart compact. But those heavy engines shifted a bunch of weight to the front wheels, so a popular alternative was the 340 cubic inch small block that put out 275 hp. Dodge built 3,645 Dart GTS 340s in 1969, plus another 16,637 Dart Swinger 340s, so the GTS 340 was less plentiful when new. That puts this Massillon, Ohio-based Dart in rare company today. It’s available here on eBay where the bidding has reached $22,300 with no reserve to deal with.

When I think of the Dart GTS convertible, the detective TV show Mannix comes to mind. Joe Mannix drove both a ’68 and a ’69 GTS pretty hard over a two-season period, both painted dark green but red underneath. I believe I read that they used both 340 and 383 motors in those cars. Ah, those were the days! This ’69 Dart GTS looks to be a nice survivor, finished it what the seller believes is its original paint (Copper Metallic?), and showing only 53,000 miles on the odometer. I don’t see any evidence of body damage or rust, so this car has been pampered. The GT Sport stripe across the car’s rump looks to be in good condition. The contrasting black convertible top looks fine and is said to operate properly.

The interior is another area that’s hard to find fault with, although it looks as though it could use a good cleaning. When you open the trunk, it also looks good there, above and below the original Dodge floor mat. After 51 years, the original jack is even still there. The car comes with its original Rallye wheels, although the new bias-ply tires are not correct to the period.

While the seller is not certain, he believes this is a numbers-matching car. The 340 V8 with automatic transmission is said to run well. The car was apparently in storage for several years, so some work was required when it came back out into the daylight. The transmission has been rebuilt as well as the car now having new brakes and shocks. We’re told there have been no modifications made to the engine, although a little blue touch-up paint has been applied.

The Dart GTS doesn’t seem to trade at the same price levels as the 1970-74 Barracuda or Challenger, but not far behind. The few we can find online seem to be in the same dollar territory this car has reached, but most of those are Swinger 340 hardtops. Considering there were far fewer convertibles made, I’m betting this car is going to collect a few more bids. Thanks to Swinger340Specials for 340 production numbers.

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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    I always thought these were a clean-looking design,
    & the back of it looks better than the newer models.

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  2. Leland

    I am thinking, too much power for the body. Body flex is going to be an issue. A 273 is all the HP I would ever put in this.

  3. DrillnFill

    Nice Dart! Looks like FK5 “Burnt Orange” to me. Someone’s going to have a nice cruiser that can scream down the roads with that 340. Really cool 😎

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  4. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Funny you don’t list the production numbers for convertibles. The wheels are not correct year but this is one nice car. Sadly I missed a 1968 340 convert in my hood in the late 70’s but I was already buying my first house.

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  5. Tracy

    Great little car. Too bad it doesn’t have a/c.

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    • Classic Steel

      Its a convertible?

      Maybe space suits with AC to survive? 😉

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    • local_sheriff

      It does have Hair Conditioning though. Drop the top and you will get as much air you want

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      • Dave

        As Bob FM says, “once they used to be a hair band. Now theyre members of the Hair Club for Men”

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    • bone

      I hope thats a joke – its a convertible !

  6. Johnnymopar

    Nice Dart but it does not come with “its original Rallye wheels”. The famous and beautiful Mopar Rallye wheels did not come out until the 1970 model year. They look incorrect on any pre 1970 model to my eyes.

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  7. Jcs

    Such cool cars.

    I also believe the color to be T5 2031 Copper Poly, a 69 Dodge color. It really sets this body style off in my eyes.

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    • JW454

      I think you’re correct on the color. The two digit color codes were still in use in 1969.

    • Terry Bowman

      The owner is correct on the color (Copper Metallic). Dodge also had a Light Bronze, Metallic, but it was a lighter shade. Not sure of the color code.

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  8. T

    One of my favorites of all time.

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  9. On and On On and On Member

    No one mentioned the much dreaded red heater hoses and a kinked upper radiator hose.

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    • schooner

      That is one ugly upper radiator hose.

    • jack lattie

      I noticed that and I believe the engines were orange in Canada, I worked at a Chrysler dealer back then and as I remember they went to blue in 72 here anyway.

      • Terry Bowman

        jack lattie, I have a 69′ 4speed and it is Hemi orange as the factory brochure shows, but all the automatics I have seen are blue in 69′. I also have a 70′ 340 Dart Swinger, automatic, that is hemi orange and I believe the 4speeds are also hemi orange in 70′. Not so sure in 71′ without looking it up, but you are correct, 72′ & 73′ they were blue as the 318’s and other Mopar motors were. I’m sure there are exceptions, depending on built locations and the year changes.

  10. Barney

    Man I like this car despite the red radiator hose, red plug wires and the miss fit upper radiator hose. These issues would be very easy to cottrct however.

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  11. Woody

    A cousin had a hardtop Dart with 4speed and same color as this car. The 340 was worked just a bit,it was a fast Mopar!

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  12. GBA47

    Had a manual Swinger 340 coupe in the same Copper Metallic. Fast but unreliable. It also suffered from some serious chassis flex, so I can’t imagine what a convertible would be like. Still looks like a good price.

  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Isn’t it sort of easy to figure out if the engine is matching numbers?

    My bet is that it isn’t and that’s an excuse not to admit it.

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  14. Rick Rothermel

    A friend owns the ’68 Mannix Dart, my all time favorite TV hero car. The ’68 had been red, the ’69 was originally B5 Blue, per George Barris’ painter. Both cars were 340s.

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  15. Rick Rothermel

    A friend owns the ’68 Mannix Dart, my all time favorite TV hero car. The ’68 had been red, the ’69 was originally B5 Blue, per George Barris’ painter. Both cars were 340s.
    This one is gorgeous…

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  16. Terry Bowman

    Most 50 year old cars has personal changes, but the ones I see here can be put back with minimal expense. Core support painted black,?, Pie pan I believe is from a 69′ Dart and the breather is not correct as with the master cylinder cap. Missing dash switch and front seat hinge covers. As mentioned tires and rims are incorrect. The center counsel looks a little odd, just can’t put my finger on it. I know convertibles have extra side supports for strength, so that may be why the driver door jam looks a little odd. All in all it’s a nice car, number matching or not. If matching as is and not rotten(it is a convertible), $30,000 – $35,000. Restored, correctly, $50,000 – $60,000.

    • Darin Dux

      Missing the courtesy lights on the center console?

      • Terry Bowman

        Your right Darin, Thanks

  17. karl

    Its a great looking car and the paint looks nice , but there a places in the pictures where there looks to be overspray , so I dont think the paint is original .
    I’m also a bit suspicious about a seller who says “I believe” or ” Ive been told” a lot in the post. To me that sounds like he hiding info, and if he’s called out on it later he can always claim his innocence

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  18. Frank Topping

    Bought a new late 1967 Dart 383 GTS when I worked at Nowell Dodge in Arlington, Texas. Block was too big for power steering! Believe me- that was a pain. 3300 lbs with 325 hp. Set the track record in C/PS at 14.23 in 1968 at Kennedale drag strip. I wish that I could have kept it.

  19. Frank Topping

    I had absolutely no problems with any flex; and after running C/PS I installed fenderwell headers, 440 mag cam, and highrise intake with a 780 Holly. didn’t get to run the strip with it like that but I never got beat off the lights!

  20. Kenn

    At the price this will go for, it’s a shame the seller was too lazy to take the time to get the correct upper radiator hose. Or at least, if he couldn’t find a Dart hose, certainly auto parts stores carry upper hoses in whatever length you want.

  21. Steve Bush Member

    Agree that it appears to be a very nice car. Too bad it doesn’t have AC. Still; if it doesn’t get bid crazy high, it’s a nice change from the Chargers and E bodies if you like Mopars. And I could drive it home in about a hour.

  22. Steve Bush Member

    Winning bid of $36,335.76 comes in about 5 secs before the 8:50 pm cdt auction deadline. There were 88 bids.

  23. Terry Bowman

    Fair price for both parties. Hope the new owner use the car or restore it. The money and glory is there. Good luck to the new owner.

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