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Merry Christmas From Barn Finds!


One of our readers sent in a few photos of a Studebaker all done up for Christmas and I knew then that it would be perfect for today. Matt L spotted the car outside an antique store in Northern Virginia and although the patina may be simulated, we still like the look. Thanks for sharing Matt! We hope everyone discovers their dream find under the tree… er, in the barn on Christmas morning. Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Barn Finds!



  1. randy

    Merry Christmas to you too, and you have helped me have a great year!

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    • L.M.K.

      I second that same sentiment !!

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      • Rspcharger Rspcharger

        I third that sentiment !!

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    • Ray Rittam

      If I could I would post a photo of my 1950 Studebaker and I drive it everywhere. I completely restored it in 2006 and it runs down the California Freeways with the best of them.

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  2. packrat

    ’50 Studebaker Land Cruiser. “Simulated” patina? The ‘put-the-plater’s-daughter-through-college’ condition of the chrome is for reals. No matter: I’ve rowed one of these battleships through all three gears in downtown traffic before, and I would have one again, just for the smiles per gallon.

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    • randy

      Hey packrat, I finally got the “put the platers daughter through school line.”

      Good one!!!

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  3. 1969Deuce

    I, too, have enjoyed Barnfinds ever since Joanne turned me on to it. I love the Stud-buster and have nothing to compete with it, but . . .

    So Merry Christmas to all from Joanne, me, and Christmas Deuce.


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  4. Jason Houston

    1950 Land Cruiser, in nice original (albeit a broom-painted red finish) condition!

    And a wonderful Merry Christmas to Old Car Fanciers everywhere.

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  5. Mark S

    I too wish all you gear heads out there a merry Christmas. On both sides of the 49th. Nice built nose and it’s a suicide door too.

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  6. Cassidy

    Merry Christmas guys, thank for all the great blogs this year!

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  7. sir mike

    Merry Christmas to all of you at Barn Finds and all the loyal readers.

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  8. jim s

    happy holidays.

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  9. Marty Member

    And to all a good night!

    This photo taken from an ad on the St. Louis Craigslist page, where Santa Claus is apparently selling his 1972 deVille:


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    • randy

      What a car, that’s about .10 cents a pound.
      How much for the Ford truck in the back?
      Picture 16 and 17, can you find the differences?

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  10. Glen

    Here in central Ontario we’re having a green(well, brown actually) Christmas, and it’s above freezing at 11:00 PM. I hate El Nino! I wish a Merry Christmas to all subscibers of BarnFinds and of course the producers of the website.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      It’s great! It’s tough to hate global warming!

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      • Glen

        Well, at this rate, we won’t be seeing any fish huts on the lake, but possibly some boats! Have a Very Merry Christmas !

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  11. 64 bonneville

    wish they would put the windows up on that Stud buster, to try and save the interior.

    A blessed and peaceful Christmas to all and may your New Year bring you many happy barn finds.


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  12. Vince Habel

    The 50 Studebaker is a really nice driving car. These are much bigger than you think. It has a 124″ wheelbase.

    Merry Christmas

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  13. wayne

    Jim s
    What’s with the Happy holidays rubbish. It”s Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas. Please drop the PC bs.

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  14. Wayne

    Thanks leiniedude

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  15. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    Yes, Wayne, and all the other great readers and contributors! Merry Christmas!! And thanks! to Jesse and the gang! Have a great 2016!

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  16. rjc

    Merry Christmas from sunny Pheonix

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  17. Mike Bun Ramey

    Guys– Merry Christmas and keep up the good work on the BFs. Once again Santa did not come through for me. I wished for a dirty (but running) 190 SL with any female in the front seat—– I guess those SLs are just too rare!

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  18. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Merry Christmas and Good Health To You And Yours This Holiday Season!

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  19. GOPAR

    I spent most of my Christmas day installing a new wiring harness on my ’51 Stude Champion Starlight Coupe. It was around 80 degrees in L.A. (that’s Lower Alabama). Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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