Drop The Top: 1969 Pontiac Firebird

My grandfather was a lifelong loyal Pontiac man, so I like to think I have a little Pontiac in my blood. He was more partial to the Grand Prix and Bonnevilles of the era and as such was never a Firebird owner. If he were still with us, I could picture him standing silently admiring this first generation Pontiac F-Body, just as I am sitting silently admiring as I write this. This 1969 Pontiac Firebird was found here on eBay in Yukon, Oklahoma by an anonymous Barn Finds reader. The reserve has been met after 30 bids have pushed the price to $15,300.

Prior to current ownership, this Firebird had been parked in a garage since 2003. Save for the wheels/tires, hood, and suspension, this car is said to be mostly original. Contrary to the mostly original claim, the seller notes a slew of new items, including the top.  I don’t know if all those items are installed or just included, but it would be worth inquiring to know how original of a car you’re bidding on. The only rust noted is on the driver rear wheel lip. The trunk had some rust, but a new pan was recently set in place, but still needs to be welded. Hail damage is noted on the body panels. Hopefully it’s repairable, because that Warwick Blue paint looks to be in decent shape.

The white seat surfaces and contrasting blue surfaces complement the exterior colors perfectly. All interior is original and seats are said to still feel soft. The original buyer checked some boxes that one would now consider standard, including power top, power antenna, and air-conditioning, although the A/C is not functioning.

Power is sent to the rear wheels from the original 350 backed by a Turbo 400 automatic transmission. The one under hood picture is taken from a fairly wide angle, so it’s hard to see detail, but it looks like some updates have been made while being kept clean. Unexpected, but welcome, modern conveniences abound as this Firebird is equipped with power steering and power brakes.

If you like one-year only body styles, the 1969 GM F-Bodies are a popular option. This being one of only 11,657 convertibles built that year adds to the uniqueness. I like unique one-year only body styles, so if grandpa was still around, he’d be beaming with pride if I were the high bidder on this Pontiac.

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  1. Bud

    I like this car and the wheels but , not together . I think almost all Pontiac’s look best in their stock form . But that’s just me .

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  2. notinuse

    Cool car, I see it has the original Edelbrock carburetor. :)

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  3. Tom Member

    Do you homework. You can buy this car done, show winner (maybe not done exactly way you want it) for UNDER $30K….done, go to the local cruise night tonight. One for sale on http://www.cars-on-line.com right now. Market is changing folks, I keep preaching it. Do your homework.

    I restored 2 69’s and a 67 400 Convert. I know these cars well.

    Not a real 400 which is where the money/investment might be. 350 V8 convertibles don’t bring the bigger money. Just a fact.

    Nice that you get to pick your color but this car has another $30-50K needed to go into paint, body and drivetrain work not to mention trim, chroming, emblems, gaskets, electrical, etc. Underbody is probably a mess to knowing the trunk was rotted out.

    Car was NOT BORN a 400 or a 326 HO so a FACTORY BUILT car with a hood tach on a 350 car was not common. Possible yes, probable no. Not buying the “replaced the original” line, get PHS docs for build info. Seller should have that if they are THAT confident. Many hood tachometers were dealer installed, not factory built, on MOST 1st gen Firebirds that were NOT born as a 400 or a 326 HO.

    This car would be best served to become a resto mod. It will bring more money.

    Good news is there is no “new paint” to hide the sins. 400 Hood, hood tach spoiler are all nice touches.

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  4. TimM

    Nice looking car but I’m with Tom in some respects here!! I’m not sure if it would take $30-$50 grand but there is still some work needing to be done!! The authenticity is a question too!! Look her over closely!!!

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Love the looks of this car as is, but if there are mechanical issues or hidden rust I’d say the present bid is a bit high.

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  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Nice one…..and one you don’t see often.

  7. RIchardinMaine

    Funny story, but true. My stepsister blew up her identical Firebird 400 when it lost all it’s oil at highway speeds. My dad replaced the engine for her, but it ended up with a Buick 350. I took one look at this, and had to ask, “Could it be?”

  8. John Taylor

    Sold for $17,100

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  9. Desert Rat

    30 to 50 grand still to go ,Dang, stuff sure must cost a lot in you neck of the woods! I started out with a 4,000$ 69 Camaro that was nowhere as nice as this Firebird. .I instated all new sheet metal except for roof and trunk, replaced trunk floor. I painted it in my garage, rebuilt a 350 and a muncie 4 speed. I now have around 10 to 12 grand in it. It’s not a show car but, at the local monthly car get together I get lots of positive feed back. Sure I can weld and paint and build motors and perhaps you can’t but you have realize that at one point neither could I, I never had the money to pay someone to do these things that I wanted so, I learned how to do it myself. You can too.


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    • Desert rat

      P.S. the wheel are perfect!

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  10. Swolf Member

    Was a beautiful car just the way Pontiac designed and built it. It needs to have the original wheels/covers back. Otherwise seems like a nice car.

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  11. John Oliveri

    Since it’s only a 350 car, I’d replace it with a 400, or even nicer, a 428, make it all one color, put 15 inch Pontiac wheels on it, disc brakes, fix the air and cruise

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  12. JoeNYWF64

    I’m surprised it was not cloned into a t/a for not a lot more money, & probably would sell for double if not triple the price, especially being a convertible & how few t/a conv were made – 8.
    & nothing different about a ’69 t/a interior from a regular bird.

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  13. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    This car has the right look but there are odd consistencies with that interior. Some things have faded but the seats looks too fresh to be as original. AC components are MIA in the engine bay but AC is a nice option to have in a ‘vert of this vintage. Love the stance. And that straight on shot of the back….Best rear view next to Jennifer Lopez!

    • John Oliveri

      I prefer Hilary Duffs rear, but that’s just an opinion

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