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Amazing AMX! 1968 AMC AMX Survivor

This gorgeous 1968 AMX is believed to be an original low-mileage car, with reportedly just 5,500 miles on the clock. Aside from one repaint in the late 70s, there’s not much to dissuade you from believing the mileage claim to be true, as the seller claims he even still has the original red-line tires in his possession. The AMX has a minty interior and no rust. The seller has listed it here on craigslist in Wisconsin and is asking $25,500 for this time-capsule specimen.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Gransedan for the find. The body really does look phenomenal, helped by the fact that the seller claims it’s been in storage for 45 years. If that’s the case, it’s little wonder that the AMX has survived to such a high degree. When you look at how slim those factory bumpers are, it’s a wonder any AMX still has its original rear tail light panel. Speaking of panels, many AMX owners and enthusiasts are traditionally quite worried about finding obsolete body panels and trim pieces, but this car likely presents no such issues. All glass, lenses, chrome trim, and wheels present as being in very good condition.

The interior is the clincher as it relates to confirming this is the survivor the seller claims it to be. Interiors that have been redone are pretty easy to spot from a mile away, whereas nicely preserved originals just look un-messed with and pure. There’s no indications the upholstery isn’t quite right or hasn’t stretched all the way around the seat frame; the carpets appear far higher quality than aftermarket pieces usually are; and the original dash and console trim looks un-messed with, showing no ugly gaps from where a trim panel was previously removed and replaced and not quite put back the same way.

Under-hood is nicely detailed, and the paint inside the engine bay suggests the repaint was done in the factory colors. The seller notes the repaint was done in lacquer in 1976 or 1977, and that it’s a five-footer paint job. That may not be such a bad thing if you’re inclined to actually put some miles on this low-mileage survivor, but it could force a perfectionist to invest in a respray almost immediately because it’s the one detail holding an otherwise perfect car back. If you’re looking to save some money on a Javelin project that’s still largely original, check out this Barn Finds Exclusive for a 1969 SST in Georgia.


  1. alphasud Member

    Believed to be 5K but not substantiated. How many times have we seen that. Even not being able to prove the mileage the asking price is not too far off. Seller also misses the mark by not telling us what engine it has or if it has the go pack or heavy duty suspension. The picture is too blurry for me to identify the engine on the side emblem. I still have a hard time believing it has only 5K.

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  2. Jcs

    I do know that if the car was mine and truly had only 5K miles on her I would be asking a hell of a lot more than 25 Grand.

    Just sayin.

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  3. Steve R

    Why do you install an aftermarket aluminum radiator on a 50+ year old car with 5,500 original miles? It more than highly unlikely it gets driven enough to overheat, even if it is, why wouldn’t you have the original one restored or replaced with one that looked OE?

    Steve R

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  4. Copocamaro

    The car is right by me I can go look for anyone interested

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    • james prechel

      location in beaver dam

  5. Connecticut Mark

    Going on third paint job with 5000 miles?

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  6. amj2626

    Car appears to be 290, auto, very low option, so much changed under the hood for 5k miles….. For those low miles, so much more should be correct……base engine cars just have never brought good money no matter the mileage.

  7. Jeff

    The motor is a 290 however it would be nice to know if its a two (200hp) or the (225hp) four barrel. Paying for low mileage claims is worthless, however its still in nice shape.

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    • Dave

      Didn’t they offer a hot rodded 290 with solid lifters that made 275 hp or so? AMX I’d expect at least a 343.

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      • jmac2469

        They came with a 290 4barrel standard

    • Michael Gray

      The only engines available in the AMX were all 4 bbls.
      290, 343, or 390.

    • jmac2459

      AMXs we 4 barrel

  8. Jim Smith

    Jeff, I do like your writings overall, but I and many other here are getting fed up with calling cars “Survivors” and then including details of repaints. PLEASE stop it…we’re no dummies here…

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  9. CCFisher

    “Original, except for paint” is equivalent to “virginal, except for that one time.”

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  10. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    And just how do you remove that “minty” smell from the interior? . .

  11. Fred W

    Claim is doubtful, but could likely be verified with an hour in person inspection. Regardless, it’s a lot of car for that price and sure beats buying an 8K car needing everything and spending a couple of years and thousands of dollars getting it to here.

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  12. Randall L Kelly

    New Radiator and tires were replaced with less than 6000 miles? This is very questionable.

  13. Patrick Curran

    Great looking engine compartment let down by a flip top aftermarket radiator cap.

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  14. Steve Clinton

    “This 1968 AMX is an original low-mileage car, with reportedly just 5,500 miles…” Liar, liar, pants on fire!

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  15. John Smart

    I recently saw an ad for a very low mileage vintage 396/375 big block Chevelle. One of the undercarriage photos of the transmission revealed the add-on speedometer cable gear box that reduced the odometer (and speedo) revolutions by 50%. Just saying…….

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  16. RexFox Member

    Is the a Javelin? I thought the only side window on the AMX we the door windows?

  17. RexFox Member

    Is the a Javelin? I thought the only side windows on the AMX were the door windows

  18. JOHN

    Worth every penny. I love these cars, but dislike their interior design. I would buy it and flip it for easy money. Easily worth more than $30,000. If I didn’t just purchase 2 cars in August, I’d own this car.

    • Don P

      Not often you find one without and 8 track player hacked into the console.

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  19. Joe

    steering wheel says low mileage. hard to find without separation. its a Non-gopak car with a 290. Such low miles, and things are missing like the heat riser from the exhaust manifold to the air cleaner. also the original air cleaner is missing. I could go on, but 5,500 miles? I would need evidence. Beautiful car , though. I’ve seen on Russett AMX before, in upstate NY. Rare color.

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  20. Cerno

    If you don’t know your facts you should be looking at another car to purchase. As a AMX enthusiast I would say this car is priced fair if the mileage is true but it is only a 290 with a automatic so if your buying it for your wife to drive that’s great but it won’t make your passenger have any need to grab the sissy bar . Reliable little unit and it’s really clean inside and it’s not fire truck red like 92 percent of them !!!! So done with red .

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