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$950 Shed Find: 1960 Rambler Super

Thanks to Jim M. for sending this tip in! This 1960 Rambler Super is a “shed find”. It was stored for 15 years before being discovered and is listed on craigslist for $950! The Super trim level was in-between the Deluxe and the top-level Custom.

Thankfully, the body doesn’t look as bad as it could have been given its damp, Largo, Florida resting spot; just sitting there, covered, under a carport, crawling with lizards, snakes, and alligators. Ok, I made up that last part. This car hasn’t been driven in 15 years, but the engine has been started occasionally.

There’s a dent in the left front fender but other than that the body on this car looks surprisingly dent and rust-free, other than the usual surface rust. But, Largo, Florida is right on the Gulf Coast so you’ll want to check it out in person. Let’s see a show of hands of all those folks who were looking for a good excuse to go to Florida in December? I thought so.

It always pains me to see an interior used as a storage container. It’s always nice if sellers would at the very least take the majority of the “stuff” out of their vehicles before taking photos! Or, maybe they did.. This is Rambler’s classic, cool, chic tri-tone interior: black, red, and white. What a gorgeous interior! I mean, not specifically this one, but this one could be gorgeous again with some work. And, the bane of parents from sea-to-shining-sea a few decades ago: those front seats fold down into a bed! This photo that the seller included isn’t a photo of this car, but it shows how the seat-bed works.

This engine, believe it or not, has just 100 miles on it since being totally rebuilt in 2007. Apparently, they either spent $4,500 on it or $3,300 on it, they list both prices. The brakes were also totally gone through, including new lines, for a price of $1,300 and the pedal is still solid. This is AMC’s 195.6 cubic-inch inline-six with 127 hp. I believe the engine wouldn’t have been blue, but would have looked like this. This car could have some potential for anyone who is looking for another Rambler Six/Super for the collection. It’s cheap enough if you don’t have to pay another $950 in shipping costs. Does this $950 Rambler have potential?


  1. Howard A Member

    This car is exactly like my grandfathers car, only his was a ’61. If you remember, he had several Ramblers, and the ’61 was in great shape, except the trunnions, the part that connects the front suspension to the unibody rusted clear of the body, deeming it undriveable, and he junked it. ( I believe it’s those connection points below the washer bag) Is this the aluminum motor? If so, no wonder it needed a rebuild. IDK, these have to be in pretty nice shape for someone to get excited about. This one is borderline. And btw, I highly doubt many folks used those fold down seats for what they show. :)

    • Bingo

      Of course, Howard, we remember your grandparents car.

      You must also remember my uncles ex wifes next door neighbors baby sitters sweet Lark, right?

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      • Howard A Member

        Hi Bingo, you mean the one with the stuck choke?

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    • Ed P

      Howard: It must be the season. I wonder if we all get a turn?

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Ed, not so! You’ve become a part a very elite group. Us consumer watch dogs live a lonely, yet fulfilling life.

  2. SunbeamerStu

    Soviet looks. American convenience.

    • Red'sResto

      In mother Russia car drive you!

  3. daniel wright

    My dad had a 61..he bought in the late 80s. It had been sitting for years…minor work got it running. It was a pile and was missing the back seat. But he drove it to work for about 5 years then switched to a pinto…

  4. KeithK

    A lot of people are looking to get into a classic ,sometimes this is where you have to start. A little weird and too many doors yet not so crazy it’ll bust the budget and You’ll still have the only one at your local cars and coffee.

    • Keith

      Lets not forget the straight 6 is easy as pie to work on, maintain, and find parts for. And darn near bullet proof, too.

  5. daniel wright

    Cars like this are fun and frankly no one at the show and shine is going to have one. BTW. my dads car had four ash trays…..! Two in the dash and one in each seat back. I guess they expected the kids in the back seat to light up too.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi daniel, in the ’60’s, over 50% of the population smoked. All 4 of my grandparents smoked, as did many uncles and aunts ( my parents didn’t, and neither do I, or my kids, so hopefully we broke that cycle). Now all those ash trays have been replaced by “power ports”, I guess that’s ok. And then there was this in 1961.

      • Ed P

        I still remember that awful smell

  6. Jim Mc

    If this was anywhere near me I’d be all over it. It’s the right price, just wish it was a manual but I could live with the auto. Love these old grandpa-mobiles.

  7. JW454

    In 1973 my father found a 1959 version of this same car in perfect condition that could be had for $75.00. It was to be my older brother’s first car. My brother promptly said “NO WAY”. He instead opted for a black 1960 Chevrolet BelAir two door with rusty floor pans and no front bumper for $200.00. At the time, I wouldn’t have wanted it either but, looking back, it was a much better buy.
    Today, I’d like to have this little grocery getter.

  8. Paul R.

    Oil filter is easy to get to!

    • James

      That’s because an oil filter was optional. lol

  9. Bruce Fischer

    The way cars now adays are so $$$ to maintain I am switching back to older cars to use as a daily driver as my 56 Chrysler .Bruce.

  10. Michael

    Notice the push-button transmission closeup picture is from a 58-59, not a 60; then notice the broad dash picture to see for yourself. He may have more AMCs of this era.
    Most unusual feature is the factory ordered matching headrest!
    Buy it, clean it up, and use it as an UBER car. I’d see a preferred line of customers to cruise around city hot spots at night. Since this is in Tampa Bay area, this could be Ybor City. Or, simply ship it to Cuba! LOL

    • Todd Zuercher

      Unfortunately Uber requires that you have a late model car – no Studes no matter how cool….

  11. nessy

    Very nice looking simple to work on car. I have a 61 Rambler Classic Custom model which looks just like this black feature car. Mine is factory bright red and black with three tone red, silver and black interior. It’s great on gas and gets looks everywhere you drive it. It’s not the kind of car I would buy, however, my car used to belong to a dear old timer and we became good friends over time. I used to drive him in his Rambler to the stores, doctor visits and even car shows where he enjoyed showing off his Rambler. When he passed on from old age about 15 years ago, he left me the Rambler in his Will. So, I kept his car to remember him by. I even have his name on the plates. Here is a photo of my little red Rambler. He called her Rosie the Rambler. His name was Howard. Thank you friend. I’ll always remember you.

  12. MGSteve

    All of the positive comments aside, I had to try and date girls in one of these. To this day, I think my date tried to find the ugliest car on the market, bought it, and figured I would never get a girl to go out with me in that thing. Not only did it have this car’s black & red interior, but it was pink on the outside, and the “stripe” was gray. Sorry Rambler enthusiasts, but it was the ugliest car on the road. It did inspire me to work even harder and faster to get my own car. And NO, I never got to use the fold down bed option either. I was happy to get a date . . . anything else was way over my pay grade. The only positive thing I can say about this car is that when you finally did get a girl to accept a date with you, at least you knew she wasn’t going out with you because you had a cool car.

  13. Brian M Member

    My first car was a 1960 Rambler, bare bones deluxe (sounds like an oxy-moron, eh?) White roof, blue body, six cylinder with babbit bearings and three on the tree. I don’t remember any trim on the lower body but it did have the airliner reclining seats that made into a bed. Got it on the road in time for my three day honeymoon over a weekend off from college classes in 1966. Never had a chance to use the seat feature! Paid $250 for it from a classmate at UNH named Arnie from Manchester. Why can’t I remember what I had for breakfast? Still have the same wife but traded the Rambler on a 1961 automatic Falcon wagon when the Rambler lost oil pressure while on a Sunday drive in August 1966. The car had NO sound deadening material and slamming a door made a sound like beating on a 55 gallon drum. 15 inch wheels when every other maker had 14’s, which is why American Motors vehicles had better gas mileage. Would only want another as a reminder of first car.

  14. Randall

    Do some fabricating on this one and transform it into a pickup….kinda like a Rambler el camino. Well… would be unique.

  15. Darren

    Whatta quirky cool little rod this is! If it just wasn’t on the wrong coast, I’d be all over it like a cheap suit…

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