Calling All Mopar Fans: Mopar Liquidation

For all of the dedicated Mopar fans, you thought that you had an addiction for Mopars? This seller is parting ways with his massive collection of rusty Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and Desotos. There is not a list provided of how many cars there are, or exactly what cars he has. The only key detail given is that they all require restoration. With only a phone number provided, check out this listing here on craigslist out of Richmond, Virginia.

Roughly counting through the photos provided, there appear to be around 20 cars. Some are rougher than others, but some look to have some hope. This 1959-ish Desoto Fireflite wears a heavy patina, but looks like a worthwhile project. There are a few cars in the main photo that do not look as nice as this Desoto, but this is a bit of a mixed lot as far as makes and condition.

There are also some other cool, but perhaps less desirable cars, like this 1960-62 Dodge lancer. Completely repainted in white with some interesting graphics, this Lancer appears solid, and again looks like another promising project. I personally am a fan of these Lancers, and depending on your intention as a buyer, some of these cars could be sold off to focus on the more “desirables” from the bunch.

Definitely a cool car but perhaps rougher than some others, this rare 1960 Chrysler Windsor Golden Lion sedan may very well be a worthwhile restoration candidate, and hopefully still has its original 383 “wedge” engine. None of these cars are anywhere close to being drivers, but a couple may be able to get away with some elbow grease and some parts here and there. Obviously stored outdoors for a while, several of the other cars are probably in greater need of restoration. With several interesting cars in the mix, and many worthy of restoration or project work, would you jump on this Mopar collection?

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  1. John M.

    There’s a brown late 1970s Ford Fairmont on the left in the top photo. How did it sneak in there?

  2. Tony S

    … and a Pontiac Aztek?

    • John M.

      I missed that one but I’m glad that you spotted it.

    • Rallyace

      The Aztek is there to scare people away.

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  3. Steven

    This is nothing like a post was done some weeks ago and even the man in Utah who does restorations on Classic Mopar Cudas mostly had it on his page of Cudas an Roadrunners to other Mopars as that place is in Canada to facts is none of them are for sale as the owner in Canada restores them..

  4. Boss351

    I think what looks like a 70’s Ford Fairmont is a 1980 Dodge Aspen. I believe that was the first year with the squared off front lights.

    • Rabbit

      Nah…’s a Squaremont.

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      • KevinR

        Yup. 2 door Fairmont with dog dish hubcaps. In a lovely shade of brown.

      • boxdin


    • Glhs736

      1980 was the only year for the Aspen/ Volare ‘ square headlights. But I believe it is a Ford as the front , to me, looks more like a Fairmont.

  5. Steven

    These cars all were passed up cause none are what most people want.. Just regular dime a dozen everyday family cars back in the day!

    • terry

      Several wagons and 2 dr hardtops and sedans in the bunch.

    • mike d

      I have to agree with you, Steven, and it looks like they all have been sitting for a long time.. maybe the township ” ordered” him to clear the lot?? and the fact that five of the pics are the same cars, but slightly different angles I think I spotted about 5 that ” might” be saved the rest? meh…

  6. Don

    There’s a big difference between a collector and a hoarder !

  7. Houndawg

    I checked the phone number and it comes back to Contemporary Automotive they are in Beltsville MD not Richmond. They have a bunch of what they are selling on their website.

  8. Ted S

    Can anyone ID the pair of wagons in the lower right hand corner of the overall images?

    • KevinR

      They look like Volvo 240 wagons to me.

  9. David Zornig

    That Dodge Lancer is a `62.
    Lancer was `61-`62 only.
    Dart replaced Lancer as it’s compact in `63.
    Though both names had previously been used on larger size cars.

  10. John block

    The wagons are Volvo 240s

  11. Dave Member

    As a 240 wagon owner, it is indeed a couple of those. One’s a DL, one is not.

  12. gerry Member

    The rampage on their web page is interesting

  13. MRE2ME

    Did the Lancer have a roll rack sunroof option or is it after market? I kind of like it.

  14. boxdin

    As large as that Lancer opening is I would guess that a fold back cloth “sunroof” was installed at some point.

  15. boxdin
  16. RNR

    When I was in college in the early ’70’s, there was a black ’61 Dodge Polara wagon parked in a student lot with a cloth sun roof that looked big enough to drop a 4 x8 sheet of plywood through!

    Lots of Mopar long roofs here!!!

  17. glenn

    couple of volvo wagons also but all i saw was that dodge wagon and that 60 desoto wow they would be great to restore

  18. Bill Owens BillO Staff

    The second car from left with sunroof (in front of Fairmont) looks like a 1968 Chevrolet Caprice or possibly Impala. Looks like a sunroof was added to it too, because I don’t think you could order one from the factory nor order a half vinyl top.

  19. Wayne

    The Fireflite doesn’t have heavy patina, it has a heavy coating of RUST. Tell it like it is.

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  20. AAAZDAD Member

    Also a 68 Chevy Caprice or Impala Custom Coupe with an aftermarket moonroof, in front of one of the Fairmonts.

  21. BrianZ

    I’ve been by this lot before, it is in Beltsville, MD. Most of the cars in these pictures have not moved 20 years.

  22. Jamison marsh

    How much do they want for the 60 Chrysler?

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