Bargain Convertible: 1963 Plymouth Valiant

The original family is the current owner of this 1963 Plymouth Valiant convertible, although there’s no telling if they’ve been the only owners (I have bought back a TR6 that I owned in high school, although it had a multi-owner path in between). It looks like it might be in Valiant Silver Gray paint, although from the internet references I can’t be sure. Based on the underhood view, it’s certainly not the original paint or color. The little convertible is listed for sale here on eBay and there’s a buy it now of $5,400. However, lower offers are being welcomed by the sellers, who are located in Granada Hills, California.

It’s really hard to tell how solid the body is from the pictures, but what we can see looks pretty decent. It’s nice to see the convertible top boot cover in place as well; many times those have been lost by this time. It’s truly amazing how different the 1963 Plymouths were from the 1962 versions. Very clean lines in comparison.

I think things would be improved with some thin whitewalls–what do you think? You might need to replace the gas cap seal as well based on the stain.

We don’t get to see the seats, but the dash doesn’t look bad from this shot. You can also just see the push buttons for the automatic transmission just at the left side of the steering wheel. That’s 118,500 miles on the odometer according to the seller. The only thing we can tell from the external shots of the interior is that it’s roughly the same color as the steering wheel. That seems like an odd color choice to me based on the external color now, but based on the underhood color it makes more sense. And if you don’t like it, at that price you can eventually repaint or reupholster, right?

One of coolest parts of this car is the Clifford four barrel manifold carrying a Holley four-barrel carburetor. Of course, it’s bolted to everyone’s favorite long-lasting engine, the Mopar slant six. So what do you think? Is this little convertible worth the buy it now? What do you think it is worth?

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  1. boxdin

    Assuming no rust its a bargain. Drive and have fun.

  2. billy

    The 2bbl for the slant six was a nice addition, the 4bbl was always too much. Need a very radical cam and fast ignition to make it work properly and then you loose so much of the slant sixes charm, reliability, mileage, torque. A pretty frumpy car in automotive genre, but a convertible of any variety makes us all smile. Hope it goes to a good home. My old man had an almost new 1963 Valiant, never a car to get a girls attention, but it never let us down on a cold rainy night.

  3. LAB3

    As already mentioned, taking a look in person would be in order. Not pretty by any means but it could make an affordable toy for someone.

  4. Tirefriar

    Practically in my back yard. Too bad I saw it so late in the day. Might make a call and ride over to see it during the week, if still available.

    Paint looks like a redo and not a high quality at that. Black plates always a plus in these here parts.

  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    Definitely worth a look, great find. My 64 Dart GT 273 was a great car, as well as the other 3 Darts we owned, all with the slanty. Thumbs up.

  6. Puhnto

    That’s funny. In the first photo, everything is so many shades of grey, it looks like it’s a black and white photo where someone hand colored the green grass!

  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    Can’t even begin to imagine how much gas that thing’d use – that manifold and carb is just wall art – waste of time on a tired S6

  8. Joe

    Hmmmmm. May not have a working top? No photos of the top up. Worth about half of the asking price if has a working top in good shape, no rust or bondo, solid engine and a good re-built tranny with these miles.

  9. Howard A Member

    My 3rd car ( 2nd road car) was a ’63 Valiant hardtop. I agree, the 4 barrel is a bit much. I cobbled a 2 barrel on the stock 170, and that was even too much. Unless you go gonzo on the slant 6, just leave it alone. Aside from the “Hyper-Pak”, which, I’m sure was a publicity stunt to sell people on the slant 6, it was a radical idea for 1959, these weren’t high hp motors, just mean’t to spin for decades,,,just add oil. Cool car, what a crappy color, sheeesh! People sure have no imagination when it comes to that.

    • Loco Mikado

      The “Hyper Pak” also included a different cam(the one used in the marine engine) and mods to the ignition system. But you are right you don’t want to go too radical on a engine with a long stroke and only 4 main bearings.

  10. Chebby

    This was on eBay a while ago as a package deal with a Harley, which I thought was strange. Some bright wheels would help offset the dull color.

  11. ed p

    The factory exhaust was undersized. This one has a header and a larger pipe. With the 4bbl this little engine should come alive. I can’t tell which slant 6 this is but the cam for the 225 will fit the 170 and add about 15 hp.

  12. Wayne

    One of my favorites! Too many projects right now however, Bring this one home and I would have to sleep in it. Hmmm, The stars are very bright in the farmlands of Nevada. Good view from the back seat with the top down!
    Might be a problem in the winter though.

  13. DweezilAZ

    I have owned a 63 Signet two door hardtop, three speed, column shifted manual. It probably came with only radio, heater and whitewalls and the 170″ six, as it has four leaf springs in the rear as opposed to the five leaf that came with the 225.

    Additionally, the gas stain comes from gasoline blowing back during fill ups. Noteable from the first brand new ones and seen in road tests of the period, including Tom McCahill’s and Popular Mechanics Reader Reports.

    Seems a very fair price if one checks the current going rate. I saw a clapped out 200 convertible @ the Woodley Park Chrysler Spring Fling a few years ago that the owner thought would get $3000. Sprayed in cheap metallic blue with the top down and no masking tape [I’m serious], overspray on the gauges and thrashed seats with holes in the floorpan. Nice price or crack pipe moment.

    There’s a 64 not far from me that’s been for sale awhile, red with a white top.

    I’ve owned mine for 37 years. Odo said 13,000 miles at the time,meaning 113,000 and quite possibly, 213,000 miles given the wear.

  14. Melvin Burwell

    Nice car. Good price for classic. Not too far from me. I went to middle and high school in Granada Hills CA. Wish I had the money.

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