Original V8 Marlin: 1965 Rambler Marlin

If the 6-cylinder restomod Marlin from the other day wasn’t quite your cup of tea, maybe this nice, original 1965 Rambler Marlin is. This mostly-original version is posted on Craigslist with a $7,000 asking price. It’s located in Jansen, Nebraska and it sure looks like you could drive it home.

Ahhh.. There’s that shape that we all know and love. Who’s with me?! Well, I think it’s cool, probably because it’s unique and I like unique cars. A matching set of white walls on the front tires would have been great. And as long as we’re wishing, more photos would have been great, including photos of the passenger side. But, given how good the car looks from the driver’s side and LF 3/4 shot I’m hoping that the passenger side is a-ok. I’d want to see it in person or at least get a few more photos.

Now that’s a nice looking interior! I believe that the seats have been reupholstered, at least the black portion. I think it would have looked like this originally? That certainly isn’t a deal-breaker and you can sort of see the correct pattern on the rear seats. Unfortunately, this is it for interior photos, you’ll have to ask for more from the seller. They aren’t giving too much information, but they do say: “Body in good shape. Original not restored.”

But, there is a photo of the engine and it is a 190 hp 287 V8! It looks clean in there, too, doesn’t it? Or as clean as a 53-year old original engine compartment should look. There is no mention of how many miles are on this car so that’s yet another question for the seller; the questions are adding up. All they say is: “Automatic, power steering and brakes. Drives good.” So, given the slightly-restomodded car from a few days ago or this mostly-original (sans front seat upholstery) 1965 Marlin, which one would you choose? That’s a no-brainer for me: this one, hands down!


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  1. Classic Steel

    I like it!

    I saw a marlin two years back with a 327 AMC engine which I think ironically beat the Chevy by a half a decade to their engine name and creation. That one had unfortunately lived in salty roads Midwest ☹️

    These are sweet models and this one has a great body and interior too!
    The marlin emblems and back trunk one
    of the marlin really stand out! You should google this model and check out the emblem.👍

    Someone will snap this up quickly !

  2. Dave Mc

    Love these Marlins.
    Hopefully they’ll be one around like this one when I start looking for my next ride.

  3. bccan

    I don’t know about love, but I do like them as I have 4 of these in the yard, a 1965 and 3 66’s. Wish I had a barn to keep them in.

    That original interior you show is just like one of my cars, a 66 with a 4 speed, the interior is a lot more warn on my car. It is a 327 but not numbers matching, I do have plans to get it on the road someday.

    I agree that this would be a much better deal, this car looks pretty good at least on the left side .

  4. kelly g

    super cool car. love the pillarless windows. great color too. this would be lots of fun to own and cruise.

  5. Ken

    Man!! That C piller. Looks like it’s going 100 mph that there is art work

  6. Ikey Heyman Member

    I always thought these had that “business in the front, party in the back” vibe. But I always liked them and this would be a cool car to have.

    • Dave Mc

      They should have called it “The Mullet”!!!

  7. Rube Goldberg Member

    I think this car looks nicer today than it did in ’65. It was not well received.( if only it had a hatchback) Even us hometown Milwaukee boys laughed and said, “this is the best they could do? Put a fastback on grandpa’s Rambler”? Well, nobody laughing now, probably one of the most iconic classic’s around. I’d be proud to drive this today.

  8. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking Marlin. I got to ride in a Marlin. I knew someone who had two of them, one had a V8 engine, which I rode in, while the other had a six cylinder engine I would’ve liked to ride in.

  9. Don Sicura

    I read that Dodge copied the design for the 66 & 67 Charger from this car, so as outlandish as it looks, keep in mind that Chrysler thought it was attractive enough to copy.

    • Bruce Jackson

      And a little reminiscent of the Ford Fairline—Torino which came 2-3 years later…at least a little ahead of their time on styling…

  10. bruce Estus

    Well I think that amc or Rambler were way head of the big boys so when they needed parts ok the big boys raised the price of the parts okay, then they went out of bussiness okay. not to go at spelling okay. Well I own a 1964 RAMBLER American 440H okay. 440H was the best one you could but in 64 okay. not a muscle car okay 2 door hardtop okay bucket sits that lay down all the way and it has the flash amatic tranny okay 2 speed okay. 62000 miles 2and owner okay green and white top okay 14 inch tires okay. well its a cool ride to have okay owned it for 4 years okay

    • Loco Mikado

      Your Flash O Matic transmission is a 3 speed with both 1st and 2nd gear start capabilities. D1 is first gear start and D2 is second gear start.

  11. Jack Quantrill

    Lord, these are ugly beasts!

  12. Canso Mike

    For Classic Steel The 1962 Chevy Impala had a 327 V8 the first year for Chevy.

    • Robert Mazzone

      Ramblers first 327 was in 1957 in the Rebel!

  13. Paul Kelchner

    My dad rest his soul, had a 67 marlin I think it was on the Ambassador chasis . He just loved AMCs, I took a 290 out and put a 304 w/low mileage in it, also a carpet kit and it was black with a white roof we all called it the skunk. But it did run well and he drove it regularly. Sure do miss him

  14. bruce Estus

    Well I have been told that okay thanks the way you explained it okay. bruc r estus.

  15. Jose Delgadillo

    Love it!

  16. Alan

    Beautiful Rambler Marlin!! At this moment my 81 Concord DL coupe I bought from USA is on board the container ship with my 72 Buick Skylark coupe on route to Beirut. I was Never an AMC fan but being classic collector I liked have piece of AMC history. Its blue exterior with light blue interior, 2.5 4cylinder, Auto, PS, PB, Factory AC, Factory AM/FM radio, rear defrost. has 50K original miles. I paid 6,500 for it.

  17. Lori L Abbott

    Bccan, Where are you at and are you wanting to get rid of any of the four? I had a 65 marlin that my grandparents gave me back in the day that I had to get rid of and would love to get another! I am in Seattle. Mine had the swing out Kleenex box option on the passenger side which I thought was so cool!

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