Family Collection Sell-Off: Classics in Florida

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We recently received a tip about a collection clean-out in Florida, apparently listed by a private family that comes across as mildly cantankerous in the craigslist description. It’s too bad they won’t do silly things like “answer emails” or “send more pictures,” because there’s some potentially interesting vehicles shown. Find the ad here on craigslist near Orlando, which includes this early oval-window Beetle. 

The other difficulty is the listing mentions that interested buyers can find out more info by scoping the “…sale start time and days are listed in this ad.” Except, it’s not. There’s an address, but no other info about the right time and date to show up if you wanted to take this modified 1946 Crosley coupe home. It’s described as being restored, and there’s also a later Crosley wagon in the mix.

Among the larger vehicles is this 1953 Chevy panel truck; on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s also a Morris Minor “truck” mentioned in the listing. While the listing is adamant this is a private family collection (and that means “….we do not have a credit or debit card machine” – well, duh, but maybe then listing prices would be helpful?), the address does correlate to a closed business formerly known as Discount Customs & Automotive.


The collection is quite diverse, as this photo shows with a VW Beetle-based kit car parked in front of a row of what looks like the three REO trucks mentioned in the listing. (As a friendly reminder, there’s a Barn Finds Exclusive for a HowellCraft VW-based dune buggy if you’re looking for more of a project – and we just lowered the price.) So, despite the misgivings about the seller potentially being a bit difficult, which one would you choose? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Steven D. for the find.

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  1. WrongWay

    ?????, lots of questions nobody to answer? This is the dumbest listing yet! This person deserves a closed mouth award! I do have connections there tho! I am most interested in the Morris, and Crosley myself!

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  2. Beatnik Bedouin

    Gee, they must be serious sellers if they’re unwilling to answer questions – or this is a scam.. The Crosley wagon might be of interest if there was someone who’d respond to emails.

    Maybe this is a job for Mike and Frankie..? ;-)

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  3. junkmanMember

    Google map lists it as Landers Recycling, for whatever that is worth.I think Beatnik may have it, SCAM.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Scam? I think not. They want cash only, and that can only be transferred at arm’s length, so I don’t detect a scam. What I do detect is the usual goofball Florida hillbillies who don’t have the good sense to take care of their vehicles, yet want to ask top buck for the junk, and all the while exhibiting abrasive salesmanship.
    I wouldn’t take that crap if they were giving it away, and I’m only 20 miles from there.

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  5. PDXBryan

    From the red-neck school of on-line salesmanship.
    “I’m fixin to sell”
    “Don’t even think about low-ballin”
    “Don’t need to sell so don’t waist my time….”
    “Breaks are good”
    “Got doolys”
    Yada, yada, yada….

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  6. Kenneth Carney

    Gotta agree with you Rex. Sounds like
    some of the buy-here-psy-here lots here
    in Polk County. Sis, my neice and I went
    to a place called 5-star auto sales in
    Auburndale, Fl. They advertised that their
    cars could be had for $99 down. When
    we went there, all we saw was an empty
    lot! We went to another lot along US HWY 92 and they wanted $1500 down
    and a credit check for a bunch of 20
    year old cars and trucks that will quit
    running before those $500 a month car
    payments do. Think we’ll wait another
    2 weeks before Sis looks for a car.
    Maybe the Honda she test drove Christmas Eve will be available then.
    At least that fellow was reasonbly honest.
    Who says rednecks don’t run scams! They do it better than any New Yorker I’ve
    ever seen!

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  7. h5mind

    We used to have a motorcycle dealer owned by two brothers- one nice and the other the most miserable cuss you’ve ever seen. The unpleasant sibling had amassed a fortune in classic bikes- he had hundreds. Also had Hoovered up enough NOS parts to fill a barn. Refused to sell anything and the funny part is he didn’t even ride. The elements eventually reclaimed the bikes and God took the brothers. There are rarely happy endings for hoarders or their families.

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  8. daCabbie

    If you were from here, you would understand this ad…

    Classic ‘Florida Man’…

    You will read about him next week, after he has shot a trespasser… and yes, he will probably be neked.

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  9. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    “i will not respond to emails.. i will not send pictures .” Good way to discourage potential buyers. Do these sellers think all they have to do is a put a few images online, mention the word “collection,” and the rubes will show up with wheelbarrows full of cash? Or maybe these sellers just don’t know how to encourage buyers by offering their “collection” in a more positive way, especially potential buyers who aren’t in state. For me, best guess is the sellers think they are sitting on a gold mine and are too lazy to put any effort into encouraging one and all to come to their sale.

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  10. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I just noticed, in the photo of the big red truck, there appears to be a raccoon at the wheel. That says it all.

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  11. graham line

    Richard Rawlings School of Marketing grads

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  12. Little_Cars Little Cars

    Some very cool stuff here, looks like the family has a few decent painters doing custom work. Those trucks and the VW bus. But…if you show up Thurs-Sunday from 10-5 without any cash the raccoon will start gnawing your ankles off! :)

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  13. ctmphrs

    In defense of the Florida rednecks, this was listed on local craigslist not Ebay.

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  14. dmose dmose

    On the other hand I’ve scored some great deals over the years from poorly photographed vehicles and crappie sellers! I guess I know how to weed thru it if I think it’s worth it in the end!

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