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13k Mile 1980 Plymouth Road Runner

Of all the incredible muscle cars, the Road Runner might have been the one that fell the hardest when the famed Road Runner nameplate was placed on the F Body Plymouth Volare. Built from 1976 to 1980, the “new” Road Runner was primarily a decal package. It might be a gussied up Volare, but this example has only traveled 13,000 miles since new and is in amazing shape throughout. It’s listed here on eBay for a Buy It Now price of $18,500. This two-door sedan is located in Hartsville, South Carolina and there are 21 days remaining in the listing.

In 1980, the only V8 engine available in the Plymouth Road Runner was the 318 cubic inch V8 engine fed through a 2 barrel carburetor. In 1978 and 1979, Plymouth offered the optional 360 cubic inch V8 engine with a 4 barrel carburetor that produced an eye-popping 195 horsepower. That was more horsepower than offered in the Camaro Z28 in the same year. I believe the Camaro Z28 was 185 horsepower to 190 horsepower. Still, the Camaro definitely looked better than the Volare badged Road Runner.

The deep red interior looks to be in fantastic shape on this car. The seats, carpet, and dash look brand new. Apparently, very few Road Runners were built in 1980 which was the last year of production. It is estimated that only 498 Road Runners left the factory and I have never seen one at a car show. The sheet metal and paint is said to be mostly original. However, the bottom of the car is covered in rust based on the picture included in the listing. Further investigation by the buyer is definitely warranted.

The 1976-1980 Road Runner came in several colors. This one is black and the seller still has the original tires. However, they are not mounted on the factory rally wheels. From this angle, the Road Runner looks pretty good with its rear spoiler and red accents. The seller states that the horn goes “beep beep”!


  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    It’s a nice car in great shape but for $18k I can think of a couple cars I’d rather have for that price. I have no doubt someone will like it but I wouldn’t know if the price is fair. However, it is 40 years old and looks like it needs nothing so maybe it’s a deal.

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  2. Hank

    Lip stick on a pig

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  3. Jim

    I love this car. You seldom see a Road Runner from this era, so its rarity makes it worth more….I would think. It’s in beautiful condition, has the classic cartoon character logos, and I love the color combo. Wish I had the money for this one!

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  4. Stephen Miklos

    Working in the Chrysler dealer parts department back then. I remember went there came off the trailer. You have two choices with this Runner. Drive as is and enjoy it or. Remove the drive train and put in a 340 or 406 ..727 trans or beef up 904. Rear end 8 3/4 with 3.91 gears. Outside don’t touch and have fun. 😄

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    • Jim

      Would hate to see someone modify this car. There are so few of these around.

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  5. Randy Donahue

    If it was a bit cheaper be a nice clean car to drop a 340/6-pack motor in and have some fun.

  6. bone

    Hardest hit ? How about the Dodge Charger when it was a rebadged Omni ?

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    • Jim

      The Mitsubishi Challenger…..the Japanese Chevy Nova…..the Korean Pontiac LeMans.

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  7. DON

    Its probably a lot better than the one year only 1975 Road Runner – big ,ugly , heavy and no power. At least in the 76 -79 Road Runners you could get a 360 in a lighter platform

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    • Will Fox

      My dad had a marina blue `75 Road Runner coupe–360 4bbl. as I recall it moved pretty well. For it’s day.

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    • Jim

      Hated the graphics on the 75 Road Runner….especially the decal on the trunk lid.

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  8. CCFisher

    Where do you see rust? For that matter, where do you see a photo of the underside of the car?

  9. Miguel

    That is a very expensive Volare.

    Are those the wheels it is supposed to have?

    They look a lot like Chevy wheels.

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    • Brian T Zimmer

      Those wheels are stock. I have one and am the original owner. You had the option to uptick to aluminum wheels. I thought these looked a lot better than the aluminum ones.

  10. Troy s

    Different times for sure, Plymouth could call it whatever they wanted and paint it up or whatever, but high performance engines were the last thing on their minds. It wasn’t even a reality, for any manufacturer not just Chrysler, at that time.
    It’s hard for me to criticize the auto industry for these slugs that were built as their hands and feet were tied by strict government regulations, both federal and state, and with what we considering technology back then. Yet at the same time I dont see the attraction to reliving the drive of 1980 especially for eighteen thousand dollars, but that’s just me. It’s in great shape as it sits, just keep it parked for viewing!
    Make mine a ’69 Road Runner and then it’s for real.

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      Yep had 68 hemi. Still makes my heart shudder GTX would wake you up also.

  11. Howard A Member

    Say what you will about the build quality, which is true, Iacocca said himself, “we sent a lot of junk out the door”, before Saturn, I believe the Volare was the poster child for recalls. I thought these were really sharp cars. ALL car makers were struggling ( Chrysler the worst) in a changing automotive scene. People still wanted muscle cars, or what passed for a muscle car in 1980, there were faster trucks, but I think, given what was going on, Chrysler did a pretty good job. Surely all the bugs have been worked out by now. It’s entirely possible to keep an interior like this, but it’s not 13K. Still a great find.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      It was 1977 (I believe) that a Chevy truck
      was the fastest new American vehicle.

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      • Troy s

        I thought it was the Dodge ‘red Express’ with the two stacks and police 360 that was quicker than the TA, Corvette, Z28 by just a little. Ran in the 15’s. Funny, but it was probably stronger than the police car with the 360, go figure. Not as strict on emissions till ’78 on the pick ups.

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      • DON

        Troy is correct , it was the Little Red Express that was the fastest. At one time the fastest production truck too

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  12. Stephen Miklos

    I don’t know if everyone knew about the recalls on these models. The front fenders would rot out. I had to make room for the “recall fenders!!” Found out. The person at the factory putting down the weather sealant around the front window. Could not reach the upper middle of the windshield. Water would get in eventually travel down the channel into the fender well. The Union found out gave her a soapbox to stand on so not all Chrysler lebarons Dodge diplomats and Aspen and volare had a rust issue. No joke this is a true story great unions back then. I know our dealership replaced a lot of fenders even if they weren’t rotted we had to replace it pull off the front windshield molding and reseal it and put it back together again under warranty. Also this road runner with the seats those are very very comfortable and to drive. 😄

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    • Stephen Miklos

      Since I just worked at a Chrysler dealer in parts department. This is what I was told by a Chrysler rep. Somebody wanted to give her a box to step on but it had to be union approved. So the assembly line kept rolling and the problem persisted period until the union gave you okay for her to stand on a union design box. This is no joke this really happened. My wife is in the teachers union. I have no beef with them. It just what happens back then. 🤷

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    • bone

      The 1976 -77 Volare /Aspen fenders rotted out severely , prompting the recall. They fixed whatever problem they had with the fender issue with the 1978 -80 Models .

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    • SgtTGS

      …and their soap boxes…

  13. Leland

    The 1980 Aspen/Volare hoods may have looked good, but way too much flex in them. They felt real flimsy. Just the same, this has got to be super rare, leave it as is. It would be a nice cruiser. Not ever car needs to be a hot rod, and shame on those who think otherwise.

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  14. Jcs

    Road Runner,
    the Coyote’s after you.

    Road Runner,
    if he catches you your through.

    Couldn’t resist.

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  15. Ron

    If you want a 2nd rate car, you are better off with a 1974 GTO. You can get it for less and its a better car.

  16. Ron Kocher

    I can’t find the picture of the bottom of the car either. How do you view it?

  17. Jonathan Ard

    “Of all the incredible muscle cars, the Road Runner might have been the one that fell the hardest when the famed Road Runner nameplate was placed on the F Body Plymouth Volare.” …

    No, I’d place that comment on the 1988 Pontiac Le Mans, which was a rebadged Daewoo … I couldn’t believe Pontiac would fall so low …

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  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    So much for 21 days being left, it is now listed as Ended.

    I guess we’ll never know what happened to it.

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  19. David Ulrey

    I think the price is too high but I love the car. I’ve owned an Aspen and a Volaré. I loved both. I live in Arizona so rust wasn’t an issue. I live originality but some cars I’m totally fine with beefing up. If you look back in history, someone taking something and modifying it is how hot roads came to be. I’m not into butchering a car, just making it better if needed. I would do a mildly modified 340 if possible or a mildly modified 360. Make sure the brakes and handling are as up to date as possible and enjoy it. I feel no need to change its appearance though. If you think about it, that’s what the factory (as far as performance) did to create the Road Runner in the first place.

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  20. suprarossa

    Not the hardest to fall, but my personal tears were shed in my ’78 AMX (Concord) with a 258 I-6 and 5spd. The best part about the car was the Levi’s package interior.

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  21. keith

    I should buy it and put my hellcat motor still sitting in the crate in it…

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    • Camaro guy

      Great idea but put frame connectors and a full roll cage in it or you’ll twist it like a pretzel 😁😁

  22. SgtTGS

    …and their soap boxes…

  23. Pat Gambardella

    I had a 79 Apen R/T.
    360, auto., big posi rear, black anadized chrome, 15 x 8 wheels.
    Generally a 2 door police car, with a spoiler and rear window louvers.
    The engine was a high output Black painted engine with dual exhaust that went into a large 4 inch exhaust pipe, Was fast & handled great!

  24. Gerald Ramey Jr

    My Uncle Gary, my Mom’s youngest brother, had a Spitfire Orange 1977 Road Runner. It had a 360, 2 barrel carb, and an automatic. 2 year later he sold it to my Mom’s youngest sister and he bought a 1979 Camaro Z28. It had a 350 and a 4 barrel carb, also an automatic. I rode in both cars as a teenager and remember the Camaro as being the faster of the two.
    Several years ago, at a family reunion, I asked Uncle Gary which one was faster. He said the Road Runner was the faster of the two. I was surprised at his answer. He said he had a new set of Uniroyal Tiger Paw radial tires and had the front end alignment, it handled the country roads of Lee County, Virginia like you wouldn’t believe!

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