Head-Scratcher: 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

This may be another case of someone trying to sell a vehicle that they may not really want to sell. I’m not sure, of course, and maybe the seller really does think this 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV is worth their $20,000 starting bid price. Hagerty begs to differ but, as always, anyone can ask whatever they want to ask when they’re selling a vehicle. This dusty Connie is listed on eBay with no takers on the $20k opening bid. It’s located in Georgetown, South Carolina. It sounds like the person who listed the car on eBay isn’t the owner and maybe they don’t have access to the car to take better photos. I sure hope that’s the case.

I’m not sure what to think about this one, it’s a real head-scratcher. At least the white Mark IV that Jeff recently showed us was $2,500 less expensive and they included more photos and two interior photos. Not to generalize, which of course means that I’m about to generalize, but I wouldn’t think of a Lincoln Continental Mark IV owner as being so tied to their smartphone as to take all vertical-format photos, but both Lincoln listings show only vertical photos. It’s not that I would expect black and white or sepia photos from a wooden view camera, but dang, vertical photos! This is why they had to be formatted the way they are in this post, for the record.

The worst part of this listing? There is exactly zero description of the car. I mean not one word. Nothing beyond eBay’s checklist of things that sellers can add, like engine size, transmission type, etc. In all fairness to the person who listed this car, it sounds like they aren’t the seller.

But still, there are basically only three photos (there are four but two are similar) showing what appears to be a very dusty barn find Mark IV, sitting on a dirt floor for who knows how long, and they’re asking $20,000 at a minimum. I hope that rodent damage and rust underneath are both at a minimum. Hagerty lists a #2 excellent condition example as being valued at $14,500 and even without seeing this car in person I’m guessing that most of us would agree that the $20k starting bid won’t be touched. We don’t see the 208-hp 460 V8 or even an inkling of the interior. With the headlights playing peek-a-boo we know that the vacuum hoses and probably other rubber parts will need to be changed and who knows what else. As much as I love these cars I really don’t know what to think about this one, do you?

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  1. KevinLee


  2. Warren

    Proof is in what it actually sells for. All else is unicorns and rainbows.

  3. SDW

    I have a 2001 lincoln Town Car Cartier Presidential with the carriage roof, custom billet grill and custom raised trunk lip I will sell for $18,500…..and will gladly provide photos! BTW, Georgetown, SC was just hit by massive flooding from hurricane Florence, so I would think that 4′ of water would have washed some of the dust off of this Mark.

  4. Todd Priest

    I wonder if the seller doesn’t really want to sell as suggested. I did something like this once back in the 90’s. My ex-wife kept demanding that I sell the hot rod before the baby arrived. To save the fighting, I agreed but made a deal with her that if I could not get the price I asked, it was not to be sold. She was pretty greedy and agreed. I used that to my advantage and asked about $10,000 over what the car was worth. Ha! Ha! need I not say the car stayed with me for a few decades after I sent her packing.

  5. Kellerg

    Not just vertical photos but vertical photos with that goofy effect added to them.

  6. Falstaff tr

    It’s a strange time when dirty uncared for cars have higher asking prices than clean well cared for cars. I’ll take the one that was loved all its life over abused poorly stored car every time. Something to be said for common sense

  7. Nick

    The seller has a brand new ebay account. Either he doesn’t want to sell, as stated above, or doesn’t know what he’s doing. Either way, with that pathetic ad he will get nowhere.

    • Mike

      This is the second go-round for this car. He’ll probably keep posting it over and over.

  8. George

    Give the guy a break. It’s tough to take horizontal pictures on a flip phone… ;-)

  9. Jeremy

    I spoke with the seller, really a nice guy. Car runs and drives, headlights do work. I advised him he needed to take more pictures and clean the car up to sell. Looks like the pictures aren’t telling the whole story on this one, but the price is still out of line. He has never sold on Ebay, and had a family member list it.

  10. cyclemikey

    There may be a story here – the odometer reading given on the Ebay listing is less than 8,000 miles. If that’s true, and can be documented and/or proved by the condition, that’s probably where the highly optimistic pricing is coming from.

    In other words, it *might* be an honest-to-god Barn Find – a virtually unused car that’s been sitting for decades. That’d be kinda cool…

  11. Alexander

    The unsettling visual effect for mobile phone photos is used by the TV news media all the time. Drives me crazy…as if expanding the fuzzy pictures edge to edge helps anyone visualize what is photographed. Looks like the dust is settled on the horizontal edges in a pattern similar to the slats of a barn, but in this case the seller (or seller’s helper) should wash the car.

  12. Little Cars

    According to the writer of the listing, is has a 460, 4 cylinder engine!

  13. GLR

    Isn’t there flooding in Georgetown, SC now?

    Should have read SDW’s before commenting

  14. the one

    4 cylinder?

  15. Jeremy

    Cyclemickey when I talked to the owner he said the original owner drove it from South Carolina to Canada once a year, never drove it daily. Left it parked a year at a time

  16. Nate

    Why does this car make it onto the email Barn Finds update? I mean, I’m okay with assuming it’s not taking the place of something worthy. This, however, is not…

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