Classifieds Find: 1966 Ford Mustang

There is a story behind virtually every car that we see here at Barn Finds. Some of these stories are enough to gladden our hearts, while others will tear at our heartstrings. I wish that I could say that this 1966 Mustang fell into the former category, but unfortunately, it finds itself in the latter. The owner of this classic purchased it for his wife, but sadly, she passed away before she had the opportunity to enjoy the car that was purchased as much with love as it was with cash. Now he has decided to part with the Mustang, and what he doesn’t want is a million dollars. He simply wants it to go to a good home. If that sounds like it could be yours, then you will find the Mustang located in Canyon, Texas, and listed for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. The owner is asking a rather modest $13,500 for the classic Ford.

For an owner who is seeking spotless originality, this car doesn’t fulfill those criteria. What it does represent is a clean classic that has undergone some of the subtle modifications that we often see performed on Mustangs of this vintage. The body is solid, with a coating of surface corrosion on the underside, but no visible penetrating rust. The panels look very straight, with no signs of anything that is likely to cause a prospective owner to have sleepless nights. The Mustang has received a repaint at some point in its original Nightmist Blue, and the paint remains in a very presentable state. The chrome rocker and side trims bring a touch of class and style to an already stylish vehicle, while a driver’s mirror and back-up lights add practicality to the mix. The wheels are one of the more obvious deviations from the vehicle’s original specifications, but the 15″ American Racing Torq Thrust wheels simply don’t look out of place on the Mustang. They are mounted with some of BF Goodrich’s finest product, and with a tire size of 215/60 x 15, the little pony car should find itself with a firm grip on Planet Earth.

Lifting the hood reveals a very clean engine bay, and also why this Mustang is close to the car that I dreamed of owning when I was a lad. I have always wanted a 1966 Mustang with a 289 under the hood, and that is what we find here. The 289 is backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission, with the car also featuring power front disc brakes. It is here that the Mustang takes its greatest leap away from originality because when it rolled off the production line, it was a 200ci six that occupied this spot. A 289 transplant into a 6-cylinder Mustang is a conversion that has been performed literally thousands of times over the past half-century, so finding this is nothing out of the ordinary. It isn’t clear whether the engine remains standard, or whether it has received any performance upgrades. I do get the impression that this could be an A-Code engine, which should mean that it produces at least 225hp. These engines were also pretty mild-mannered in this tune, making the Mustang easy to live with around town, but capable of very decent performance if the loud pedal was given a poke. It would seem those first impressions count for a lot here, because not only does the engine and its surrounds present nicely, but the owner states that the Mustang runs and drives very well. It is also worth noting that the Mustang has recently received a new fuel tank, a full fluids change, and a complete front-end rebuild.

The interior of the Mustang also presents well, with little for the next owner to do. I initially thought that the carpet was a bit faded, but working my way carefully through the photos reveals that this is merely a trick of the light. So, don’t get fooled like I was originally. The upholstered surfaces present virtually flawlessly, with no signs of any rips, seam separation, or significant wear issues. The same would appear to be true of the headliner and the dash. Once again, the Mustang has been treated to a few aftermarket additions, but in a car of this style, they don’t detract at all. An aftermarket console has been fitted, but its color and finish is a nice match to this Mustang’s original upholstery. There is also a tach mounted on the steering column, and whether that stays or goes will be a fairly easy choice for the buyer to make. There is a retro-style stereo fitted into the dash, but once again, it doesn’t look out of place. The Mustang has also been fitted with an aftermarket air conditioning system. This doesn’t currently function, with the compressor now sitting in the trunk. However all of the brackets and fittings are also present, so reinstating and recommissioning it shouldn’t be too difficult.

This 1966 Mustang looks to be a clean and tidy vehicle that has received some quite tasteful and sensible upgrades. It is not a trailer queen but is the sort of car where the owner can slip behind the wheel immediately and drive off into the sunset. Its backstory is one of sorrow, but it appears that the owner is ready to move forward and to let some lucky person enjoy a car that he purchased with his heart as much as his head. I want someone who will appreciate it to buy this car, and I then want them to get out on the road and revel in the ownership experience. That’s what this car was built for, and that is what the owner wants. You really can’t ask for more than that.


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  1. Moparman Member

    It may not be perfect, but it would be PERFECT for me if I were looking for one! A very nice offering. Condolences to the owner, and best wishes for the new owner. GLWTA! :-)

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  2. RGSmith1 Member

    Perfect as is. Drive it and enjoy!

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    Wow, cars like this show you what a folly it is to try to restore a rusted wreck.
    I would prefer a manual but at this price it is worth buying and switching if you really wanted one. The buyer can’t go wrong at this price.

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    • Frogwarts Member

      Kevin, thanks and you are right couldn’t come close to building one for this price.

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  4. Steve Bush Member

    Looks to be a pretty nice drivable Mustang. Sure it’s not matching numbers but who cares in this case. Kudos to the seller for being honest, taking some good pics and having a reasonable price. Other sellers should follow his example.

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  5. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    This is an excellent example for someone who wants to get into the hobby, Mustangs specifically. Looks good, mechanicals likely in good shape, easy to live with, low-stress simple vehicle. Popular. Not overly expensive.

    If only all sellers were as thorough with their verbiage, pictures, and (what appears to be) honest description.

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  6. Bmac777 Member

    I almost bought one of these when I was 16
    Same color but it had Keystones and nice fat 60’s on the back
    Built 302, 4sp and posi. I took it for a test drive with the owner but had one small problem, I misled him about having driven a standard before. I had watched my friends older brother and figured what the hell.
    I stalled once and launched real hard twice but by the end of that ride I had learned to drive a standard.
    unfortunately I couldn’t get all the $ in time, It got sold 2 weeks later and the 18 yr old totaled it 5 days after
    I missed out on a nice ride but it was a cool way to learn a 4speed

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  7. wiretekaaron Member

    I am interested, he doesn’t list a phone number. Could I get it?

    • Frogwarts Member

      806-477-0418. Please call, thanks

  8. Bob Mck Member

    Perfect well priced Mustang.

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  9. Peter Zobian

    I have a 1966 Mustang GT Convertible, also in NightMist Blue, but with a two-tone blue and ivory Pony interior and Style-Steel wheels. Great Cars!

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  10. bill wingfield

    I see a underdash a/c unit , but no condenser or a/c pump or lines .

    • nadkins

      So you just look at the pics? It clearly says: The Mustang has also been fitted with an aftermarket air conditioning system. This doesn’t currently function, with the compressor now sitting in the trunk. However all of the brackets and fittings are also present, so reinstating and recommissioning it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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    • Frogwarts Member

      Condenser is mounted in front of radiator. A/C compressor and brackets are in trunk. Previous owner removed it. Lines are still installed in engine compartment (look on driver side of engine).

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  11. Frogwarts Member

    Thanks for all the nice comments about the little Mustang and to Adam for listing it. My e mail has been flooded with requests for a call back. I did say to call me but like a dummy forgot to put my number in the listing. So, here it is 806-477-0418. Please do call me if you are interested or have any questions. I can receive e mail, but sometimes have trouble getting a reply to go out (service issue). So, you can call me or e mail me with your number and I will call you back.

    Bill Wingfield: The condenser is mounted in front of the radiator. The compressor and brackets are in the trunk
    Thanks again

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    • KittyF Member

      This is car is beautiful, I’d love to own it! I just found this site last night and I’m wondering if it’s sold?

      • TimM

        The guys number is above your post!! Give him a call Kitty F

  12. John Oliveri

    Nice car, sorry about your lady, God test her soul, and God bless you, if I wanted a Mustang this would be the one

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  13. John Oliveri

    God Rest her soul

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  14. TimM

    Really clean nice driver!! Love the engine bay and the paint looks fresh!!!

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  15. Brad

    Nightmist Blue is one of the best classic Mustang colours in my opinion. So nice !

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  16. Frogwarts Member

    My Mustang found a new home. Buyer flew in to Texas and drove her back to New Jersey without any problems. Thank you to all who commented, called or inquired. Best place to sell or buy a car is Barn Finds

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    • Christina

      That is a wonderful ending to the story and a beautiful car. I emailed tonight before I found this whole thread, so please disregard the email.

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