Drop-Top Project: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

The second-generation Corvette (also known as C2) ran between 1963-67 and brought with it the Sting Ray surname. A 300hp 327 cubic inch V8 would be the standard engine for 1966 which we assume is under the hood of this project car. It’s missing a transmission, so we don’t know if it was manual or automatic. Located near Houston, Texas, this fixer-upper is available here on craigslist for $9,000. This tip to us comes via Barn Finder craiger.

Corvette sports car production was off by about 15% in 1966 but still managed to include 9,958 coupes and 17,762 convertibles, including the seller’s car, which is a bit of a mystery. Few details are provided, so it may or may not be complete (including the top), and no visuals are provided of the interior or engine compartment. Not pictured are the headlights and bumpers, which the seller says will come with the deal.

This automobile comes across as a project that the seller or someone else didn’t get around to finishing. The paint doesn’t look bad, so if you can source the correct transmission and get it running again, you might have a decent driver. But why own a C2 Corvette if your goal is to only use it as a driver? A lot more information would help you to determine if this car is a good buy or a goodbye.


  1. Rbig18

    Scam. The car is not in Houston or close to it. This pics are clearly much further North. No description, low low price and the pics are a pure give away of a classic CL scam.

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  2. Dan H

    Scammers on Craigslist???
    Just show up at night by yourself with the cash, it’ll be alright.

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  3. George Mattar

    What they said. Any heap of junk C2 is worth 3 times what this scammer is asking.

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  4. Chris

    Scam yes, but on the write up, I don’t understand… “But why own a C2 Corvette if your goal is to only use it as a driver?”

    They’re cool cars. Why would you not want to have a driver quality C2 to, I don’t know, maybe drive and have fun with? Not all of us like trailer queens. Appreciate them, sure, but want to own one? No way. I refuse to own a car that I’m afraid to drive. Which works out, since I can’t afford one anyway, so there is that! If this was a real car/price, I’d be all over it, as would everyone else.

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  5. William Phillips Member

    Real Question is by Barn Finds doesnt check this stuff. Wild goose chase caused by Barn Finds.

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  6. TBone

    As soon as I get the 15 million dollars that I have coming from that Nigerian prince who is unable to get his money into this country without my help (and my 4,000 dollars), I will be sending this gentleman a cashiers check for 15,000. He can send me the extra 6,000 dollars and the car. Everyone wins!

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  7. Joe Bru

    Car was unsold on ebay a couple months ago from the east coast, “reserve not met” at around 30K so this is definitely a scam.

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