Junkyard Finds: Update from Everett’s Auto Parts

As we’ve reported before, Everett’s Auto Parts in Brockton, Mass. is doing the world a favor and setting aside classic vehicles that would either make restorable projects or super solid parts cars. Their most recent update is shared here, starting with a solid Triumph TR6 that is still plated and looks drivable as-is. To find out the details on the true condition of any of the vehicles here, we’d recommend contacting the team at the yard or visiting them in person. You can find all of the relevant contact info here on Everett’s Auto Parts website.

The TR6 definitely has some rust lurking, but what’s most impressive is the overall completeness of the classic British two-seater. The top appears sound and the photos provided to me of the interior reveal a cabin that looks comfortable if not a bit tired, but hardly a cesspool of leaves and other damp detritus so common on British convertibles. The bumpers would be worth saving, along with any other piece of chrome trim, but I have a feeling the chassis is a tad crunchy.

This 1976-1977 Chevy Malibu coupe looks downright solid, just a set of wheels and tires away from running around town and racking up impressive fuel bills. Unless this is a case of well-applied bondo, this body on this Monte appears straight and story-free, and the chrome trim on the bumpers, headlight surrounds and grill all looks better than what you’d expect to find on a snowbelt car in the junkyard.

Everett’s has another Malibu coupe in the yard, this one appearing to be a 1975 model year example. Looking slightly more tired than the later example above but still quite presentable, these Malaise-era coupes can still shine up nicely with some upgraded suspension components and a suitable wheel and tire combo. A set of window louvers on the back glass wouldn’t look entirely out of place, either.

While you can see there are plenty of classics hanging out in Everett’s dedicated storage area for vintage vehicles, this is the last update we have today. This Corvair convertible clearly needs a new top, and that gaping hole likely hasn’t done the interior any favors. But a decent chrome front bumper and headlight buckets, along with reasonably straight body panels (though some rot-through is visible) could make this Corvair worth saving for parts as there are plenty of roadworthy projects available. But for the right price, any one of these classics may be worth restoring. Give Everett’s a call if you want more information, and thanks to Alex for sending in the photos.

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  1. Rock On

    Hey Jeff, I drove one of these all through college. They are Chevrolet Malibu coupes not Monte Carlos.

    • Jeff Staff

      Thanks for the correction; I’ve updated the post accordingly.

  2. gord

    where on their site do you find the cars… the vehicle inventory does not work
    and yes these are actually chevelles… malibu i believe was the trim level at the time from 73-77, then 78 they were called malibus when moved to the a-g bodies

    • gord

      anyone??? i go to the site and i cannot find the cars no matter what i click… help!!

  3. jameslarck

    You’re right Rock On, they are Chevelles. The brown one is a ’73. You can tell by the opera window. ’73 had the large window. I had a ’73 Chevelle Laguna. I can’t tell about the white one. It doesn’t look like it has an opera window. Weird.

  4. Terry J

    Yup, Malibus. Had one. What a nice car it was. Then one day I was backing out of the tire shop at about 5 mph looking over my right shoulder while swinging right. Barely clipped a post with the drivers side edge of the bumper which pulled out of it’s “low impact” cylinder.The bumper then pivoted on the passenger side cylinder and caved in the passenger fender. Bizarre and devastating. It was only a $1000 car at the time (circa 1985) so was a loss. :-( Terry J

  5. Howard A Member

    Jeff, did you have to put that TR6 in the banner photo? It’s looking at me,,,,with kind of a stern look( no, I haven’t been to the Kwikymart),,,,as if to say, “come on, Howard. What’s the holdup? What’s that? Looking at GoldWings now? For shame,,,you turncoat”.
    Thank goodness someone in the recycling business has the heart to save these. In their ad, it clearly states” 90% of our cars are recycled”, I can only imagine, the other 10% must be the classics. Thanks for keeping the hobby going.

    Like 1
    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Actually, Howard, it’s saying “find my sister, the BRG/overdrive car of your dreams!”

      I’ll be at the South Central British Car Gathering this weekend in Dobson, NC. We normally get around 50 TR6s there, even with the rain in the forecast. I’ll keep my eyes open for a good one for you…

      • Howard A Member

        Thanks Jamie, I should really keep my loan officer up to date on these developments,,,,( the ink is barely dry from the LAST loan)

    • Jeff Staff

      Go get it! It’s bothering me, too, that someone let it go to the salvage yard!

      Like 1
  6. Steven

    I wonder just what all this yard has in Cars?

  7. Don

    I think that the wight Malibu has had the Opera window filled ,never seen one like this🤔

  8. David Miraglia

    like the tr6, last of the great triumphs. Would mind the Chevy either

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