Armbruster Apache : 1959 Chevrolet Apache

Here’s one that you don’t see every day, or ever: a 1959 Chevrolet Apache Crew Cab pickup! I promise not to say the word patina after that one mention. This cool, faded-paint pickup is listed on eBay with an aggressive Buy It Now price of, gulp, $17,500 or you can make an offer. It’s located in Mount Dora, Florida and there is only one day left to line up your finances and/or get your courage up enough to make an offer.

This isn’t a factory crew cab, it’s a custom three-door truck built by Armbruster & Company in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I bet you didn’t guess that, I sure didn’t. This is a rear-wheel drive truck as opposed to a 4×4 which surely would have brought more money, but since it’s already at $17,500, yowsa. The body looks pretty good but there will be rust to fix, as you can imagine, and also see in the photos. There are only three overall photos and a few detail and close-up shots to check out. The quad-headlight Chevy trucks are really nice looking designs, in my opinion.

I can just imagine trying to parallel park this beast in Hoboken, wow. No power steering or brakes here, just brute force from eating beef 3 times a day for years and lifting concrete blocks for a living. The thin layer of skin on your forehead will provide the padding should you hit the non-padded dash, so please have some seatbelts installed. Your passengers won’t be dipping their tootsies in plush carpet – no, sir. Like the ’63 Power Wagon from a few days ago, this is a tough truck for tough people.

This is Chevy’s 235 cubic-inch inline-six which would have had around 120 hp and 210 ft-lb of torque. The seller says that the gas tank needs to be cleaned out on this one but the engine runs on an auxiliary fuel supply. The master cylinder also needs to be replaced and most likely it’ll need to have every system gone through just as you would with any vehicle. What do you think is a fair value for this truck? Have you seen a three-door crew cab like this one?

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  1. Jay M

    Always interesting to see an idea ahead of its time. Nowadays, a crew cab pickup is the norm, not a novelty.

  2. james hall

    is it just me or would this thing look even better with a jib on the back of it..

  3. Jesper

    For 17500$ there is so many other cars, i better want.
    Not even for the half price.

  4. Howard A Member

    While it is a rare beast, I can’t find ANY late 50’s crew cabs that weren’t 4×4’s. I’m not sure that in itself warrants this kind of price. Restored and updated, it sure would cover a lot of bases. Unfortunately, by the time you’re done, you’ll have so much in it, you’d be afraid to drive it. This is not one of those “bleed the brakes” and use. It would be downright dangerous on today’s roads, even new. Great find, little optimistic on the price.

  5. Phil Harris

    I do not believe this vehicle warrants this kind of an asking price, $17,500.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    Full restoration in order for this one. You’d better be in this one for the long run, and keep it because you’ll NEVER make your money back. But it will be one helluva ride. I like it but it’s way too rich for my blood. Good project for someone though…

    • Sam

      there is one way this truck could be worth 100,000.00.Go find a Bob tail 20 foot frame from this year.And put a dove tail wrecker Bed and it sell big time.Them Dove tail wrecker or Ramp trucks Fetch ungodly amounts of money.Putting a LS motor in it with disc brakes Air ride AC and all the other goodies .200K plus.You have to dream Big to make the big money

  7. JW

    Too pricey for not being a 4×4.

    • al8apex

      much more useful though

  8. John M.

    I’m fan of old vintage pickups with cool patinas like this old Bow Tie but even with it’s rarity, the $17,500 asking price is way out of the ball park for many as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Tyler

    Pretty goofy looking, just find a Carryall. Could probably get a near-mint one for that price!

  10. Brad C

    At this price, I’d be wondering if I’d be ahead by building one from scratch (at least if you were doing it yourself). Take an existing, driver-quality Apache… and an extra cab – and start cuttin’.

    Here’s a ’59 I found on Pinterest to give an impression of what this could look like cleaned up.

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    • Scot Douglas

      Is that a ford bed on there? I like it from the cab-forward.

      • Mark

        No, it’s a 58-59 Chevrolet fleetside, with same era stepside fenders to cover the duals.

    • John H

      The proportions of the yellow truck look better than the one on offer. The rear axle isn’t too far from the rear wall of the cab on this “barn find out of a collection,” so it looks like the frame wasn’t stretched too much.

      Just looks off to me…

      Brad C: I think you’d be way ahead building one yourself.

    • Sam

      Nice truck But these trucks where not ment for a single family back then they work for the big business the the rail road or road work or tow company’s.If you want to shock any one and to do right buy it the Ramp bed or the dove tail would be fitting for these crew cab’s

  11. Doug Towsley

    Thumbs up for BradC,,My thoughts exactly,, that yellow beast looks cool and useable with modern powertrain. While this feature truck is cool, its grossly overpriced. But its Florida so makes perfect sense.
    Ever play the game of “Fiction or Florida”??????????

  12. RJ

    It’s awkward looking.

  13. Bill McCoskey

    I’ve had about a half dozen Armbruster vehicles over the years, & seen many vintage 3 door trucks, even a few from Armbruster, but until this one came along, all of them were 2 doors on the curb side, plus driver’s door. Even the old style 50’s & 60’s Chevy Suburbans were 3 doors, with 2 on the curb side. I would suspect this was a one-off build, even if it had the “normal” 3 door configuration, and surely it’s a one-off in this configuration. Still doesn’t make it a $17k vehicle. Maybe $5k to $7k.

    • Mark

      Not to nit-pic, but the panels and suburbans were 2 door, until 1967, then 3, as you mentioned.

      • thomas schweikert

        yup and the 235 six popper at least as of 1958 was rated 145 hp

  14. jay

    lots of work for 17K! I think great ideas and cool vehicles sometimes stalls the common sense factor, not to mention the $ common sense

  15. Ck

    Build one from scratch the way you would want it.It will probably cost more than 17K but it will be done with all the latest tech and alot to drive To boot I bet you could find donor vehicles for alot cheaper than this asking price.

    • Brad C

      Good idea – and if you mate it to a modern Chevy frame / running gear… you could even brag that you have the world’s oldest Avalanche.

  16. Marshall

    Methinks that Classic Truck Rescue (based in Oregon) just might be drooling right now! They specialize in rescuing Chevy and GMC trucks of the late 50s, fixing them up, and then flipping them. Check out their YouTube channel!

  17. Scotty Staff

    Auction update: this truck was a no-sale at $17,500.

  18. Dg

    Yes I have one just like . I paid five hundred bucks for it and it runs with new new black gm 350 in it . It has similar grill protector and appears to be built by same company . 3 door with only right rear door . I bought it in Anchorage site unseen from a guy I used to work with . I have a 58 Napco 3/4 ton that runs as well . I am going to eventually put the running gear in it

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  19. Dustin

    Never seen a 3-door Chevy Apache. If you could figure out how to fit a wrecker boom in the back of this truck and restore it, it would be perfect. The front and rear doors see identical.

  20. Andres Guillermo Rueda Rodriguez

    Mi padre tiene una camioneta chevrolet apache 1959 color azul doble cabina quisiera saber cual es su precio
    es una de las camionetas que no le a afectado el deterioro de los años esta como nueva

    My father has a 1959 blue chevrolet apache double cab, I would like to know what its price is
    It is one of the trucks that has not been affected by the deterioration of the years, it is like new

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