Poor Pictures, Neat Car! 1951 MG TD Garage Find

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

I seem to be writing up the worst pictured cars this week, but there have been some good deals and this could be another one. This 1951 MG TD seems to be in pretty solid condition where it matters and was used as a weekend driver from 1971 through 2000. It’s located in Nashville, Tennessee and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is just over $5,000, and if there was a reserve it’s been met. 

The seller tells us that the car met up with some carburetor issues in 2000 and was stored until it could be repaired. Unfortunately, the seller never got to it and now has the car up for sale. There don’t seem to be many other issues with the car, and it looks like the paint could certainly be polished enough to let the car resume the role of weekend driver.

The interior is certainly nice enough, although I’m sure it’s not original. Again, for a driver this looks pretty cool!

The one issue the car has right now apart from whatever carburetor issues took it off the road is this corrosion…ok…rust in the fuel tank. Now I found one solution here, but almost $1,300 for a stainless steel fuel tank is awfully expensive. As this area is behind the spare wheel and tire, I suppose you could choose an alternative method without it showing much. I’m not going to write that you should, however. There were a couple of used tanks available on eBay as well, ranging from $400 to $750. There’s also a new steel one here from the UK for about $700. So it can be done.

The engine looks quite original, and since a “master rebuild kit” is available for $170 here that covers both carburetors, I’m betting this car could be put back on the road rather quickly. I’d replace soft lines as well, and as far as the fuel tank, well, I have a son-in-law with some experience welding around fuel tanks (DON’T!) It will be interesting to see what this one goes for–trip to Nashville, anyone?

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  1. Jay E.

    Neat find, I wish it were closer, I’d take a flyer on this one. They are easy to work on and fun to drive in a Model T sort of way.

  2. hans grafftenberg

    I have a 50 TD which i drug out of a basement after a 44 year slumber and I found that I too had fuel tank issues. There are relatively cheap used units out there but they need work. I just picked my replacement up from the acid dipper yesterday and have the sealer product laying on my desk right now. Very fun car but you wouldn’t want to drive it very far. I upgraded mine with the differential out of an MGA and it really helps it out on the highway. Overall very fun cars!

  3. Randy W

    OK, this is it. Buy epoxy from Koppers paint in Pittsburg, pa. called- splash zone compound. Comes in quart containers, side A and side B 50/50 mix. Only thing you’ll find for this job. Grind off paint, sand, prime and paint. Cheapest route to go and it will work. I know, I sealed a large whole in a engine block 20 years ago and still no leak. Also this epoxy is air or water cured. chemicals don’t break it down either. Also I did the trident submarine pier underwater in Titusville, FL This info is for all you wonderful classic car buffs,

  4. Catherine Horsfall

    These old MGs are my dream cars. I have a 53 which I got when I was pregnant with my youngest son. I couldn’t drive it that summer because I wouldn’t fit behind the steering wheel. It wouldn’t start three years later and got put into storage until my husband got around to getting it running again. Other projects got in the way and now the same son is getting it back on the road for me. He’ll be 29 in August. I’m a happy momma!
    PS Mine looks like this one.


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