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440/4-Speed: 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

Some cars are positively yawn-inducing, while others can leave you breathless. This 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II fits into the second category courtesy of its presentation and drivetrain combination. The company didn’t offer the 440ci V8 in 1965, but that didn’t deter someone from shoehorning one under the hood of this beauty. Its next journey should be to a new home, and that engine guarantees it will get there mighty fast! The Belvedere is listed here on eBay in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bidding has raced beyond the reserve to sit at $15,000.

The history of this Plymouth is a mystery, and it is unclear whether the seller performed its refurbishment and mechanical modifications. An in-person inspection will probably confirm it isn’t perfect, but the photos reveal an impressive depth of color and shine to its Code E Dark Blue paint. It cloaks panels as straight as an arrow, although it is worth noting that the seller only supplies photos of one side of this classic. If the driver’s side presents at the same level, this Belvedere looks like a winner. There is no visible rust, and no problems are mentioned in the listing. The lack of surface corrosion in areas like the engine bay could mean this classic is rust-free. The chrome and glass are excellent, and while the wheels aren’t original, they fit nicely with this car’s character.

Plymouth didn’t offer the 440ci V8 in the Belvedere range until 1967, although buyers could outlay the considerable cost to power their new purchase with a Hemi in 1965. What used to occupy this engine bay is unknown, but the 440 that holds pride of place sends its power to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. The 440 produced 375hp and 480 ft/lbs of torque when bolted under the hood of a ’67 Belvedere, but this one will probably eclipse those figures. It features an upgraded Edelbrock carburetor and intake, with the spent gases exiting via a set of Doug’s headers. A heavy-duty aluminum radiator keeps things cool, and power assistance for the steering and brakes makes light work of the driving experience. So, how does the Plymouth run and drive? The simple answer is that your guess is as good as mine. The seller supplies no information on the subject, although the visual indications are pretty promising.

The first thing I noticed about this Belvedere’s interior wasn’t its spotless presentation but the lurid blue floor mats. They are entirely out of character because the remaining trim is a classy combination of two-tone blue vinyl. The front seat shows no signs of wear, and the back seat looks like it has hardly been used. I suspect the interior received a retrim during the build because there is nothing worth criticizing…except those mats! It isn’t completely original, but the additions are practical and will be welcomed by the winning bidder. The car features aftermarket air conditioning, a retro-style stereo, a gauge cluster under the dash to monitor the beast under the hood, a Hurst shifter for precise ratio selection, and a column-mounted Sunpro tach so the driver can take it to the max.

The lack of specific information supplied by the seller is frustrating because it leaves us wanting to know more about this 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II. It shows a lot of promise, which has been enough to attract seventeen bids. Its presentation will undoubtedly turn heads, and the mechanical combination has the potential to effortlessly transform tires into smoke. It is a relatively unassuming vehicle, and swapping out the alloy wheels for a set of steelies and dog dish hubcaps would convert it into a genuine sleeper. That idea could be too tempting to ignore. Would you follow that school of thought, or would enjoying it as-is be irresistible?


  1. JohnfromSC

    Looks like a dual plane intake manifold. With the right heads it is routine to make over 500HP with these 440’s. Seller would have been wise to include drivetrain details. Could be a killer car if this is a built 440 and the drivetrain can take it.

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  2. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    This will be my next car.

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Good looking Plymouth with only 10 pictures and not a really a good write up about the Plymouth! The seller should of done 25 pictures . This is missing pictures of the back of the Plymouth. Is there something wrong in the back and inside of the trunk? The seller could get more money if he done better presenting the vehicle on eBay. I would bid on it and take a chance if I had room at home. Also the mileage 8,000 miles . Is that 8,000 since the fix up this Plymouth or 108,000 miles is the true mileage? I wish the seller good luck. 🐻🇺🇸

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  4. Jerry Bramlett

    This is a scam ad.

    No VIN or plates shown.
    Limited and conflicting info in description.
    Very few photos.
    No seller automotive purchases in eBay history.
    No previous auto sales by seller.
    No recent eBay activity at all.
    Very low reserve.
    No seller phone number or contact info.

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    • Jerry Bramlett

      The eBay photos were stolen from a 2021 Bring-A-Trailer auction ad. The real owner sold this car for ~$36,000 back then.

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  5. Maggy

    I don’t care for aftermarket wheels much but these torque thrusts look great on this car.Gotta agree with the author the floor mats give me a headache just looking at them.I’d beat the snot out of this thing.All she needs is disc brakes and a dual master set up.I ain’t no Mopar guy but those folks seem to bid big $ on rot buckets.This looks like a killer deal at present bidding.I’d say this is a 30k car with some detailing from the pics I see though only.Glwts.

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  6. Kokomo

    I agree, this is probably a scam. Those images were from BAT back in 2021.

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  7. Gary Raymond Member

    “Listing has been removed”. You were right, guys…

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  8. Robt

    As always ‘buyer beware’.
    Nice car. But whatever is going on with it those floor mats got to go!! Same with the wheels. They just don’t work on this car. Yes to steelies and dog dish caps.
    Whoever put this together built a sweet ride.

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  9. John Jameson

    Shame it was a sham. Nice looking ride, down to the wheels, I think they made the car pop. And that front end sneaking up behind you in the rear view would give fair warning it meant business…lol.

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  10. Terry J

    “Plymouth didn’t offer the 440ci V8 in the (1965) Belvedere”. No but they did build them with a 426 wedge. Pal Denny had an original 1940 Ford Coupe in 1966 and we loved to troll car lots pretending to be dumb farm kids (we were). We could test drive any car on the lot with sales guys salivating over that ’40 trade in. LOL. One favorite ride was a 4 speed 426 Plymouth much like this one. FAST. :-) Terry J

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  11. Dave G

    Well, it’s back on eBay listed as “Plymouth Other” up to $20,301 from 24 unsuspecting bidders with 21hrs 36mins left. Seriously hope nobody gets burned by this guy if it is a scam. Same seller with (1) feedback and same location as previous. I have to ask, do some humans NOT look at red flags, credentials, hmmmm oh yeah, COMMON SENSE!!!

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