Hit The Road: 1973 GMC Motorhome

If you have decided that the time has come to hit the wide-open roads and spend the children’s inheritance, then this GMC Motorhome could be just the vehicle for you. This 26-foot long vehicle has every feature that you need to not only be self-contained but to be self-contained in comfort. The Motorhome is located in Franklin, Wisconsin, and you will find it listed for sale here on eBay.

The external presentation of the Motorhome is extremely nice, and the whole vehicle just looks really good. Those bright and shiny wheels are fitted with Firestone tires, and the combination has only covered around 2,000 miles. The Motorhome features the original GMC stainless steel ladder and a Roof Rail cargo pod. The Motorhome is powered by a GMC 455ci gas V8 engine and a TH-425 automatic transmission. The mechanical components have recently undergone a substantial amount of work, and the vehicle runs and drives well.

The cockpit looks really good, and the blue upholstery on the front seats is carried over into the living quarters of the Motorhome. Everything functions as it should, except for the exterior temperature gauge, the cruise control, and the dash air conditioning. The owner hasn’t been too concerned about the A/C, as he has directed his efforts into ensuring that the mechanical components and living quarters accessories are working properly.

Apart from some wear and marks on the carpet, your home away from home looks pretty nice. Custom cherry cabinets, two bunks, and a separate double bed, microwave oven, TV, air conditioning, and a shower and toilet, and even a central vacuuming system will make life very enjoyable on the road. With a remote-start generator, onboard water tanks, and grey-water storage, this Motorhome is equipped so that you can stop anywhere to takes your fancy, kick back, and relax.

For anyone wanting to escape the rat race, or simply have a self-contained holiday option to go wherever their heart desires, then this GMC Motorhome might be just the ticket. It looks like the care and maintenance of the vehicle has been first-rate. For all of the features that it offers, the BIN price of $29,455, with the option to make an offer, would make it a tempting way to spend your retirement years.


  1. TimS Member

    Great presentation. Looks like it could be someone’s campaign bus.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Hit the road, stop for gas, repeat,,,still, I feel, the best motorhome made. They ride nice, get better mileage than most, some say 11 is possible, no worse than my pickup. They are comfy and even mom could drive it. Somebody in my little town lives in one. I liked it until I saw the price. They made a bunch and many weren’t driven far. I’d think you could find one for a heck of a lot less.

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  3. canadainmarkseh

    Considering the work that’s gone into this and the over all condition the price doesn’t seem to out of line if there are receipts to confirm those repairs I’ll bet half the asking price has been spent on maintenance. I agree with Howard that these are one of the best motorhomes ever made and it might be true that there around for Cheeper but not in this condition. So buy a rougher one for Cheeper and be up to this number getting it back into shape. This one is road ready with only a few more items to repair.

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  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice rig, looks like they did some doughnuts in the parking lot before the photos.

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    • Harrell

      Nope! It’s front wheel drive.

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      • Andre

        …Powered by the Olds Tornado 455/TH-250 setup. If nothing speaks volumes for the setup in the Tornado and its durability.

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        FWD donuts are done in reverse gear.


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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I agree Allen!

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  5. Coventrycat

    Best looking motorhome design ever. Still looks great today.

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  6. Geoff Augenstein

    Reminds me of the movie STRIPES.

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  7. Patrick S newport pagnell Staff

    Would look great with some NASA “meatballs” on the sides and then go watch some launches in Florida.

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  8. Robbie R.

    Looks very nice. My motorhome service guy told me that these are actually highly prized, even owner clubs around the area who meet and camp together, similar to the Airstream groupies. I can’t speak to the reliability of these, but motorhomes (RVs in general) are a huge money pit. Nearly every outing presents a couple new things that break and need to be fixed. Renting seems expensive, but in the big picture is MUCH cheaper. I kept mine 5 years, sold it and never looked back.

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    • JC

      Two happiest day with a motor home: the day you buy it and the day you sell it!!!

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  9. On and On On and On Member

    Look at it this way, you can’t buy much of a house for this dough, plus no real estate taxes. You can be a ‘dropinski’ at all your friends and relatives who have some room in the driveway or out back. I’ve heard of folks who buy small unwanted pieces of land just to have a place in the winter in Arizona, Texas, anywhere it’s warm with a mailbox to park. I’ll bet there’s plenty of small town folks who’d be glad to let you park and plug in for some cash. Hmmm, makes me think.

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  10. Ronald

    My aunt and uncle purchased one of these when it was almost new and traveled around the eastern US for a few years, Twice they had to have the transmission rebuilt, Then they built a lake home and stopped traveling and it sat for a few years under the trees in the yard and made a mess of the exterior and the roof leaked around the roof vents and did some damage inside and then the transmission went south again maybe from sitting and then they gave it away to a relative lol

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  11. Suttree

    Great year. The later ones were built with smog control engines with barely enough power to pull it’s self.

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  12. Gaspumphas

    Imho it’s old..73 was one of the worst years ever for American cars
    .you have a car engine pulling a heavy truck
    Sounds like transmissions had problems for the same reason
    .for less than 29 large you could get something newer and more reliable
    Heck I think this dino still had points. Unless you are stuck on this one. Bring an extra set of points
    Good luck finding someone who knows how to install and set

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    • canadainmarkseh

      Points were gone by 73 HEI was in by then and even if it still had points an HEI distributor will drop right in. I converted many cars back in the day including my own.

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    • Bob Stubblefield

      It had an Olds 455 with a TH425 transmission. The ’73 still had points but there are many conversion kits or you can drop in a HEI distributor. I converted mine but I never had problems with the points when they were in there. There are some still around with close to half a million miles on them. I have one that’s been from Florida to Alaska and back to the midwest as well as many other places. In 20 years, I have replaced one brake hose in the front and 1 1/4″ brake line in the rear, and repaired the dash AC. No other problems and still runs great.

  13. Pookie Jamie Paw

    This is a prime example of a great retirement investment. Kids can’t move back home if they can’t find it. Lol.

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  14. John

    Anybody see Ozzy and Jack’s World detour ? Ozzy loves these. Guess he took one on tour in the 70’s. I’ve always thought they were cool too.

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  15. Mountainwoodie

    Two things strike me. The outside colors are wonderful. I hate beige. lol. The inside actually strikes me as attractive versus the average shag carpeted low rent motor home interior. All that said I’d go broke paying for the gas in Cali.

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    • Sunshine

      Full up BEFORE you enter California. Jus Sayin

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  16. Bob Member

    I could park this in the back yard and use it as a guest house. Maybe even an air B&B.

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  17. Fiete T.

    GMC, Travco, Airstream/Argosy, Clark Cortez, Revcon…all well-built vintage motorhomes

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    • DAVID6


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  18. Charlie Gaffen

    These babies have a cult following with numerous groups and all manner of assistance for restoration. Newer paint jobs take these right out of the 70’s, because the design was miles ahead of any competition. Over the last few years RV manufacturers have finally gotten a handle on attractive styling. If all that’s needed are the repairs/upgrades mentioned and a new carpet, the price isn’t that bad.

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  19. Joe Mac

    Probably smells kinda old inside especially with the same old carpet.Much rather spend the money as a deposit on a new motorhome rather than driving a 1970’s vehicle. And there’s always the chance of mechanical failure with a vehicle of that age.And if you have ever owned one ,A/C is a necessity.

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  20. Sarah

    There is at least one manufacturer who specializes in restoring these vehicles, and I have heard of prices over $100k. I have a 23 footer and have repeatedly had people ask if I would be willing to sell.
    A very nice design that had a high build quality.

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  21. Larry Z

    I’ve been in the RV industry for over 40 years and I can tell you these were great back in the 70’s and still are. They are very sought after, believe it or not this is a very good deal, if it wasn’t 2000 miles away I would definitely go look at it and if it’s as good as the pictures I’d probably buy it.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Nothing like a Fly and Buy for a memorable Road Trip!

  22. belinda

    I’ve liked these G.M.C. motor homes from day one. While not a lot where built, I wounder what % have survived? Here in San Francisco(less than 49 sq miles) I know of at least 4, and they are >NOT< full time housing. The paint makes me think of some of the bicentennial vehicles sold in the mid 70's.
    As to this unit, I'd want to look into why the "cab" a/c is down, bad evap core? Also what is up with the extra gauge and the exposed wiring? The brown dash with the blue seat/seat belts and rugs, I would have gone with an updated tan/brown my self. Last it is “staged” like a house for sale.

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  23. Bodyman68

    Ahh the EM50 best ever made and yes way ahead of its time . Early years they had olds engines but final years they had 454s . Worst part is air suspension in rear was problematic. I have had the pleasure of working on a few recently and parts aren’t hard to find. These are built better then the new ones of today ,and if you think a new one is dependable think again a mouse can cause thousands of dollars in diagnostic time finding broken wires and repairing them . I do alot of repair work on all kinds and ill take that old one as its easier to fix on the side of the road ! The new bodies are crap and so cheesy built its pathetic, one leak and the particleboard swells and its all headaches. Slides are the worst idea as its not designed to handle the weight of the room which has a tendency to fail in operating with broken bearings ,bent arms and interior walls tearing out. So theres no doubt in my mind that id pay the price for this old girl and hit the road !

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  24. Alfred

    I think the price is very fair. I live in tampa and these rv’s are everywhere. The new ones have no style and they sell used for 100 grand and up. I think it’s a great price

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