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9,541 Original Miles: No Reserve 1977 Lincoln Continental

Bidding is fairly light at the moment for this no reserve 1977 Lincoln Continental with under 10,000 original miles. Like so many of this luxury land yachts, it was put away in storage many years ago with the low miles seen here, and has only recently left the warehouse facility it was locked in for over 20 years. Today, you can still see the remnants of the window sticker taped to the glass and other indications that it was intended to emerge from its metal building tomb as a full-fledged collector’s item. It didn’t work out that way, but it doesn’t dilute the fact that someone is going to end up with a very nice car for a fair price. Find the Lincoln here on eBay with bidding to just over $4,500.

I hate to say it, but it’s almost old hat at this point that Lincoln Continentals of this generation emerge with new car miles still on the clock. Even tired examples like this, that clearly haven’t been treated to being buffed daily while only being driven to the 4th of July parade and Sunday morning breakfast, somehow pop up with shockingly low odometer readings. The description doesn’t confirm nor deny that the previous owner wanted to keep this Lincoln as a time capsule; it seems more like the first owner bought it for his wife who didn’t spend much time behind the wheel, so the car was parked until the seller’s father purchased it to restore.

The seller notes his dad sadly passed away, and the Lincoln is being sold to settle his estate. I love this photo – the tattered window sticker still hanging on for dear life, but clearly losing – is a snapshot of how many owners were planning to keep these cars for a long-term payoff someday. I can still remember when these big-bodied Lincolns with under 10,000 miles began popping up on every major auction circuit in the late 90s and early 2000s; I can only imagine how many people spent crazy money for one thinking they would be the next caretaker of a sure-fire investment. It hasn’t worked out that way, save for the truly museum-worthy examples.

Despite the Lincoln’s low mileage, there are some cosmetic flaws that are hard to miss. The dash pad has begun to deteriorate up where it meets the windshield, by the defroster vents. There’s damage to the headliner where the vanity mirror / sunvisors meet the roof of the car, which the seller attributes to mice. The leather shows some scuff marks here and there, and I can’t quite tell how the wood trim is holding up. Regardless, these are minor flaws, and the seller notes just some paint blemishes, old tires, and an inoperable gas gauge and moonroof as the remaining issues worth mentioning. It’s said to run well and benefits from some recently addressed deferred maintenance, and with no reserve, it’s hard to go wrong.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    My twentysomething self thought these were pretentious and ridiculous and useless. My sixtysomething self thinks they are cool, in their 70’s luxo-barge coupe kind of way. This one needs a bit of effort to get it back in shape, but for not much money you could end up with a fine period-correct cruiser. Even the paint/interior color combination fits the car and era.

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    • daniel wright

      The seller mentions mice, God help the buyer if they have been into the wiring on this one.

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      • Fred W

        Not likely on a modern car with vinyl covered wiring. Very likely on a 40’s or older car with cloth covered wires. This one has a lot of potential with just enough work needing done to keep the price within reason.

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      • Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

        Fred W – my ex 1.0 had the wires on her ’07 Forester nibbled by the chipmunks at her cave in the Berserkshires.

        Darned critters cost me a lot to truck them in.

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  2. Autoworker

    The 429/460 V8 went down the same assembly lines at Lima Engine. Worked punching pistons in these and hand loading heads on these monsters. Younger man then.

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  3. oldsoldie

    Mice? Not only do they leave behind an odor that I’ve never been able to get rid of, but potentially hahsa fever? No way!

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  4. Rich C.

    Mice and chipmunks can be notorious and costly. Even some newer cars have wiring wrapped in a soy based casing. The little ba$tards love it.

    This car is well equipped, moonroof, power vent windows. I wish I had room for this land yacht

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    • Alan Carpenter

      Soy based. Always wondered what mice found SO appealing about wiring harnesses. Little villains, they are.

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  5. Jake8687

    Leaking sunroof. Hence damaged visors and headliner, and mold or whatever that crap is on dash

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    This particular Continental body style has joined the ’64 Impala as a favorite of the low rider crowd. Same long body real estate for design flourishes. Plenty of room for airbag suspension mods.

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  7. JOHN SZUGDA Member

    Does anyone know what the lever on the floor is for? Asking for a friend.

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    • Bill vossen

      The item on the floor looks to be the rear view mirror

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    • NHDave

      It appears the inside rear view mirror has been removed and is placed mirror-side down on the tunnel hump.

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  8. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    It’s not a 1977 Lincoln Continental, but a 1977 Lincoln Mark V.
    I’m surprised no one has mentioned that yet.

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    • Mac Quillian

      I thought it was a 1979?

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    • John

      It is a Continental (not Lincoln) Mark V. You won’t find any Lincoln badging on the Marks–only Continental.

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  9. Autoworker

    We made the 429/460 at the Lima Engine Plant. I drove pistons and have loaded those 75lb. heads by hand. Of course I was 20 years old back then.

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  10. Dennis

    The mice effect is a show stopper every time. The wiring, the fabric, and worst of all the stench from urine soaked nest in your heater vents! Huge No.

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  11. Dewey Gill

    I bought a ’78 Givenchy from an estate about 10 years ago. I put a bid of 300.00 in and amazingly won it. It too , has low miles 28,000. I can tell you one reason why they didn’t get driven, they average about 9 mpg. They also had a 79 Caprice with 140,000 which must have been their daily. That went for 1200.00

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  12. John Oliveri

    Disco days Lincoln, if I only had room

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  13. Donald H

    Sold ’em new and used, still love
    the lines, to drive one is like floating on air

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