4,962 Mile 1984 Chrysler Executive Limousine

Certainly, the nicest example that I have seen in decades and also the most expensive, this 1984 Chrysler Executive Limousine would be fun to own. What would a person use it for? It’s too old for Uber or Lyft, but for the price of an eight or nine-year-old Corolla, it would just be fun to own. The seller has this time capsule listed here on eBay in Arlington Heights, Illinois and the current bid price is $11,300, but the reserve isn’t met!

We have seen really nice Chrysler Executive Limos before and they’re typically around $4,000, give or take. This car has a nice leather interior compared to the velour that a lot of them seem to have, and it also has an amazingly-low 4,962 miles on it. They always seem to be this dark blue color, don’t they? Why is that? (in my best Andy Rooney voice)

Our own Adam Clarke showed us a nice but fairly well-used version almost two years ago and the seller was asking $3,900. The car for sale here looks like it just rolled off of a showroom floor in 1984. Chrysler – actually, American Specialty Cars (ASC) out of St. Louis, Missouri – made two versions of the Executive: the long-wheelbase Executive Limousine and a shorter Executive Sedan and they were based on the LeBaron.

The photos are a little unusual in that most of them are hazy and grainy which is unfortunate. A car as perfect as this Chrysler Executive Limo deserves a much better presentation. It doesn’t seem to be hurting the bid price, though. The puffy leather seats look like new both in the front and in the rear, where the actual executive/s would be sitting. There are two jumpseats in the rear making for a seven-passenger capacity in the Limo. The shorter Executive Sedan was a five-seater. Of course, there is also a separate stereo for rear-seat passengers.

Admittedly not a very limousine-like engine, this is Mitsubishi’s 4G54, a 2.6L inline-four with 100 horsepower. The seller doesn’t say how it runs but we have to assume that it works as well as it looks and everything works like new, I would think? This has to be the nicest one on the planet and given the seemingly endless supply of expendable money that people have for collector cars these days, this is the one to have if you just have to own a Chrysler Executive Limousine.


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  1. Todd Fitch Staff

    Whoa! Sweet find, Scotty. It was probably billed as the “Limo of the Future” when gas broke the $1.25 barrier. Those seats look heavenly. The engine looks like a steam-punk kitchen appliance; it just needs a place to connect the blender and it’s Low-Cal Smoothie Time! It’s the Low-Cal Limo. Thanks for the bringing this super-rare low-mileage gem to the hallowed halls of BarnFinds. It can’t be much smaller than the stretch Volvos I’ve seen in EU. Someone is must be love-struck to go $11k+. Would love to hear from the buyer here!

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  2. Mr. TKD

    This looks like it belongs in a museum of transportation.

    Nice example of the breed.

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  3. Geoff

    Nothing says you’ve made it like arriving in a K-car limo.

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  4. PJ

    Was this car owned by Jon Voight!

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  5. Chip Lamb

    ASC was Heinz Prechter’s American Sun Roof, not American Specialty Cars. Note window sticker.

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  6. jwzg

    I’d love to see a 2.2 turbo out of a Dodge Spirit R/T in this thing. That would be the ultimate sleeper.

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  7. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Seeing this car brought one of those hazy past recollection moments for me: One upon a time did they really make a K-car limo?

    Obviously, yes.

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    • ED

      I once worked an event where Lee Iacocca was the main speaker. As we walked out of the hotel there was a stretch k car Limo waiting for him. He lit up a cigar and drove awaym

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  8. Jason

    My parents had one. It was a silver 7 seat version. It didn’t have leather, just that velour cloth that was so popular back then.

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    • SubGothius

      7 seats makes this an interesting alternative to a minivan…

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      • Jered

        I have a 6 door 2000 Cadillac I daily with a babysit in the middle seats. A lot more fun than a van.

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  9. NSGray

    One night in D.C. (in 1987?) while I was walking near the Capitol and waiting at the curb to cross the street, a K-Car limo just like this pulled in front of me with Colin Powell in the back seat. I believe he was National Security Advisor at the time. His car was preceded by D.C. motorcycle police and followed by the requisite Suburban. What impressed me most was that the car paused at what was their (green) light!

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  10. Wylie

    The latest bid is $12,600. Maybe the seller is on to something…

  11. KEVIN

    current bid (and the reserve) seems way above actual market value by a factor of four

  12. Randall Scott Arnette

    “Can someone please
    come for my things? I’m in the limo out front.” Sir, there is no limo out front.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      RSA, I like your sense of humor.

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  13. Raymond bennett

    Got to say Chrysler always had the most comfortable seats. The leather was amazing.

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    • Jean Desjardins

      Corinthian leather.

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      • SubGothius

        Which was always just a marketing term; it didn’t mean anything in particular beyond “Whatever leather Chrysler chose for their upholstery” in that era. Still nice leather, tho’.

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  14. Clarke

    Unless you are a true collector and only plan to park this somewhere, I personally do not believe the car will summon the price the current owner is asking. 4 cylinder?

  15. Jon

    I have a 2.6 in my 1987 Caravan SE
    94,000 original miles bought it in 1993
    With 74,000 miles my backup car
    Will last another 20 years easily
    But I wouldn’t ever own a K car

  16. Steve Bush Member

    A neighbor bought a blue one new back in the mid 1980s. Actually I thought it looked nice for what it was although it was a bit odd to see a limo that was two feet shorter than another neighbor’s 1975 Buick Electra 225.

    • mike

      smaller engine for the gas crunch. but more room inside in the back

  17. John

    The annual fuel cost was based on gas at $1.25 per gallon, and in todays money, this car would cost $58,638.00

  18. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this gorgeous time capsule sold for $16,500!

  19. mike

    never seen the limo version with leather seats, the seat in the sedan version are though. There were only 2 LIMO’s made in 1983 and I own one of them. It was in one of my customers garage. It had been there nearly 30yrs when he passed I bought it from the estate. Does yours have the glass window petition between the front and back seat that goes up and down? I know the other limo is in California, are you sure this isn’t a sedan version? I have documents with mine from day one of its first owner.

  20. mike

    1984, Nice………. I have 1983 Executive limo only 2 were made and I own one of them. It was in one of my customers garage. It had been there nearly 30yrs when he passed I bought it from the estate. I know the other 1983 limo is in California, I have documents with mine from day one of its first owner. I may need to list it on EBAY.

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