Cool Camper: 1977 International Scout II Terra

It’s hard to categorize this 1977 International Scout II Terra: is it a truck? Yes. Is it a camper? Yes. Is it a 4×4? Yes, is it cool? YES! This cool camper can be found on Craigslist in the Denver, Colorado area with an asking price of $4,900.

This rig was up for sale about a year ago and it looks like it may have been cleaned up a bit since then. And, there was a rust spot showing just in front of the LR wheel that has been painted over now. It doesn’t appear that the spot was repaired other than to paint it, so expect to do some bodywork on this Scout II. The seller says that it has a “new clutch & awesome duel sounding exhaust.”

International used the name Terra for its pickup version of the Scout II, as compared to the Traveler which came with a removable fiberglass top, and the Super Scout II which had a soft top. The camping craze in the 1960s and 1970s wasn’t lost on International Harvester and these pop-up campers were designed specifically for these trucks. I was caught up in that camping craze from the late-60s through the mid-80s and as a kid I would literally dream about having a 4×4 pickup with a pop-up camper on the back of it.

The former owner seemed to have a better grasp on taking photos, as evidenced by a similar-but-much-better interior photo from this same angle. The seller bought this truck/camper “as a project but just haven’t been able to get back into.” With it just being sold at the beginning of 2017, I’m wondering if it turned out to be more of a restoration project than they were hoping for, or they just lost interest. They do have several other vehicles for sale so maybe they’re just overwhelmed. The former seller mentions that it has a bluetooth radio, which is a nice upgrade. Hagerty lists a #4 fair condition 1977 International Scout II Terra pickup without the camper as being valued at $8,100! This one must have needed much more work than they originally thought since it appears that they bought it for just under their asking price less than a year ago. $15,600 is what a #3 good condition Scout II Terra is worth according to Haggerty, so how can this one not be a good value at the selling price?

As is too often the case with CL ads, there are no engine photos, but from doing an internet search I ran across the original listing which mentions this Scout II has a 345 cubic-inch V8 which by 1977 would have had 168 hp. It had some work done on it, according to the previous owner’s listing, such as “a new aluminum radiator an a red top battery new belts and hoses, good working Vacuum advance, distributor and Gold Box (2 boxes), carburetor was rebuilt 2 years ago now it needs it again run and drives but you can tell its dirty. Tank is 35 gal Its been cleaned out.” They also say that it has a heater, visible in the lower left, and no stove, and that the pop-up material was replaced. The camper interior looks like it would use a major upgrade, but, this would sure be a fun rig for backcountry camping.


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  1. LAB3

    I’m not a fan of popup campers but when put on to a 4X4 like this it makes perfect sense! This rig would be a great choice for those who like getting way off the beaten trail. Would be nice to at least know the milage on it but darn, it looks like one great rig.

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  2. half cab

    Looks almost just like the one they put on early broncos.

  3. Metoo

    In the photo of the camper interior, is that chunk of wood on the right holding the top up? It seems to have no other reason for being there.

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    • Mallthus

      It appears to be holding up a shelf.

    • Big Mike

      No it is a fold down table top, that allow you to sit in the bench seats and eat.
      How do I know this, this rig reminds me of the exact vehicle that a friend from my Families camping trips, and a couple named Holloway owned it. They were part of the “Camping Club” that my parents belonged to when I was a kid.
      There was a lot of this group that had slide in campers back in the day.

  4. Neal

    Camper or not, that seems like a good price for a sweet scout. Looks like original paint and decal, just the right “patina” (sorry, patina haters). I even like the camper option.
    I’d have to sleep in it if I got that today; my wife says too many distractions (kids, work, sports, building an addition for a few years now…) to put time into an old truck now.

    Someday, Imma gonna get one!
    I grew up with a regular Scout 2 as our family hauler. Was my momma’s pride and joy. I look for them all of the time. Contact high whenever one is near or even listed somewhere like here on Barnfinds.

    I got the Scout bug as much as Scouts get the tinworm bug. On this pic you can see my mom and some of my bodywork on her scout in the later years. She had it from fall of ’78 through spring of ’92 in Philly. I used to come home from college and pop-rivet sheets of roofer’s aluminum onto the doors and quarters to pass inspection.

    In my Scout dream, mine is a Traveler with a cut hatch and standard Scout tailgate, and has a reinforced fiberglass body to survive here in New England. Any engine is fine, but I prefer a four speed. 4wd is even optional. My birthday is in March. Anyone want to send me a present?

  5. Adam Wright

    Man, I love a Scout, I had two in college, the USS ADAM and then the USS ADAM 2
    I love those trucks!

  6. Francisco

    Where do you sleep? No cot.

  7. Rube Goldberg Member

    Mr. Gilbertson knows I like Scouts and knows I live in Colorado, and I’m sure posts these to get me motivated ( a tad out of my price range, or it would be mine). The Scout ll was a complete about face from the earlier ones. Some claim, the Traveler was the 1st real luxury SUV. While I don’t care for the IH V-8 in heavy duty applications, 80 million school buses can’t be wrong. They are good motors, as long as they aren’t held to the floor all day. I’d lose the camper, and cherry this truck out. Aside from the bullet proof semi’s of the day, this was the nicest IH made.

  8. Warren

    I really like the Scout Terras, those equipped with a diesel were kind of a unicorn (if you can even find one today).

    So…..If it truly has a “awesome duel sounding exhaust”, will it idle like this?

    “Engarde, engarde, engarde”

    Sorry, Had to.

    • Metoo

      Wow! A diesel engine? That would be a dream realized to me.

      • duaney Member

        Have been several diesel Scouts on Barnfinds.

      • Art M.

        If I recall correctly, they sourced their six cylinder diesel from Nissan.

  9. JoeR

    Love Scouts, wish I owned one.

  10. Paul P.

    The Pop up camper “Pops Up” (Takes about 5 Minutes) high enough for a 6′ + to walk around in. There is a bed over the cab when the top is up. The campers are made in Colorado, I had one on my Bronco and it was very useful. Of course I wish I still had it.

  11. Loco Mikado

    I had a pop up camper for awhile. When they get older it is a bit of a chore to get them up and down and the seals need replacement. Considering how much they get wracked around without a solid structure also contributes to premature wear.

  12. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Fender repair looks like a photoshop correction to me, on just that photo, with molding added! That piece of wood (looks like hard plastic to me) is the prop for a table (?) Unless everything from the right side of the photo tumbles down from the top of the pop up, down to the floor, no way Mama! Someone will correct me. Very cool find, I wonder if that roof is strong enough and flat enough to sit on — like for viewing the vintage races at Seca or Pebble Beach.

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