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British Roadster: 1963 Triumph TR4

The TR series of roadsters was a big success for British manufacturer Triumph Motor Company, who produced this range of cars from 1953 all the way up through 1981.  By the time the TR4 model rolled around in 1961, it retained the drivetrain and underside of its predecessors but was sporting a more modern-looking body.  Triumph was also adding features in the TR4 that they thought would be more appealing to the American market, such as eliminating the cut-away door design and adding wind-down windows to replace the side curtains of the previous TR generation.  This seemed to work, as many of the 40,000+ TR4 cars that were manufactured in its 5 year run found homes in the United States.  If you’ve been in the market for a TR series car, this 1963 Triumph TR4 might just fit the bill quite nicely.  Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it can be seen here on eBay with a current bid of $10,001.

The seller of this TR4 doesn’t say exactly how long he has had the car but does mention that he purchased it from an 85-year-old man who had owned it since the seventies.  The finish is said to be an older repaint, which is showing its age with some cracking.  He calls it a solid 10 footer, meaning it looks good from 10 feet away, with a 30-year patina.  The rims are from a first-year TR6, with a new set of tires on them.

The interior is said to be in very nice shape and is an older restoration that has held up well.  The seller says it needs nothing inside, and looking at the photos everything in the cockpit looks to be in good order for a driver quality vehicle.  The speedometer stopped working and has been replaced, so the displayed mileage is not correct, but the actual miles traveled are said to be around 70,000.

The current owner has gone through everything and says that mechanically the car now needs nothing.  New items include a starter, clutch, radiator, water pump, hoses, along with some other items and now the car runs like a champ.  It uses no oil, sounds great, and can cruise comfortably at 75 MPH all day long.  It is said to be completely reliable and fun to drive.

Things underneath are looking well preserved with solid floors, panels, no signs of rust, and no obvious glaring areas of concern on the south side.  The seller also mentions that his other hobby is vintage street bike motorcycles, and says he may consider a trade or partial trade for his TR4.  What are your thoughts on this 1963 Triumph TR4?


  1. 370zpp 370zpp Member


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  2. Poncho

    Had a 1974 Kawasaki OHC 400 street bike I would have traded plus cash for this car. Garage burned down with cycle in it. Bummer. Had other items in the garage worth $ but lets not dwell on all that.

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  3. Howard A Member

    It’s kind of ironic, this is the car the guy my brother bought the Alfa from( previous post) “threw in”, that we got running and sold for $250 bucks. Certainly nothing like this, but it wasn’t rusted, and in retrospect, one of the many cars we SHOULD have hung on to, Alfa notwithstanding. The TR4 has always remained my favorite Triumph car, and no “IRS” model either, PITA and the simple live axle always did fine by me. With gas over $4/gal ( diesel almost $5!) who knows what value is today, but a turn key car like this, aside from the usual British bugaboos that may prevent that “turn key”, is pretty rare. I still think $10g’s is way out of line for a car like this, a toy more than any kind of transportation, I understand $250 won’t buy one today, but regardless of your pocket depth, you will have fun, until it quits charging, begins misfiring, leaking something,,beautiful!!!

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  4. Slomoogee

    This is a nice Triumph. I agree with Howard, solid rear axle no problem. IRS is over engineered for this chassis. Just the right amount of “patina” to not worry about driving it. The TR6 wheels give it a “what of it” vibe to the stiff upper lip wire wheel crowd this car might be seen with. Having the overdrive and luggage rack add to the package that sez drive it don’t park it. As with all opinions your mileage may vary.

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  5. Mrtinwoodie

    When the car was first listed it had a buy it now of $12,500.
    Once the first bid came in the BIN was automatically eliminated.
    At this point in the auction it looks like the TR will sell for more than the original asking price.

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  6. Claudio

    I really prefer the design of this to the tr6 , i test drove a tr6 many moons ago and was not thrilled
    They make for good yard art !
    As they use to decorate most garage parking for years without moving …

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      You do realize that the TR6 was just an evolution of the TR4 right? Perhaps you drove a clapped-out one?

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      • Claudio

        Yes i do
        Thats why i say i like the look of the tr4
        But its yard art

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