One of 250: 1966 Morgan 4/4 Series V GT

Morgans are the sort of car that inevitably have a wonderful history file. The storied brand is known for its adhering to tradition, almost to a fault, and the owners that cherish them often do little to disturb the lineage captured in every example. This particular car is special in a few different ways, not only for its condition and mechanical specifications but also for being in the same family ownership for the last 45 years. This is a rare Series V GT that featured a variety of upgrades from the factory and was limited to just 250 examples. Find it here on craigslist for $25,000 near Rochester, NY.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader T.J. for the find. The Morgan is one of the more memorable British roadsters ever made, from the ash frame construction and wood dash to the swoopy fenders and wire wheels, it is everything an open-top car from England should be with a healthy dose of exclusivity. I always liked these cars for being as classic as it gets for a vintage open-top tourer, but for also being far rarer to see on the open road than your typical MGB. The seller’s car obviously takes that up a notch with its unique mechanical specification, which gave the already spritely sports car a healthy dose of performance. I absolutely love the colors of this one, too.

The engine is a Ford ‘Kent’ Cortina GT engine with a twin choke weber carburetor as well as an upgraded camshaft, twin-choke Weber carb, high compression head, firmer shock absorbers, and more. As far as factory performance specials go, this Morgan comes with all the goods, as opposed to simply having an upgraded exhaust and different wheels. In fact, the otherwise stock appearance makes this rare Series V model a bit of a sleeper, which only enhances the appeal of this impeccably maintained example. Still, this rare spec and preserved condition didn’t help this Morgan meets its reserve in a recent online auction.

I’m honestly a bit shocked it didn’t do better, as bidding stalled out at $15,000 which is a far cry from the seller’s asking price. The history alone makes this Moggie hard to resist, but the condition and mechanical upgrades would seemingly make it impossible to resist for the British car fanatic. The seller notes there’s even a spare engine available should the next owner wish to work out a deal for it, which would make owning such a rare model slightly less onerous. The Morgan 4/4 is as classic as it gets for anyone looking to get into British motoring, and I don’t know of many other models that will bring the same level of driving enjoyment and exclusivity for $25,000.


  1. 370zpp 370zpp Member
  2. Kurt Member

    I wonder if a California buyer would have trouble getting it registered here? I remember these coming into San Francisco and being converted to LPG by the Isis company because of emission limitation requirements. Otherwise it’s an old enough car to fall under the pre 1974 loophole. Nice car though.

    • Andrew S Mace Member

      Being a 1966 model, I wouldn’t think there would be any problem in California. By 1968, it was another story; as I recall, it was Isis Motors who converted Plus 8 models to run on LPG?

      Meanwhile, I’m a bit surprised that this isn’t selling for more!

  3. TheOldRanger

    I love this car!!!!

  4. matt

    I have only driven a Morgan 4 banger a few times, but they are “firm” rides to say the least.
    Fun car.

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  5. Cordy

    I had a I had 4/4 with this engine 20 years ago . It was a great little car , but a bit underpowered . It convinced me I needed a Plus 8 , so I sold the 4 banger & got the 8 . Fantastic , best fun you can have with your pants on !

  6. Mitch

    Still classy cars. Lately i seen a newer model and according
    to its shift lever it is equipped with a BMW drivetrain. In my
    opinion the old straight 6 bmw engines where good but those
    built the past two decades are junk. But Morgan seems the
    “last line of British defense automotive industry”
    But i stay on the 3 wheeler. No BMW in it please.

    Nice moggy here for a very fair price. Morgans are stable
    on their value.

  7. George Birth

    Great looking sports car. They were never designed to be speed demons. These cars are designed for curvy and Mountain road driving.

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