One Family Owned for 55-years! 1962 Chevrolet Suburban 4X4

Utility may not even be a consideration when making a classic vehicle purchase, but if it is, Barn Finds reader Ikey H. may have found one for you. He sent in this 1962 Chevrolet Suburban 4×4 that was found here on craigslist in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The seller is asking $15,000.

This 1962 model comes from the 5th generation of the Suburban, which spanned 1960 to 1966. You could choose between inline 6-cylinder and V8 models as well as rear-wheel drive and 4×4 drivetrains. This 4×4 V8 model adds a couple more layers of utility to an already utilitarian model.

This Suburban looks very original and complete. The seller says the body is very straight and that is “has always been stored in a garage, never left out in the elements.” It hasn’t been registered since 1978, but is still used occasionally. The original light blue paint is dull and there’s visible rust, but I’ll vote to leave it as-is. Poverty caps are fitted over black steel wheels and, in true old car fashion, knobbier tires are installed on the rear wheels.

The interior is simple and in decent shape. The black and white seats look dirty and slightly worn. The front seat is a split bench and the rear is a solid bench. A spot light is within easy reach from the driver seat. There’s ample cargo space behind the 2nd row. Glass is described as being in “great condition.”

Under the hood is the original 283 cubic-inch V8. The seller says it is a dual-fuel engine and can run on gasoline or propane. It’s logged just 62,952 miles and the seller says it “runs good.” Power is sent to the rear wheels — or all four when engaged — by a floor-shifted 4-speed manual transmission. The brakes are said to need some work, but I’d assume a thorough mechanical inspection and refresh will be in order anyway. A small 12-volt winch is behind the front bumper.

If this Suburban hasn’t yet covered enough bases, the seller is also including a vintage Heilite camping trailer. There’s no pictures of the actual unit, but it’s described as “a pop-up camper; vintage single wheel camping trailer.”

Whether you’re indecisive about what type of vintage automobile you want, looking for an over-equipped vehicle, or just plain like classic Suburbans, this one has wide-reaching appeal. I’d clean it up and drive as-is, but I’m sure by now you’ve discerned that’s my M.O. What would you do with this Suburban?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’d drive it to the store and load it up with Leinenkugel’s.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Do me a favor and swing by my place first Rex. I can’t believe Leinies is going to remove the Indian Maiden image from there packaging.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Yeah, you can tell it’s Wisconsin with an “Allis-Chalmers” banner. That’s a nice story, I don’t believe much. I don’t see a winch, has some sort of PTO and a valve under the hood, telling me this must have had a plow at one time, and I don’t know what that is plumbed into the cooling system on the left inner fender. Don’t get me wrong, not sure what’s more rare, this or the Hurst Jeep. In the 50’s, very few people had 4×4’s. They were primarily used in forest or municipal duty, and if a set of “Town and Country’s” on the old wagon didn’t get you through, you didn’t go anywhere, but amazingly, they did. My old man had those and I never remember getting stuck. 4×4’s just weren’t needed in a city setting. Great find, just remember, 4×4’s of the 50’s never were intended for an interstate, and 50mph in this will seem like the world is coming apart.

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    • robj Member

      “and 50mph in this will seem like the world is coming apart.”



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    • Big_Fun Member

      That’s a gas regulater on the inner drivers fender, with gas lines for the propane Not coolant lines – but they are the same color..

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  3. Moe Moe Member

    This thing is just cool.
    All there ready to roll.

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  4. Petemcgee

    I know from personal experience a set of 7.50-16 deep lugs on stock 16×5 6 lug rims will fit this, and look great!

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  5. Byron Burback

    Howard A that is the propane vaporizer on the fender. All that other stuff has to do with the propane unit. You may not be able to fill the propane tank if it is due for recertifacation. Laws vary state to state.

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  6. Bear

    Wow! What a great find! :-)
    Looks to be really solid & straight.
    Wouldn’t take much to do a light “refresh” (repaint the exterior, maybe upgrade the brakes to a power-assisted dual-zone unit with front discs, new tires all around, maybe give the seats a good cleaning…) & then just DRIVE IT! (y)

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  7. Bear

    LOVE the Compass!
    (I remember my Dad having one of these in his 1959 Galaxie 500. <3 )

    The retractable side steps are pretty cool also. :-)

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  8. redwagon

    Central Wisconsin 4×4 with a spotlight and no carpet in the back? I don’t want to know how many deer got dragged out of the swamp but I’ll bet the conservation officers in 5 counties are curious.

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  9. Traumapac

    Dear Ikey H,

    If I ever become wealthy, can I hire you as my personal vehicle finder? You find ALL of the good stuff!!!

  10. mark mitchell Member

    When I was little, Helm’s Bakery used these trucks (not 4×4) to drive around neighborhoods selling donuts. There were wooden cabinets built into the rear with drawers to display the goodies. Like the ice cream man and milk home delivery, those days are mostly gone-

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  11. lc

    Ten years ago I had the chance to buy a Suburban (I believe it was the same year) that looked like this one except it was yellowish and not a 4×4 for only $2500. I test drove it with the three on the tree, and it felt like a nice runner. What steered me away from it was that I saw some rust on the bottom of the frame area. So I found a 64 GMC HandiVan with a 194 straight six, three on the tree, and bought it for $1400. I had the transmission rebuilt on it for about $1300 then sold it to someone who even made it better.

  12. mark

    I have our families 66 GMC burb. Still rock in’ the original V6. Top speed at about 52mph. Great vehicles!

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    • AZVanMan

      I envy you, Mark! Our Dad’s 64 GMC V6/4spd p/u was sold out from under us, and my 2 brothers and I will look for it for the rest of our lives.

  13. Tony T

    Cover that “EL 8945” Plate! Or not …

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  14. Stevieg

    I want this! I have no use for it, no place to keep it, and really no money to buy it (I have it, but I have other priorities right now), but it is cool!

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