Holiday Survivor: 1963 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

Although there are many great cars that came out of every decade of the past, there were many nice sedans that came from the mid 1960’s when the “Fin” craze has died down. Remarkably clean and original, this Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Holiday Hardtop is a real beauty for not a lot of money. With a few minor flaws present, this great looking sedan is offered for $4,500. Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Santa Rosa, California.

Ready to drive, the “good” running 394 V8 has some patina, but could be detailed and touched up to dress up the engine bay. A great deal of maintenance has been performed, including new tires, brake booster, intake gaskets, lifters, and tune up. While the intake was pulled off the seller should have done the valve stem seals as well as this engine does puff some smoke on start up. Bad stem seals aren’t a deal breaker, but it is something that could be completed in a weekend or two. There are also a few other issues that need to be resolved with this 88. The fuel sender has given up and now leaks fuel when the tank is more than half full.  Also the heater fan is non-op possibly being a fuse, or perhaps a bad blower resistor. There is mention of needing new front end bushings, but that seems like a reasonable request as many are likely as old as the car.

Rated at 7 out of 10 by the seller, this interior has a great appearance, and looks generally flaw free. There may be some minor color fade, but there is little to point out. A red interior with a black exterior is a classic color way, and really has a rich and appealing look. The only issues I can make out from the photos is that the carpet has some minor wear, and is a bit off color. Also there is some minor damage along the bottom edge of the driver door panel. Unmolested, the dash even bares its original radio, and nothing appears out of place. It would seem all you would need to do is hop in and enjoy!

Appearing absolutely stunning, the seller has rated the paint at an honest 6 out of 10. From the photos there aren’t any visible concerns to be seem but, there are a few noted dings and scratches. Although only a 6 out of 10 this Olds shines wonderfully. Rust is of a minor concern, but there is a small amount of rust present in the lower portion of the driver side quarter. This is not the end of the world as this rust isn’t extremely obvious. Seeming nearly perfect, this Dynamic 88 is a beauty that could easily be preserved and enjoyed in its current state for years to come. Would you take you next “Holiday” in this Dynamic 88?

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  1. Marty Wilke Member

    Black and red is always a winner. It’s hard to believe this California car, in this color combination, was ordered without air conditioning. Also surprising that no one has added it in the half century after that.

    The first weekend I owned this car, I would love to cruise the river road with my family and all four windows down. The second weekend I owned it, I’d be installing an under-dash AC unit!

    Beautiful original car.

    • Rodent

      It’s hard to say where this car is really from, but lots of cars from the bay and coastal areas of California didn’t have A/C ordered until well into the 1970s. Two weeks of hot weather weren’t enough to get folks to fork over the cash for the option.

  2. DrewP

    …wait, how much?!

    So frigin’ far away….oh, and short on cash, as always.

  3. Racer417

    Four doors; but at least it’s not light green… :-)
    Actually looks pretty nice.

  4. jw454

    This looks like what the “Mid-level manager” family man would have been driving back in the day. My father had a 1964 Oldsmobile Fiesta Wagon with a similar drive train. My uncle drove the 1962 version of this car. Nice cars for the time.

  5. redwagon

    For as much as I hate black, silver, white and grey colored cars I have really begun to appreciate black and silver with red interiors. Gorgeous car. Nice lines, and a hardtop to boot!

  6. Howard A Member

    My old man had an Olds like this. This was the car with the “cold” light, that we’d wait anxiously for it go “plink” and heat finally came forth. I believe this a 2 barrel carb, as the 4 barrel had “Ultra High Compression” on the air cleaner. A rare car, only because nobody kept a 4 door Oldsmobile back then. Great to see one survived.

  7. Bob

    Four doors or not, I like the styling of the car and love the 394. I had two engines that I used in swaps, and a Toronado, and those engines, with the right tranny, were bullet proof.
    I’d buy that, assuming that it had the right transmission. There were problems with some of the transmissions Olds offered that year.

  8. glen

    A California car without a/c but a heater, that’s just funny.This is a beautiful car at a good price.

  9. Craig

    If that thing was in New England it would be in my driveway today. Sweet car.

  10. Guggie 13

    My Uncle Al had one of these in maroon , one hell of a car ,he was always a Buick man until he saw this car , he loved it and wasn’t afraid to drive it like he stole it lol , he was a cop and drove like one !!

  11. Luke Fitzgerald

    That car is a winner – someone (with taste) is gonna get a bargain

  12. Ken Carney

    Nice car! The last time I saw one was in
    the opening scenes of the film Dirty Dancing. These were quite common in
    the Midwest, but as time went along, rust
    got most of them while hot rodders would remove the 394 V-8s and junk the rest of the car. Sorry folks! If this were
    mine, I’d have to add vintage air to this
    one as the summers here in Florida are


    It’s the type of car that looks fast standing still. Always liked the body style, a good friend had a 64 2 door with buckets and a center console. They had a trick speedometer in them too. Fun stuff

    • Vince H

      Sounds like he had a Jetstar1

      • BRAKTRCR

        You know, I think think that’s right Vince, Thanks

  14. John Coleman

    I have a 64 dynamic 88 2 dr hardtop runs good. I like the ones like this that are rare. Lots of mustangs,camaros, chevelles around.not many of these left

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