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Looking For A Good Home: 1968 Ford Galaxie 500

In the 1960s, the Galaxie 500 was to Ford as the Impala was to Chevrolet: a well-equipped (but not luxurious) car for the whole family. Though Ford’s new Mustang was the hottest thing going at the time, the full-size Fords almost always took a back seat to Chevy. Such was the case in 1968 when Ford delivered nearly 18,000 Galaxie convertibles, while Chevy’s output was nearly 25,000 copies. The seller’s drop-top looks nice and has the big 390 cubic inch V8, but the garage space is needed for other things, so it’s available here on craigslist for $16,500 in Silt, Colorado. Another cool tip from T.J.!

Ford reused the 1965 platform one more time in 1968, going back to horizontal rather than stacked headlights for the first occasion since 1964. This enabled Ford to offer concealed headlights on some models. The line-up was the same with the Custom as the entry-level model, followed by the Galaxie (500 or XL) and then the LTD, which did sell better than the corresponding Caprice. Otherwise, there wasn’t much new at Ford that year other than the 289 was retired in favor of the new 302, and all cars had shoulder belts and side marker lights per Federal safety mandates.

Fuel economy wasn’t top-of-mind when this Galaxie 500 was built. The VIN verifies that the 390 V8 came with a 4-barrel carburetor, which meant that when you slammed down on the accelerator, the car took off. At 104,000 miles, we don’t know how original this Ford is. The blue paint could be a redo since the car has turned 55 years old. And the interior is okay, though the carpeting has faded from black to a dull grey with exposure to the open air and sunlight (unless the carpet was grey to begin with).

We’re told this Ford runs great but doesn’t see enough use. The seller brings it out for a ride about once a year, and that’s not enough to warrant keeping the car when the garage space could be allocated to the wife’s car, an AUDI. The only thing it may require is a new oil pan gasket as the car leaves a little oil puddle on said garage floor. The seller may be picky about who gets to take this drop-top home. He wants to be sure the next owner will enjoy the car to its fullest.


  1. Maggy

    Whomever has the $ would take it home imo.You’re selling a car not giving up a kid for adoption.Cool car though and looks like it’s worth the $.Sounds like the old lady is pressuring him into selling it.If he wants to due to lack of use and let someone else enjoy it fine.If not I know I’d tell my wife to pound sand.Imo.

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    • eric22t

      so maggy, i gotta ask… who’s car gets parked IN the garage at your house??? lol.

      nice looking galaxy someone will score nicely here

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      • maggy

        My 68ss 427 of course .She can pound sand…..oh boy if she sees this I’m in trouble. LOL. She’s my sweetie and likes the old car too and knows it needs to be housed and not left to the elements.

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      • Robert Holt

        I just find it disheartening that this beauty has to give up its cozy place in the garage for an Audi ☹️ that’s just wrong, imo….hmmm, I have space in my garage…

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  2. Mr Meowingtons

    Tell that wife to jam it up her ar$e

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  3. 64 Bonneville

    Ad doesn’t really say much about the car other than wife wants to park hers’ inside. The picture of the 390 logo lets you know it has a 390 motor. My opinion is that I might go $14K for it, but not much more. to many unknowns other than oil pan leak, or is it a rear main?

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    • Big Mike

      At 104,000 miles, most 1960’s V8’s are due a rebuild. Top end of the range at $16,500 IMO.

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  4. BigDaddyBonz

    Nice car, looks worth the money. My wife has the house to keep her stuff in. Garage is mine. No room for this Galaxie though, Fairlane, automotive memorabilia and woodworking tools taking up all the room. Miss the top down experience since I sold the Falcon. Sigh!!

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    • maggy

      I’m in the same boat with the old lady. But lately she’s trying to put her ship in the garage. Put the Kabosh on that real kwik.

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  5. C Force

    The 390 was the best ford engine i’ve assembled and run.easier to assemble than a windsor or 385 series big block but a little more costly.they do have common issues of oil pan leaks and valve cover leaks.Simple to build lots of hp.In fact the heads that came on this motor are no different than the “390 hi-po”except for maybe a half a point in comp ratio.just add more cam,carb and better flowing exhaust and you have a 390 GT”engine.

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  6. JW454

    If this was a 2 dr. fastback body I’d be interested. My little brother one back in the late seventies. That was one nice car. 302 / C4 dark forest green with black interior. The roof line on it was sweet.

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  7. Kent Krueger

    The Audi can stay outside. The nerve of people who have those German POS cars.

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  8. eric22t

    ahhh i see kent is single and has yet to learn the age old adage…

    if momma ain’t happy ain’t no one happy


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  9. George

    Happy wife, happy life!

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  10. Bob C.

    There was no mid range engine for 67 and 68. A big jump from the 289 (67) and the 302 (68) to the 390 since the 352 disappeared after 66. But, they brought in the 351 beginning in 1969 and that pretty much stole the 390s glory from that point on.

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  11. Dennis

    They did offer a 428 in 68

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