Lifted Luxury: 1988 Lincoln Town Car

The world of off-road conversions of otherwise standard passenger cars is one that is quite fascinating. When you’re looking at a Lincoln Town Car one day and thinking that it would be better used as a vehicle capable of ripping through a bog, well – I’d just like to know more about what you’re drinking that helped lead to that conclusion. This 1988 Lincoln Town Car looks like it was a decent enough example but the seller decided to go in a different direction than most owners of four-door luxury sedans, mounting it atop a Ford F150 4×4 chassis. Find it here on eBay with bids to $5,501 and no reserve.

The Town Car of this era is certainly a benchmark of sorts among domestic luxury vehicles. But by no means is it a collectible – at least not yet – so I can understand going a bit Frankenstein on one if you’ve got the resources and the time. I can almost see it now, after a few beers, staring at that wrecked F150 in your yard and the Town Car that your dad left you but you never drive. Then, the wheels begin turning. This Town Car is powered a 4.9L inline-six engine, which happens to be one of the most overbuilt motors Ford ever sold. Throw in the fact that it’s a low-mileage Jasper rebuilt unit and it’s likely to last decades without issue.

What I really dig about this seller’s truck is he didn’t just gut the interior and leave it a barren wasteland, which someone might be inclined to do for a vehicle that can potentially dive into a mud pit whenever it wants. Instead, he kept it civilized, not sacrificing the comfort a Town Car is known for and ordering up gorgeous cardinal red leather upholstery that pairs perfectly with the black exterior. Inside, there’s also new custom carpet, additional sound deadening material, new power window motors, and even a replacement landau roof from cloth top manufacturer Haartz. So, even if this was a backyard 4×4 conversion, plenty of money has been spent elsewhere.

The seller provides a long list of new and replacement parts, including a new heater core; new water pump; new radiator hoses and heater core hoses; new electric fan and thermostat; new carburetor; new coils and plug wires; a new ignition module; and much, much more. There’s also loads of suspension improvements along with a Ford nine-inch rear end. Overall, this is definitely a head-turning machine that looks like it started with a good baseline for an off-road conversion, and with no reserve, someone is going to win a vehicle that has way more into it than just the obvious lift kit.


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Perfect limo ride for a bride and groom wearing camo…

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    • Rick

      And their gift registry is at O’Reilly or Walmart.

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  2. CCFisher

    The dignified version of “hold my beer.”

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  3. Big C

    When that raised up El Camino, just won’t do.

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  4. Joe B.

    Well, lets think here…Lincoln Navigator = $75k+, Cadillac Escalade = $75k+. I can make one for cheaper!!!???

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  5. Gerard Frederick

    What a nightmare – an absolutely horrible abuse if a great American luxury barge.

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  6. Jay McCarthy

    The 6 cylinder ruins it for me

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  7. Troy

    This looks like fun and if I drive back to get it I don’t have to go through Indianapolis so it makes the trip safer about 2000 miles definitely a head turner , not sure of the rest of the reaction.

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  8. FireAxeGXP

    When I finished some business with the porcelain throne this morning I stood up and looked down on more brain matter than the imbecile who did THIS has between his ears.

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    • B302

      The workmanship looks very good, as good or better than on most vehicles I see. You may be a little overly judgmental just because it is not to your style or taste, to each their own.

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  9. John

    Can’t Fix Redneck

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  10. chrlsful

    just the opposite – the 4.9 is the chincher here.
    “Slow’n Low” (low revs) is the way to drive this buet.

    Now the question is where? aaahahahaa
    On the rocks at Natucket?
    Beaches of Martha’s Vinyard?

    (glad they did it to the fox body (105 inch WB). That’s not the panther of crown vic model is it? 115 inch WB

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  11. Burt

    I don’t understand the hate. It is hardly a limo. That six is a great engine. Too, this looks a LOT better than the endless mix of SUVs on our roads. And with the extra ride height over most SUVs, this could run over zombies. I’m running to put in my bid right now….

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  12. Jim in FL Member

    Looking at the long list of new items, plus adding the cost of the donor vehicles…this guy’s taking a serious financial bath on this project.
    Pretty cool though!

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  13. geezerglide85

    WOW a little over 3 hours left to go and its only at $6,160. Seem like a lot of work and money went into this build. Somebody paid attention to the details and that rarely happens with these builds.

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  14. Emel

    Hey if they ever relaunch The Beverly Hillbillies….this might work !
    Otherwise…….no .

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  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    41 bids and $6,660 later, this one has a proud new owner.

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  16. Jost

    Whoever built this gets an A+ for creativity! not my cup of tea but why not?

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