Huge Potential: 1969 Plymouth GTX 440

This 1969 Plymouth GTX 440 is a car with an absolute pile of potential, as it is a virtually complete, numbers matching car, with almost no rust to deal with. Our ever reliable Barn Finder Ikey H spotted this GTX for us, so thank you so much for that Ikey. The car is located in Cambridge, Minnesota, and is being offered for sale with a clean title. If you want to check this GTX out further, you will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist.

I’m sure that the person who painted this car in its current shade of green thought that they were doing the car a favor. Personally, I think that it would look a whole lot nicer finished in its original Butternut Yellow with the Dover White painted top. Rust issues in this car seem to be really minor. There are a couple of small holes below the rear window, and there is a small hole (about the size of a dime) in the trunk floor. Otherwise, the car is really clean and solid. At the bottom of this article is a photo gallery, and it’s worth looking there because there are a number of shots of a very clean and dry underside of the GTX.

When you’re discussing any classic car, the words “numbers matching” are so important, and this GTX is just such a car. The original 440ci V8, capable of pumping out 375hp, still holds pride of place in the engine bay and is ably backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission. The car has just received a new gas tank, new fuel pump, and a rebuilt carburetor. The car runs and drives, and the original gas tank is included with the car, along with 2 ½ build sheets that were found with the car. One thing that was originally present, but has now gone, is the Air Grabber, which is unfortunate. Still, I guess there had to be some bad news somewhere.

The interior is complete, but it is going to need an appointment with an upholsterer. The good news is the fact that nothing appears to have been cut up or hacked around to fit an aftermarket stereo. The tach dash is said to work well, and even the original 8-track and front speakers are still present.

Okay, now we get to the business end of proceedings. If you walk out today looking for a really nice, original ’69 GTX 440 and you have $40,000 in your pocket, then you will almost certainly go home pretty disappointed. If you have $50,000, then you’re in the ball-park, but $60,000 plus is not out of the question. This GTX 440 is virtually complete, it’s numbers matching, and it is virtually rust-free. It can be yours for $16,000. Does that sound okay to you?


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  1. Boatman Member

    I’m surprised it’s still listed.

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    • steve

      $16 grand for this car is a GIVE A WAY!!!!!!!!

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  2. Jake

    So when done a yellow, non A33 (No 4 spd or Dana) and a column shift. Worth spending $40-$50k on restoration plus the $16k purchase price? Still nedds to go on a rotisserie and come all apart. Will be a cool color combo though. $7-$9k max. for this project car.

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  3. Rick G

    this ad was up before. I found it last week and the ad said it had been up for a month. Now that ad has been deleted by the author.

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    You will be buried in this car once you restore it if you pay anywhere near the $16k asking price.

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    • Angrymike

      16 is a bit high, but to me a 69 GTX would be a dream ! I went with my father to pick up his new 69 Road Runner i was 4. I have many great memories of that car. If I bought this I’d own it till my death, so it’d be a labor of love !

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  5. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Isn’t that a Vette or GTO air cleaner ? I’d just drive it – maybe do some interior work – get that early mopar radiator out of it – replacing the right one along with a correct air cleaner and wheels.. You can source the fresh air stuff but they aren’t cheap.

    Still hard to find any make running the original motor.

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    • Dallas

      Air cleaner is 1967 GM -Buick GS340, GTO, Firebird 400, plus possibly other GM cars as OEM .

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    • Steven

      It’s the correct 22″ radiator. Motor has obviously been out at least once!

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      • stillrunners stillrunners Member

        NO IT’S NOT THE CORRECT RADIATOR – it’s an early round top B or C body – the correct would be a flat style.- which sits little more below the radiator support. Give me the # off the little tag – another tell tale on top and I’ll tell you what year. Later years had the stamp embossed kinda dilly….

        AND while I’m at it – that’s not the correct JACK either….but I hate to nick pick !

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    • Brian K

      I had a 1967 GTO with the exact air cleaner. Too funny. I really like this car. At least it’s not a 25k asking price.

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  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    Fella I worked with back in 69 had a yellow GTX and a red RR. The RR was built to the hilt for drag racing while the GTX was something he’d drive to work occasionally. What a pair they were.

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  7. Heavy C

    Dallas is correct about the air cleaner…I have the same one on my 67 Buick gs 340…

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  8. Troy s

    Dump the GM air cleaner lid set up, clean it up and enjoy the nostalgic ride. Keep it a driver for a while. Never saw too many GTX’s, some, I’m talking ten to fifteen years later here, always liked that name…gee tee ex. No mistaking what car Plymouth had its sights on with a name like that. Oddly it was the cartoon inspired Road Runner that over took the GTO in sales.

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  9. Keith

    Mopar Mopar Mopar! 16k is a bargain price for a old Mopar! Calling all Mopar Freaks $$$!

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  10. mikethetractorguy

    I’ve enjoyed reading BF daily. Realize that there are costs involved but can’t afford the subscription fee at this time. Good luck! Unsubscribed.

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    • Jobilizer

      What “subscription fee”?

      • CATHOUSE

        Well I just started to receive a message today when I click on a new email link that I have reached my limit of 50 and can only view the message if I join as a member for $2.50 per week. That is $125.00 per year just to read the messages. I know that $125 is not a lot of money for some but for me that can be a months worth of groceries. I would rather eat than read about cars that I will never own. Thank you to all that have added to my education about makes and models that I was not very knowledgeable on.

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  11. Mark

    I’m sorry, how is, “almost no rust” define a car with rust holes in the sheet metal. To me, almost no rust would be a car that has a few small paint bubbles. Is it me?

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      It all depends upon your perception. For those of us who live in the rust belt parts of the world this car would be considered “almost no rust”. If you live somewhere that rust rarely shows up then you might consider this car to be a rust bucket. Sometimes one needs to look at things through the eyes of others.

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  12. mainlymuscle

    You guys are all correct,this is an underwater endeavor ,and a column shifted GTX is hard to get 50 out of.That said ,there are enough do-it -yourselfers and non profit oriented car guys out there to justify the 16k or near vicinity.Sub 10k ,does not get you this much Big Block Mopar,no matter whose air cleaner she’s wearing !

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  13. Jake

    I paid under $10k for my A33 car that has the 4 spd Dana and motor. Just gotta get them before the flippers do. They are out there. This car is still going to need the full meal deal.

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  14. Riffraff

    I had a 69 Dodge Dart with the Yellow body/White painted roof, they were sold as the White Hat Special.

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  15. Jay

    I once had a GTX when I was 18 it was a 67 I used to say Gas Tires and Xtras

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  16. Del

    Not to bad.

    I get the impression front clip has been replaced. Just a feeling.

    Lotta work to bring her back. Looks like its a slow sell. Maybe he would take a lot less ?

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  17. 433jeff

    Dont restore it, dont get twisted up about money, dont go negative on me. Lets all be glad it is availible and will hopefully end up with GTX lover, i cant afford it , Get it running , fix the breaks get a sticker, dont reinvent the wheel and make it a trailer queen. Enjoy it

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  18. Chuck Simons

    U.S. Mags with WW tires. Been several decades since I’ve seen those.

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