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Mr. Ambassador: 1965 Rambler Ambassador 990


It’s hard to be objective with this one, I think that this is a stunningly-gorgeous car. It’s a 1965 Rambler Ambassador 990, made by AMC of course, and it’s on eBay with a current bid price of $5,200 and there are three days left on the auction. This beauty is in Elverta, California.


Like a stooge, I didn’t seriously bid on a loaded (AC, power windows, 327, etc.) 1966 Ambassador DPL about a year and a half ago and I’ve been regretting it ever since. This Ambassador 990 doesn’t have those options, unfortunately, but most of the buyers in the mid-1960s didn’t check those option boxes. 1965 and 1966 were the only years for this fifth-generation, sort of chunky, Ambassador design and it’s by far my favorite. So elegant, so sleek, so perfect.


Speaking of perfect, this car is almost perfect, especially for being 41 51-years old. It has to have been a California car. But, there are a couple of spots that could use some attention, the small spot behind the LR wheel has a repair and the windshield is cracked as you can see in this combined photo. I would hate to have a shoddy rust repair, or more likely a shoddy paint match ruin an other wise beautiful Montego Rose/Barcelona Taupe Metallic car.


The interior is stunning, or at least in stunning condition. Stunning in design is just one person’s opinion (mine) and everyone has their own opinion on what looks pleasing to their eye or not. Ok, I amend that and just throw it out there that this interior is stunning!


Here’s a combination engine/trunk photo, interesting. The engine doesn’t look like it’s detailed quite as nicely as the rest of the car is but it looks dry and the seller says that this 327 V8 starts every time, doesn’t leak a drop, and doesn’t smoke, unlike quite a few of my friends. This was a powerful car with a four-barrel and 270 hp. A couple weekends of detailing would do wonders for that 327. The trunk looks great, from the era when trunks were trunks, not posh, fully-lined cocoons for overnight bags. As a bonus, you could rent this trunk out as an efficiency apartment in Cucamonga for $1,850 a month. I think this is a beautiful car in beautiful condition. Other than a couple of small, body issues (and don’t we all have those) this one really looks like a winner. Is anyone else a fan of the 1965 and 1966 Ambassadors?


  1. john

    Almost 51 years old !!! not 41…

    • Joe

      Why can’t the seller answer ebay but can answer emails?

  2. Paul R

    41 years old? Try 51 years old!

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Jeepers, at least you’re reading every word, Paul!
      Thanks for the correction.

  3. Rustytech Member

    Wow! I think this may be the most beautiful AMC Ambassador I have seen since 1965. I loved the chiseled lines of these cars from the first time I saw them. I don’t know why AMC wasn’t selling these faster than they could make them.

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  4. Brad C

    Boy, is that somethin. Never been my favorite era (born too late to appreciate 60s muscle) but this is quite impressive. Looks like a great blend of “oomph” with the late 60s sofa-like luxury my grandparents enjoyed in their Lincolns.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Brad….You would be surprised at the sofa like comfort that we enjoyed….and still enjoy. Welcome to Barn Finds.

  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    Want!!!!! But can’t 😞

  6. 68 custom

    really nice Ambassador, love it! I notice it has dual circuit brakes, what year did AMC start with this?

    • Loco Mikado

      1963. They were the first I believe.

  7. DrinkinGasoline

    If this were a female, she would flow across the dance floor in a graceful dress,
    and anyone of you would proud to be her escort !

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  8. Rustytech Member

    I don’t remember what year it was, I think 1963, but AMC did pioneer the dual circuit brake system. Amazing little company. They were also first to make A/C standard equipment.

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  9. Bobby Member

    I like it. Look up the definition of slab-sided in the dictionary and you might see this car.

  10. Howard A Member

    While I never was a fan of “stacked head lights” I made an exception for the Ambassador.( and possibly, the ’66 GTO) My grandfather had a ’65 Ambassador, 4 door. It was the last car he drove, and after he lost his license, the car was relegated to the “back yard” where he’d listen to the ball game and smoke cigarettes in it. Apparently, 1965 was the 1st year for the “Double Safety” dual circuit brakes in Ramblers. Cadillac was the only other car at the time to offer that. This car also has, and frequently overlooked, but much appreciated, electric wiper conversion. I don’t think AMC had that in ’66 as I remember all vacuum type. Not many like this. How it ended up on the west coast, is anybody’s guess.( long ways away from Kenosha, Wis) And a 2 door. Unheard of.

    • Loco Mikado

      Vacuum wipers were standard, electric were an option from 63 on.

  11. JCW Jr. Member

    Not a fan of the 65/66 taillights. Although overall this car does have a beautiful look to it. Kinda looking for a cheap 64 Ambassador SW. Hard to find around Pittsburg, Pa. Found some 65/66 but Dont like the tail lights.


    Beautiful example. The time is ripe to bring back AMC. If FIAT was smart they would open a plant in the USA and start producing American made cars.

    They are going to pay a 35% tariff so why not.

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  13. ROTAG999

    Love that body style also, a Lady use to watch me as a Kid she had the previous body Version 64 i believe with 327 three in the tree with overdrive car ran very well plenty of get up and go and fold down bucket seats. Her husband was a local house builder they bought a black Jaguar after that. There was some neat cars back in the day in my old hood.

  14. ROTAG999

    It has a 45 rpm insert-adapter hanging from the rearview mirror along with a Peace sign medal ?
    Pretty cool have not seen one in awhile.

  15. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    I don’t get the appeal, it is too boxy looking, from the back kind of like a early 60s Lincoln Continental wannabe, which looks ok but dated, and the front end is butt ugly.

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    • Randall

      Yes it would be dated styling since it is in fact 51 years old. That was the look back then. Big, square, and boxy. Love it or hate it …it’s still good old American craftsmanship and part of our automotive history.

  16. TonyM

    Beautiful mid 60’s coupe. Love to own it if I had the room to store it.

  17. jimbosidecar

    As car crazy kids we really looked down upon Ramblers. Cool was either a Ford. Chevy, or Mopar. But nowadays I sure do like the look of some of them, not this one, but the smaler models. Then when Rambler finally got wise in about 1967-68 and started building performance cars, we could sort of look twice at them

  18. Loco Mikado

    I learned to drive on a ’65 Ambassador. I probably put 15-20,000 miles on it. It was my dad’s car he bought used in ’66 for $1525. about half of new with 12,000 miles. Roll down two lane highways at 75-80 all day long. Handled better than most cars of it’s day with it’s torque tube drive with panhard bar and front antisway bar standard. Brakes were 10″ Delco-Remy with semi metallic linings which stopped better than most of the competition. The 270hp 327 v8 could burn the tires for 1\2 a block. Used to love the surprised looks of people when I did. It was the car I wanted but instead I got my mom’s ’63 Classic when they bought a ’67 Ambassador.

    This car gets me dreaming again.

  19. Levi

    I love these cars I have a 66 ambassador 990 4 door with 287 in it . It puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. Mine is a Canadian made one and is a maticle that it is in the shape it’s in after 51 years of harsh Canadian weather . It’s truly a testament to how things really were built to last back then as the only thing I’ve had to do to get it in the road again was tune up , rad recore couple blinker lights and horn relay it was in better shape then the 87 cutlas I recently bought for about same price. Love hearing there’s other people keeping these rare old girls on the road and out of the scrap yards

  20. Stephen agrista

    I had a 66 dpl in college bought it from the original owner in 69 it had factory 4 speed factory tach buckets vinyl roof a an absolute rocket. The old guy must have ran the hell out of it had to replace trans etc traded it for a 68amx even faster then a new 74 ambassador brougham loaded stunning but the coolest was my loaded 65 marlin I’ve had new rolls.royces but were and are special.

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