Cleaned Up Nicely: 1962 International Scout 80

This 1962 International Scout 80 had been sitting in storage for more than 20 years before the current owner purchased it in 2017. He then worked on getting the vehicle to the stage where it runs and drives, but now he has decided to sell it. You will find the Scout listed for sale here on Craigslist. It is located in Boulder, Colorado, and is being sold with a clean title. The price for this Scout has been set at $8,500. Barn Finder Cole brought this one to our attention, so thanks for that Cole.

The seller is the third owner of the Scout, and the vehicle has apparently clocked 75,000 miles. The previous owner restored the vehicle in the 1980s, just before it went into storage. The Scout was originally finished in what appears to be Spray Green, but when the restoration was undertaken, it was finished in the red and silver combination that you see here. There is still evidence of the original color visible in the engine bay. During the restoration, any rust issues were attended to and new floors were fitted. The seller provides a number of shots of the floors and frame, and everything looks nice and solid.

I really like the interior and how it has been finished. My first thought was that I would like to see rubber mats on the floor, but I guess that these would be a great moisture trap if the vehicle is used for its intended purpose. The seat trim looks really nice, and everything is just neat and functional.

This is the engine, and you can see that evidence of the original vehicle color that I mentioned earlier. The engine is the original 152ci 4-cylinder engine which is hooked to a 3-speed manual transmission. The Scout does drive and run, but it appears that there is some “slip” in the rear differential. This could be something as simple as the incorrect oil being added to the differential, or it could indicate an issue with the clutch packs in the limited slip differential. This may be a simple fix, but only an inspection will tell for sure. The tires will also need replacing as they are quite old, and the brakes are also quite weak.

Looking at the worst case scenario, this Scout could require five new tires, the brakes might need to be rebuilt, and a replacement rear differential may need to be sourced and fitted. That list is the worst case scenario, so hopefully, the work required will be less. I suspect that it probably will be less. Reasonable Scouts of this vintage start in the market at around $10,000. You can find slightly cheaper ones than this vehicle, but the majority will require significant rust repairs along with mechanical repairs. Even if we factor in the worst case scenario, then this Scout at $8,500 could be a good thing.

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  1. Classic Steel

    The rear end scares me. If it’s the oil swap it out… sounds like a reason to park it in a barn for years ..

  2. Stephen Sharp

    It seriously needs a power upgrade as heavy as it is, at least to a straight 6

  3. Jimmy

    Pull the 4 banger, paint the engine compartment to match the exterior, drop in a 6 or 8 cylinder, rebuild the brakes and rearend, new tires then drive it as intended. A decent home mechanic could do all the work himself.

    • Dick Johnson

      So could an indecent home mechanic. I’d leave it alone as far as power goes. Or modify the Scout with V8 power with the option of re-installing the four, thus preserving the breed at a later date.

  4. sportfury3

    I would rather have the original color, get rid of that god awful four cylinder for a 350 Chevy.

  5. Rob John

    They have done a few videos of this Scout on The Fast Lane Truck (TFL Truck) on You Tube.

    • The swede

      Yeah, that’s quite nice videos !

  6. Jason

    The single gun rack on the driver’s side is a nice option

    • Kevin

      Thanks for pointing that out. I thought it was an early cup holder hack.

  7. Guggie 13

    Even with some problems this is a nice scout , we have had several scouts over the years , not without some issues but great off road vehicles . if this one was closer I would be very interested , fix the problems and enjoy a tough little 4×4

  8. Frank

    Why are the rear leaf springs wrapped in some kind of material like a towel maybe? There seems to be some sludge evidence that the transmission or transfer case has a leak.

  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Interesting dizzy cap.

    • Raymond Smith

      These engines were actually 1/2 a V8. That’s why the dist cap looks like that.

  10. chrlsful

    …”We (the mechanic’n I) got it running (after some work).”
    so Y not list out the rear end’s problem? It makes a difference…

  11. Howard A Member

    No, no, no, leave it alone!! Stop making these into something they were never designed to do. That motor, like it’s V8 brother, is as stout as any. ( I got a kick out of the dist. cap too, Mike. Try and find one of THOSE today!) There’s a gazillion Scout rear ends in fields all across this country, and take it in the woods at 9 mph over ruts and streams, winch for the rough spots, with your fishing boat trailing behind, THAT’S what these are for. Scouts, like Jeeps, led a rough life, and there simply can’t be many of these original ones left. You want to barrel down the super slab at 85 mph in a snowstorm,, get an Expedition, favorite fishing spot back in the woods? Here you go. This was someones baby, and quite frankly, the nicest Scout 80 I’ve seen in a while. I love it as is.

  12. KeithK

    STOP. Leave this alone. A V8 swap in this is harder than you think. The engine bay for the 6 or 8 is much bigger side to side and the rad support is pushed further forward. Most people who opt for IH V8 , SBC or LS conversion simply source the factory V 8 body. The three speed is a T15 or T18. Adapters are available but more than 85 horsepower will tear it up. Been there. This rig also has the PTO operated winch. Not hens teeth but pretty close. The ad states weak brakes and they are anemic at best when working properly. Single circuit 4 wheel drum. The 152 will climb the side of your house but 55 going and stopping is about max. The rears are Dana and you might trip on one your next trip to the salvage yard. Multiple online sources for Every part.


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