More Info Please: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28/RS

The owner of this 1971 Chevrolet Camaro points out that the car is a real Z28/RS, and that it is not a clone. Beyond that, he doesn’t tell us a lot. It looks a bit tired, but if it is the real deal, then it is certainly worth a look. Barn Finder Geo G referred to Camaro to us, so thank you so much for that Geo G. The Camaro is located in Findlay, Ohio, and is listed for sale here on Facebook. The owner has set the price for the Camaro at $11,000.

Whether or not the engine that is under the hood is original isn’t clear. We also don’t know what state the engine is in because the owner literally tells us nothing. What I can see is that there are plenty of aftermarket parts bolted to the engine, so if the next owner wishes to pursue originality, then they will also need to go shopping for quite a few parts as well. We do know that the Camaro is fitted with an automatic transmission and power brakes, but it doesn’t feature power steering.

If this Camaro really is a case of “what you see is what you get,” then the next owner will need to hunt for a few items for inside the car. What we can see of the seats, door trims, and the console, all appear to be in good condition. The car will need some new carpet, while it isn’t clear whether the dash pad is just dirty, or if it is badly discolored. There is a CD player fitted to the dash, but the biggest issue is the fact that the entire gauge cluster appears to be missing. You can source these, but they aren’t cheap.

The owner of this Camaro is pretty abrupt. His attitude is “Don’t bother if you don’t have the money.” It sounds like he might have been messed about in the past, and has become sick of it. With so little information provided, the only way to confirm anything about the car would be to contact the seller to arrange an inspection. Do we have any takers?


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  1. Troy s

    Despite all the neat high performance parts on this Camaro it was the Twitty Bird key fob that really nailed it for me.

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    • Dan

      Was “Twitty Bird” an intentional misspelling, a Freudian slip, or just an honest error?

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      • Troy s

        Ha ha, yeah, I blew it on the spelling, an honest error, guess I better keep my day job….I read through the comments,,,,if this car was cheap enough like it would have been years ago the only negative comments would have come from the Ford guys bashing another Camaro. Mopar guys wouldn’t even have looked here, too bad that part of the hobby has been replaced somewhat with lawyer type discussions. It’s just a dumb dog pee yellow Camaro with a dress up kit. I’ll show myself out.

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    • Neil Jezierski

      How about $1,100.
      Unless u make it drag strip burner, but that is after $6000 for a motor, $2000 in suspension…..oh never mind it is a money pit

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  2. Steve R

    If it’s a Norwood Ohio built car, the trim plate on the cowl will show Z28 on one of its lines. Since the seller is a man of few words, that would be the first and probably the last question I’d ask. It’s best to assume it’s a fake, until proven otherwise.

    Steve R

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    • tmc_61

      As a previous owner of this gen RS Z28, I can confirm, should have Z28 on the cowl tag.

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      • OhU8one2

        Wow,what a crazy buildsheet. No power steering, no p/s rear view mirror on the door. And that awful yellow. I’m surprised it doesn’t have green interior and a 3 spd manual trans.

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  3. JOHN Member

    This thing is like stucco… rough. And the lack of any details really makes you suspicious of what this really is. Remember when the Z/28 really took off in sales in 1969? I’d like to know how many Z/28 emblems were sold back then… they were seemingly on every 69 Camaro you ever saw!

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  4. TimM

    Ohio car is bound to have some rust!! At least it seems to have all its parts!! I’m with everyone else here though!! Prove it to me that it’s a real Z28!!!

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    • Steve R

      It’s missing it’s instrument cluster, with a high redline tach and year specific speedometer. The wood grain dash insert which was part of the trim package associated with the rally sport option will cost a minimum of $150. The windshield wipers motor and assembly are missing, so are the specific deep groove pulleys. If the original wheels are missing, that’s another $750 or more, since they differ from the late-70’s version. Who knows what else is not there, this car will nickel and dime it’s owner to death.

      Steve R

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  5. Steve Bush Member

    AARGH!! Again I just don’t get it! The seller wants $11k for an incomplete rough Camaro with a bunch of aftermarket parts yet offers virtually no details and only four so-so pics that do nothing to prove the car is a real Z/28. Of course, no profile or underbody pics. And he doesn’t want to be bothered by people who don’t have money. All joking aside, an average ten year old with a cellphone could have taken much better pics and found enough info online to post a much better add.

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  6. Andrew M Pappas

    I’ve taken better pics and given more info selling an Ikea coffee table on CL for $20. Seriously, if you want $10k….do a little work for it

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  7. Jeff

    Mr troy i am a MOPAR GUY but like em all this year camaro and. A. 67 or 68 would be in my garage. If money werent an issiue. Cool car . my friend has a 350. Lt1. Offenhauser off set twin 4 barrel with two holleys. 5.38 gears. 3500 stall converter that i helped him build about 1985 or so. SCARRY FAST. total restoration drove it 3 or 4 years. been sittin since. i recently saw car and was shocked when i saw what had become of it from sitting in a crappy garage DAMN SHAME. I did manage to at least to convince him to move it to other side of garage. So the camaro had at least a non leaking roof over it. I asked him why he dont just sell it and give it a chance to be restored. AGAIN. he said he was THINKIN ABOUT IT. another year or two in that damp garage and car will be toast. 😥

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    • Troy s

      Sounds like one quick scarey Camaro, Jeff. Brand loyalty is a strange thing, there’s just too many nice cars from all the manufacturers really. Personally I liked Ford’s early on, grew up around them including a neighbors ferocious ’63 Galaxie drag car, showed up to high school one day in my recently purchased ’66 Mustang coupe, I’d had my eye on a Tempest, Challenger, and a ’73 Z28. I felt the heat mostly from the Chevy kids for driving a Ford anything, even my dads boss gave me the business. Dodge guys thumbed their noses. Then there was the sports car soc’s, there was always a rivalry between them and us more gear headed guys. I think about it now and I enjoyed all of it, I just didn’t know it then. Nothing however like the rivalry’s I heard about back in the ’60s, which were quite heated.

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  8. 433jeff

    Noone mentioned bumblebee? Its worth the money just cuz its a transformer .

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  9. v

    no point complaining about whats there and whats not there . any restoration is going to cost lots of money. the real question on restoration is. is there anything that makes it unique to all the other cars out there. if the car has no 1 only stuff, its only for someone who loves that type car. everything that is going to be replaced is made in china , so it will never be a real camaro again. it will forever be a chinese camaro.., he has probably been trying to sell it for years and i’ll bet anything that if anybody showed up to look at it they most likely couldn’t get out of there own car to even go look at the thing. we as a society only want something for nothing. or we are replacing that junk car that has been sitting in our garage. but then we cant even get out the car we drive to even look at the junk we have. so who even knows if theres a junk car in our garage. we are a bunch of lazy +ssses. heck we are even lucky if we have the energy to even read. how many of us reading this article has even tried to put a car together that we have or someone else has taken apart. i see very few hands. so we must be restoring these cars in our minds only , and if we need parts we just cant get past mcdonalds to go get them. now what parts were i on the way to get, oh crap another mcdonalds …

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I bet you would be surprised at the builds done here and the ones going on now by the readers here v. Myself, I prefer Culvers over McDonadl’s.

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      • v

        finally the blood is boiling. we need BARN FIND FOLLOWUPS to see the mastery at work…then it would be better for the amateur and professional restorer. a more appreciative website for doers not just sayers…it sure would beat just words on paper. americans sure like progress and the wait is always worth it…

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  10. bigdoc

    $11,000 for a rough Camaro, no info on the engine, transmission, gauge cluster, don’t call without the money. He won’t be getting a call from me for darn sure.

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  11. Jeff

    V you are correct about AFTER market parts. Nuttin fina then sumtin made in china. Replacement parts are close but no cigar. ALL sheet metal repro parts will need a LOT of tweeking to get a NICE FIT. I can do that. but on the chrome and rubber parts your kinda stuck iI.
    I. recently got back into the car scene I tried to find a 68 roadrunner. To do for myself. But stripped builder shells are going for like 10 grand needing everything. They be smokin SUMTIN good. I did however find a 66 coronet in pretty good shape overall for 1200 bucks that i will be starting on shortly. bought replacement lower quarters made in 🇺🇸 BUT THEY were a disaster and sent em BACK. They looked like they were made with a shovel and a 2 by 4. Fortunately I can do my own body and paint work so I’ll just make my own pannels. I just cant imagine somebody buying a car like this and paying. To have it done. youll have. Approx 20 to 25 grand invested in it total. Im using all my coronets chrome and glass as is. It wont be perfect. the parts will share honest wear. I know pundits will pick on the flaws. But THIER. Soposedly PERFECT car aint never arround to compair it to. Ever notice that?? It’s. A shame at local car shows to have theese clowns bashin someones pride and joy when THIER. car aint noware to be found. ASSCLOWNS

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    • v

      amen, the eyes of the beholder

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    • v

      at times when windshield chrome trim has to be installed i sometimes wish you could use the new style rubber seals on these old cars. a scary thought , but at times seems logical…

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      • JOHN Member

        if the trim is stainless, it can be straightened and polished to a chrome-like luster. Anodized aluminum can also be restored, but has an anodized finish that must be removed, straightened, polished, and anodized again, or you can just polish it. You can also get replacement oversized glass that basically flush-fits to the car, just like modern cars. It looks sooooo good, but it is very pricey!

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  12. Kevin Lee

    V, I think you might be selling us (Barn Finds readers) a little short. Personally, I started at 14 years old with a free, but stripped, mini – bike frame and built a fun ride out of it with an old lawn mower engine. Through the years I’ve built engines, complete cars and trucks, and even learned to do body work and paint. I think probably most of us here have turned plenty of wrenches in our lives.

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  13. Del

    Parts car for what ?

    That much……

    Ridiculous price

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  14. Neil Jezierski

    Who is v?
    Annoying ?
    Please write another novel, just don’t post it here.

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    • v

      what can i say i just like people…

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  15. Jeff

    V. I ended up with a LOT of MO POWERS in the late 70 s because nobody else wanted em. The. Ford and Chevy guys busted my stones about drivin a Mopar but it is funny. I used to drive em to pick up parts when thier Blue Oval or Bow ties were broke down. And when we raced to the bar. With the last place guy buyin first rounds. I managed to keep a LOT of cash in my wallet. My friend had a 68 RAMBLER with a 327 amc motor 4 gear with 4 88 s in rear. He took a lot of harassment from the EXCLUSIONISTS. But from what i recall he did well on that looser buyin first round thingy

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    • v

      these days those MO POWERS are worth there weight in gold. MO POWERS are rare cars and have a stable value and still for some odd reason people like to look at them. when they had demolition derbys back then MO POWERS were not allowed to play cause they were built like tanks. you just gotta love those 440 interceptors with that lopey idle straight from the factory. they would melt the tires on acceleration tests. when these cars are around everybody just stands and stares at them because those cars made memories. i especially like the fitted couch in the back seats. what fantastic machines. check thev plymouth road runner out in this listing section, and the color choices wow pure art…

  16. Mike

    Findlay, Ohio is only about an hour drive from my home town. I was actually just thinking about taking a ride over to Tiffin to pick up a few things at Harbor Freight when I get in this wknd. Now, since Findlay also has a Harbor Freight, I might just open a Farcebook account to contact the seller. Even though I do have the money, I’m not interested in buying another Camaro (I have a 74 Z28), I’d like to get a look at the cowl tag, engine stamps etc. Maybe/maybe not…it depends on what wifey has planned for us (me) this wknd. Either way, that hood is NOT original to ANY 2nd gen Camaro.

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  17. Mike

    Upon a closer look at the picture, that L88 “style” scoop is either bondo’d or “glassed” onto what could be the stock hood. Looking closer, I can see the cracks in whatever was used to attach it. I’d still like to get a look at the tag and numbers though.

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