Creative Thinking: 1950 Plymouth Coupe

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, but I’m sure that we will have a few readers who will be wondering whether the invention of this particular custom was really necessary. Barn Finder Sean C spotted this unusual creation for us, so thank you for that Sean. If this is a car that attracts you, then you will find it located in North Stonington, Connecticut, and listed for sale here on Facebook. The owner has set a sale price of $5,500 for the Plymouth.

There’s no doubt that the styling of the Plymouth is somewhat unusual (cough), and there’s also no doubt that you would be able to find it pretty easily in a parking lot. I’m not sure about some of the custom touches, because they look like they might have been designed by the same individual who was responsible for the famous Michelin Man. The owner has attempted to graft some Ford Mustang metal and plastic into the vehicle, and the result is nothing if not distinctive. On the plus side, the paint looks good, and the body appears to be free of rust. It would be possible to graft some standard sheet-metal back onto the Plymouth, and this may be an option that some people would consider.

Once again, the unique appearance of the vehicle carries through to the interior. It looks like a fair amount of Mustang trim has been grafted into the Plymouth, and while some of it doesn’t look bad, the dash and door trims look like a bit of a  compromise. Still, the condition of the interior is quite good, although the leather seats look like they would benefit from a dose of a quality conditioner.

Given the sheer quantity of Mustang components used on the body and interior, it should be no surprise to learn that under the hood is a 5.0-liter Mustang V8 engine, and an automatic transmission. The Plymouth is also fitted with power steering and power brakes. Whether you like the styling of the vehicle or loathe it, there is some promise there. The owner says that the car has been driven 100,000 miles, so that indicates that the mechanical transformation has probably been completed to a high standard. Maybe there’s still plenty of life left in this old girl yet.

I don’t think that I would be understating the case when I say that this Plymouth would not appeal to everyone’s taste, but it certainly demonstrates that the custom car scene allows people to let their imagination run wild when they are creating the car of their dreams. It will be interesting to see just how quickly this one sells.


  1. NotSure

    Is this a joke? I don’t get it…

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    • Mike

      It’s not a joke. Hard to laugh when your jaw is on the floor. Check out the flame hood ornament and then the same treatment over the back window (????) Then there’s the weird protrusions above the headlights (??????) I can’t believe they actually finished it.

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  2. NotSure

    Adam, you see a Plymouth with Mustang parts grafted on. I see a Mustang with Plymouth sheetmetal tacked on. Tomato tomatoe? I don’t even like looking at it.

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      Agreed, looks like someone carved off sections of a Mustang and dropped the Plymouth body on what remainded. I’ve seen on YouTube where a fellow took this approach with a Ford F100 and a Crown Vic…it actually fit surprising well.

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      • James

        There’s also a guy that is putting 69 Charger body panels from AMD onto a Crown Vic to jump at Duke’s events down south. They fit surprisingly well!

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    • JBD

      Why you shouldn’t drink methanol tinged homemade moonshine.

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  3. Evan

    That is truly horrible.

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  4. BillM

    no….just no

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    • chevelle guy

      oh my sweet baby jesus …. just …no.

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      • Sheffieldcortinacentre

        That must have been one hell of a collision!

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    Oh my God! A Plustang! My niece loves Mustangs and when I showed.her
    this car, she didn’t care for it at all. Oh the carmanity! You gotta give the guy
    credit for using what he had to build a one-off custom car that’ll definately
    get you noticed. You’re gonna ride around in style, you’re gonna drive everybody
    wild, ’cause you’ll have the only one there is around.

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    • Dave Mazz

      “Oh my God! A Plustang!” That’s too bad, I know someone who is looking for a Stangmouth… :-) :-)

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    • Ralph

      Looks more like a Mus(h)mouth to me!

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    • 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member


  6. MH

    What a waste of time and money!!!

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  7. JWH

    Like others have said, this looks like the Plymouth was dropped onto an existing mustang platform and based on the seat belt tabs on the seats I’d say they started with a convertible. Looks like a bit of “extra” dash was piled on top also, guessing that visibility is terrible.

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  8. Jeff

    “It looks like a fair amount of Mustang trim has been grafted into the Plymouth”

    Are you kidding? This is clearly a Mustang. They’ve stuck some Plymouth body panels on it.

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  9. Bakyrdhero

    I mean…hey, if you’ve got a 1950 Plymouth body kicking around, that Ford Probish Mustang isn’t going to be worth all that much for a long time. I happen to like that generation Mustang, but this person must not have.

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  10. BSM

    That is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen. But to each his own. Someone will buy it though. There is a lot of crazy out there.

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  11. Mark A Hoffman

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should..,.!!

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  12. Fred W

    The name of the town says it all – STONE-ington. This is your mind on drugs. This is the car you built while STONE-ed. I’ll give them this- they did make an attempt to graft the two cars together with some decent workmanship, but it’s no less appalling.

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    • Fred W

      Photoshopped?? If not, and they had the impulse, why didn’t they simply marry the Plymouth body to the Mustang chassis. That way the horror doesn’t start until you open the doors.

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  13. LARRY

    Decent workmanship..definite ingenuity.. ITS ALIVE!! FRANKINSTANG!! I actually kinda like it

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  14. DavidL Member

    Good Lord!!! Even my wife thought this looked ‘Goofy’ and she really doesn’t know much of anything about car design or how they work.
    I mean what the heck? It looks like he took the best of two cars and destroyed what make them good. A 50 Plymouth has cool lines and so does a Mustang but putting them together like this is … tragic. He’s creative to be sure and following his dream, his heart I’m sure but actually if that’s true why is he trying to unload it?

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  15. Scott

    To be perfectly honest this is an abomination half Mustang half turd …musturd

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  16. John Gibson

    Suddenly Ford is feeling much better about the Edsel.

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  17. Howard A Member

    Ok, well, I think many are being a bit harsh, I think it’s kind of cool. Of course it’s different, but someone did a lot of work here, way more than I could even begin to do. I applaud their efforts.

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  18. karl

    This car is about 10 minutes from where I live ; I saw this on Craigslist and I think its the worst custom job I have ever seen ! It kind of looks like a kid had a bunch of model kits and threw all the parts together. The paint and grafting work look good , but the interior is just old worn out Mustang , as is the drivetrain . I was wondering how you could even see out the windshield – when you sit in the Mustang seats, you’ll be looking over the Mustang dashboard and stare into the empty lower half of the Plymouths dashboard . I cant even imagine how you would work on the engine ; The Plymouth hood opens , but how do you get to it ? Does the Mustang hood open too ? – Don’t do drugs people , it ruins your brain !

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    • Bobinott

      If it is 10 minutes from where you live, you owe it to yourself (and us) to go and see it. You can get answers to all those very good questions. Please, we would love to know!

  19. Ted

    This is what you find when you lift the lid on an outhouse lav when you’re hiking.

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  20. George

    The front is a face only a mother could love. If it had a bag over it!

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  21. Miguel

    The front reminds me of an Aztek.

    I say, if you are going to merge two car, and you want it to look like the older car, get rid of the newer wheels, headlights and tail lights, they are a dead give away.

    Now saying that, even I wouldn’t drive this one and I really like Pacers.

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    • David Ulrey

      That comment is actually an insult to the Aztec and lord knows those poor things are hideous.

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  22. Lance

    OOOOWWWW. That hurts my eyes!

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  23. John

    My first car was a ‘50 Plymouth wagon. It was decent looking. This thing is butt ugly.

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  24. Redman

    Well we know who had the good weed… And smoked it all!

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  25. sane car nut

    Sorry, theres always one, I volunteer. I sees a great creative flash from the past.
    Yeah last century. You did with what you had. The chopped led sled ? It was the
    Only way to drive a Merc. But I would change , swap out an put REAL power in,

  26. Last 1LE

    There’s an old R&B song that had a line about being hit by an ugly stick…well, this thing looks like it was crashed into the world’s biggest ugly tree at 100 miles per hour.

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  27. Jim Levante

    I can’t stop looking at it! You got to admit the craftsmanship is there. Based on the feedback he gets on every day, I would like to see what we comes up with next.

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    • jerry z

      My cataracts just got worse looking at this contraption. I can’t take it back!

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  28. Chris

    Sooooo, ummm yeah! Ok then

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  29. Barney

    Man how do I unsee this?

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  30. Tort Member

    The rear is tolerable but that’s where it ends!

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  31. Paris Trout

    I was taught at a young age, that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

    I have dug deep to look for a positive here, and I know I found it…

    As this abomination was clearly based on a mustang, and designed to be seen at car shows only, there is a better than 90% chance this will be slid into a pole at a cars-n-coffee within the year.

    You are welcome.

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    • John Gibson

      My grandmother used to preach this to me as a kid Paris. I have hardly said a word in years and people think I am just the quiet type.

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  32. dave brennan

    And no one even mentioned the seating pic which seems to show a car built for someone 4 ft tall .

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  33. the one

    Nail two things together that have not been nailed together before and some schmuck will buy it!

    George Carlin

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    • Brakeservo

      I didn’t want to join the negativity parade, I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t. But this just so much looks like two bizarre sea turtles, uh, . . . mating, yes, that’s the polite word . . .

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  34. bigdoc

    Great workmanship wasted.

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  35. Little_Cars Saul Member

    Tough to see over the dashboard from the seated position. My neck hurts just looking at the pictures. Looks like the Plymouth simply ATE the late 90s ‘stang. Wonder if all the lights and instruments work? Must be a wiring nightmare.

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  36. ProfBraaap

    If you believe that this is a Plymouth, I’ve got a bridge in New York that you may be interested in.

  37. Allen Member

    A “Plustang”? No – a “Musmouth”.


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    • Chebby Staff

      LOL, “Mushmouth” is the perfect name for it.

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  38. Chebby Staff

    Somebody shoot this Mustang, it’s got Hoof and Mouth disease!

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  39. TimM

    I just see something that’s not for me!!!
    A cross between junk and trash!!!

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  40. Dave

    Well I’m not going to trash the guy or the car , while it isn’t exactly my cup of tea you sure have to admit he was very creative and it takes a certain genius to create something like this plus a lot of mechanical know how to make it go together. My youngest son would love this unique car(s). Also how many of us have wanted to buy an old hearse and change it into coolmobile ? Or was I the only one ??? lol

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    • Bakyrdhero

      Amen Dave, I agree. I’m sure people that have what it takes to create something like this go on to do some interesting things with themselves.

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    • DavidL Member

      Absolutely not! I had a chance at a 1939 (1940?) Siebert which was a 1939/40 Ford Tudor cut in half w/ a section inserted to make it longer. Would’ve been the coolest lowrider hearse conversion ever. Unfortunately I didn’t have the money, space or skills so had to let it go. The coffins were loaded from the added on side doors.

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  41. That Guy

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…

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  42. Doug

    A local builder in the Reno, NV area built a custom by putting a Plymouth body
    on a Chevy Caprice ( same basic car as the Impala SS ) chassis. The front end treatment was much better looking, although I wasn’t a big fan of the Dodge Neon headlights, which were pretty popular at the time. I think it was a 50 or 51
    Plymouth business coupe.

    Looked WAAAAAY better than this thing, which reminds me of the topping on a lemon meringue pie painted red……..

  43. Mike W H

    Somewhere in Connecticut a Mustang lies in a shallow grave.

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  44. Gary F

    It’s like a crime scene photo. There’s no good place to look!

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  45. chrlsful

    “it’s a keeper”, inside’n out
    (meaning da guy can keep it)

  46. Little_Cars Saul Member

    This just appeared on Facebook on the Classic Buick page. Hurts one’s eyes.

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