Duality Duo: 1988 Ford E-350 Centurion

Duality basically means that you can’t have good without evil or darkness without light or a van without a pickup box on the back.. er.. hey, wait a minute. This dually-equipped duality duo is a 1988 Ford E-350 Centurion, or van-pickup as I would have said. It can be found on Craigslist in Fredrick, Colorado with an asking price of $9,950 or offer. Thanks to Jack M. for sending in this dually tip!

As a lover of all things unusual, or at least things related to unusual vehicles, I have a soft spot for these creations. I’m always interested in an unusual vehicle to haul the oddball motorcycle collection around and this is something that a person could even sleep in if they had to. That is if they weren’t kept awake by the burnt-rose-colored fabric on the seats.

This unusual hauler appears to be in great condition. The Centurion conversion on vans typically meant that a person meant to haul a horse trailer or travel trailer so there would be a fifth-wheel in the box, but that wasn’t always the case. This is a graphics-heavy paint and tape scheme here, I might want to tone things down a notch if this were my van-truck.

The seller says that this rig has only had two adult owners since it was new. The interior sure is a churning sea of muted colors but it looks good in there. Compared to my tiny Dodge D-50 pickup this would be like piloting the Goodyear Blimp and I bet it would ride as smoothly.

There are no engine photos but this one has just “3,000 miles on Jasper 460 v8 gas motor. 5,000 + miles on professional c6 automatic transmission rebuild”, according to the seller, or the lister, who is a friend of the seller. It has had a good bit of work done including a new “oil cooler, exhaust manifolds, high torque starter, battery control modual, electric trailer brake control.” Have any of you owned a van-truck / Centurion conversion? Are they needed anymore with four-door pickups being as popular as they are today?

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  1. Scott

    I never saw a van up with a camper top

  2. chad

    luv these and the p/u cap is an extra (rare according to the research I been doin). I like the 4dors like this 1 the best. Think I could sleep on that (fold out?) couch in back.
    Dangers: the electrics. Many have hacked the heck outta them. No schematics around.
    I’d want the diesel but boy R they rare & hard to research in a van (did havem).
    Some even put a modern cummins/alison in as (I believe) the 460 is really a race motor not something I’d want in this rig,
    So cummins/alison conversion – the rest alone (cept may B those removable or below the bed 5th wheels) would B it 4 me !!!

  3. Miguel

    I don’t see the advantage of this vehicle over the four door pick ups that handled the same duty.

    I do believe Ford did have the four door dually available in 1988.

    • George

      Comfort was the biggy. Conversion vans were much more plush than any pickup in that time period, and even on the same frame, the vans had a more comfortable ride than pickups.

      • boxdin

        And they are much more room inside, you can almost stand up to put clothes on, try that in a pickup.

        And this one is an 1988 which means its EFI and the 460 w EFI is a very good motor, I have one of these E350 Chinook coach.


    (or at least go with a better paint scheme.)

  5. Rock On

    I wonder if they had to pay Buick to use the Centurion name?

  6. Enesset

    My centurion is the F350 truck. It’s 1992 diesel 4×4 and smog exempt in CA thus the reason to own it.

    This van Centurion would be awesome for blasting mileage in Texas/Kansas/Nebraska, etc

  7. Gay Car Nut Tacoma Washington

    I’ve seen conversion van/pickup trucks like this. I’ve always been intrigued by them. They look like they could tow a 5th wheeler way better than an F250 could, or even an F350. For a vehicle like this, I would think a Powerstroke 6.7 litre Diesel engine.

  8. George

    First time that I’ve ever seen one with a cap, or topper as they call them here.I didn’t know that they made one for these. The 460 was not necessarily a race engine as it was a common Ford truck engine as well. Especially for pickups and RVs.

  9. Falstaff TR

    Kind of a reverse mullet. Party up front business in the rear

    • Tricky

      I think you’ll find that’s business up the front, party out the back!!

      What a cool rig, would look good cruising the highways in Oz!!


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