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Potential Bargain? Wire Wheel 1969 MGB GT

I knew very little about MGB’s GT until I got an extended ride in a friend’s 1967 edition a few years back. It was a 90-mile round trip that involved suburban and two-lane rural roads, as well as 70+ MPH interstate speeds. I was impressed! It was surprisingly quiet (has overdrive) and nowhere near as cramped as my tall, lanky frame thought it would be. OK, ingress and egress weren’t super smooth but it probably would have been just fine if I had been able to time-machine things back a bunch of years. Seeing this 1969 GT, finished in its attractive Primrose Yellow finish, made me think of that enjoyable 2017 cruise. And that being the case, I thought this MG is worthy of a review. Lewisberry, Pennsylvania is where Mitchell G found our subject car and it’s available, here on craigslist for $8,000.

I like economy! Really, economy in just about everything except with an auto listing for a car that I’m trying to review. In that case, go ahead, be garrulous. Nope, not in this case. Here’s the entirety the seller has to say, “Inquire with all questions. All original except for paint and fuel pump. Carburetor needs rebuilt. Currently have the kit. Rough start for now“. That’s it. My thought is that this GT runs, assuming you can get it started and you’re willing to undertake that “rough” starting matter. The image of the 92 HP, 1.8 liter, in-line four-cylinder engine isn’t very revealing but the carburetors, rebuilding though they may need, at least look shiny…A four-speed manual transmission was the only game in Abingdon in ’69 – not sure if this one has that highway speed-quieting overdrive feature.

Is it me or is Primrose Yellow a rare, or rarer MGB color? I don’t recall seeing many and though some may consider it bland, I like its understated character. As previously noted, it’s a respray and shows well. The leading edge of the hood doesn’t have that dent option that so frequently seems to “kiss” these B models and everything else looks straight. There’s no rust in sight but I would still want to take a gander at the underside – just to be sure.

I really don’t have an interior image for you because only the hatch area was photographed. But you know, that’s one of the advantages, at least in my book, of the GT over the plain old B, that inherent functionality of the rear hatch and cargo area, as diminutive as it may be. In spite of my quest for economy, I somehow ended up with a lot of stuff and I’m always hauling it around, or looking for a place to put it, and this GT’s “way back” is helpful on that front. From what I can determine, the front seats appear to be either reupholstered in a sort of white/off-white material or maybe they’re just wearing white pullovers, there’s no way to know for certain without asking.

So, yes, this 69K mile MGB GT “looks” like it has a lot going for it, but the paucity of listing detail is a real detraction – enough so that some may not even consider making an inquiry. Still, I think this one has some nice qualities, and if interested, it would be figuratively worth coughing up a dime to inquire, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh, and one final thing, here’s an image of my friend’s MGB GT taken at the York, Pennsylvania fairgrounds (less than twenty miles from where this subject car is domiciled) in October of 2017. Back then it was in stellar condition as my friend was a perfectionist and a true car guy through and through. He, unfortunately, passed a bit over a year ago and I understand that the GT went to a fellow member of his MG club. And while I’m sure the car has gone on to a good home, I miss its former owner.


  1. Tbone

    Enjoyed the write up thoroughly as someone who grew up around these. I know someone who has a similar red version and my wife has similar yellow one. Particularly appreciated the “dent option” (why is that so true? That front of the hood trim piece is made of unobtanium), and, as a large human, also appreciated the ingress/egress comments. Once I am inside I fit like a sardine (head room and shoulder and hip width) but there is a surprising amount of leg room once you twist and turn and bend yourself inside.

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  2. Mike B

    “Carburetor needs rebuilt” (sic). Guess which one. Like the model and the color. The GT is heavier than the convertible version with the same power. (Not that you’re going drag racing w/ an MGB anyway.) GTs were really cheap when I was restoring my roadster in the 90’s. My local British parts source was pushing a reasonable example for about $1k. But I had a CRX Si with more power, better economy/reliability/handling. Still, this one looks promising…

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  3. Randy

    I have a 69 GT and it’s in good shape with the need for a new paint job. They are fun to ride and almost all weather.
    This one is a great color and it’s a good deal for the money if there is no serious rot underneath.
    Buy this and drive with a grin.

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    • Arfeeto

      “They are fun to ride and almost all weather.”

      Indeed. It will surprise some to learn that these cars can go through six inches of snow like little tractors. And their heaters can roast you like a turkey! I know; I’ve owned five of them–and loved every one.

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  4. TheOldRanger

    I’ve always liked and enjoyed the MG….

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  5. Marc Brovender

    Those “white seats” are wearing a fleece cover. The seats on a 1969 BGT are unique to that year.

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  6. MGSteve

    The color is Pale Primrose, and was also used on the E Type. Maybe it’s just me, but certain cars look good in certain colors (colours ??), and IMHO, Pale Primrose is perfect for a GT.

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  7. Denny N. Member

    I’ve owned three BGTs, 1967, 69 and 72. All had wire wheels and OD. I never even considered a roadster. The GTs were all-weather cars and quieter at highway speeds.
    I got an Opel GT afterwards which was OK but I still miss the MGs.

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    • MGSteve

      yaw, a GT is a unique car. I’ve had several roadsters (still have one), but a GT is a favorite. Someone said it is a civilized roadster. OK, I’ll admit it. Restored a GT because I rationalized that on “iffy” driving days, it would be easier to drive a GT than to put the top up on a roadster, but still have (most) of the feel and experience of the roadster. Yaw, I’m lazy.

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