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Rare 2WD 1972 GMC Jimmy

I don’t know how many different vehicles contributed parts to this 2wd 1972 GMC Jimmy, but based on the body panels alone, it was probably quite a few. The seller does say that the numbers match on the title, door jamb, and frame, so at least those three components are original. Located in Portland, Tennessee, it can be found here on eBay with a current bid of over $11,000 and the reserve hasn’t been met yet. If you’re looking for a cool beach cruiser or two-wheel-drive hot rod Blazer, this thing should be right up your alley. Check it out!

Photo courtesy: j_lo_rides_hd on Pinterest

Here you can see just how cool these Jimmys can be. While Ford never made any two-wheel-drive Broncos, GMC and Chevrolet made quite a few Jimmys and Blazers in that configuration. They make awesome hot rods, beach cruisers, and street machines

Back to the subject at hand, here you can see the interior. It is pretty rough but looks mostly intact. The seller says the front buckets are rare. I’m not sure about that, but they are certainly a good option to have. The ad does say that there are a few rust issues in the rockers which you can see here.

Based on the work that has been done, it appears that restoration was begun and then stalled. Along with the mismatched body panels, the seller says that the front clip is from 1967, the bumpers, grille, trim, hood, and inner fenders are all new. The original engine has been pulled in anticipation of an LS swap and is included with the sale. Overall, this seems like a fairly solid project and will look much better once the bodywork and paint are done. What do you think about this one?


  1. Howard A Member

    I never could understand why someone would buy a 2 wheel drive Blazer. I bet more than one person got hornswaggled into thinking it was 4 wheel drive. Don’t laugh, I knew someone that bought a postal Jeep, because they always wanted a Jeep. You can imagine their shock when I pointed out no front drive axle. Converting to 4 wheel isn’t easy, but a much better chance of a sale.

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    • local_sheriff

      Don’t laugh but these 1st gen 2wd K5s are indeed very sought after. They were made in considerably lower #s and are very popular to build as the ground-hugger seen in the write-up.

      While we today may question why anyone would buy a 2wd K5 in the first place, there were indeed a couple reasons. These had coils at all corners offering a more car like ride than the all leaf 4wd. Also, a 2wd K5 with a Posi in the rear is not a bad choice even off paved roads unless you intend to go real offroading. I’ve driven both and the 2wd rides like any vintage car. So you’ll have a station wagon with good ground clearance without the extra weight and maintenance of a T-case and front drive.

      The ‘rare’ buckets our seller refers to are not rare at all – there were no front bench in K5s. However, the passenger and rear bench cost extra! The single wall top is the most coveted(but who wants to drive a K5 with the top up…?!) and though it has the column shifter quadrant there’s also a 3rd pedal visible so maybe it sold as a manual K5?

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      • Brian L Sutton

        Buckets may not be rare to you, but as a person who owns 3 trucks, 2 blazers and 2 suburban all 1971 models. The sport buckets will cost you upwards of $2000 plus shipping. The utility buckets in most blazers would run $800 all needing recovered. Tracks alone can go for $450. To me those prices equal rarity !

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      • nlpnt

        The question isn’t, or rather wasn’t, why would you buy a 2wd K5 (C5?) over a 4wd one, but why buy one instead of a car-based station wagon, most of which were capable of towing (some as much as a half-ton truck of its’ time).

        Sure there was the detachable roof at a time when Detroit was uninterested in putting factory sunroofs in 4-door sedans let alone wagons, but those fiberglass tops are infamously a PITA to take off and worse to put back on.

      • local_sheriff

        Brian, my point is that every K5 got (at least) one ‘bucket’ seat so in theory they shouldn’t be any more rare than the Blazer/Jimmy itself!

        I realize some want a 100% OE look, but apart from that argument I really cannot comprehend why some would pay that kind of $ for the factory buckets – you should know they aren’t exactly the best to sit in, especially during offroad driving. There are cardboard boxes to be found that offer better comfort and support. The buckets in my own ’71 K5 is of the unknown salvage yard type sitting on the OE brackets; never missed the factory low-back seats

    • Mike Hartman

      Go to a custom truck show anywhere in the US and nearly everyone wants a 2×2 Blazer. They are more 2×2 than 4×4’s. I’ve owned 15 all 2 wheel drives, with the exception of an 81 4×4 Chevy which I bought from a friend to flip. Mine was 1970 to 82 and made money on all. Like cars, people have unique personalities that make each different and of value and thats why the 2x2s bring more money…uniqueness, rarity, demand. I’ve been in this industry/hobby since birth 64 years ago, buying and selling hundreds, plus a custom pinstriping business over 40 years, I’ve seen and striped it all. That teaches you a lot about people and their dream car. Yes, the 4×4 has a big audience and more practical for offroad and driving in the snow, but the nice 2×2 is wanted by most and brings more money.

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    • Steve R

      Not everyone lives in parts of the country where it snows. Sometimes people want the utility this type of vehicle has to offer but don’t need the extra cost associated with 4 wheel drive. Two wheel drive Blazers were, and still are, fairly common sight. There are two, which are still used as daily drivers in my town.

      Steve R

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      • DON

        They also made 2wd Toyota 4 Runners and 2wd Nissan Pathfinders . Like Steve R said, you really dont need 4wd where it doesn’t snow.

  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    When we bought our ’72 Blazer 4-wheel drive in Portland, Oregon we were headed to Key West, Florida knowing we’d never need the 4-wheel drive. If they had a 2-wheel drive unit on the lot we’d have bought it. Headed to Nevada to pick up our MG TD left with a friend while we were out of country and headed east. It was March so we figured we’d camp our way across the country. Second day out we are high in the Rockies, setting up our tent, enjoying the view. Come about midnight it started to snow…and snow…and snow. Early morning we had two feet of snow and no visual contact with the MG that we’d unhooked so we could easily leave in the morning. Dug it out but needed to tow it closer to the road to hook up the tow bar. No tow rope in the new Blazer yet. Made a tow strap out of all the seat belts and managed to drive through the snow down the mountain. Never would have gotten out of there without the 4-wheel drive. Did use it one more time to pull the nose out of a tidal flat in Florida but that was it.

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    • Howard A Member

      I bet that’s the reason for 90% of the 4 wheel drive sales today,,,you MIGHT need it. I found, it’s best to take the southern route until at least May.

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      • K. R. V.

        Having 4×4/AWD is one of those things you’re better off having an not need, than need an not have. Especially in new vehicles, since independent suspension has developed like it has!

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Didn’t take us long to figure that out Howard A. By the way, we had the same seat configuration as this rig but put the rear seat lengthwise on the left side which still gave us the 5 passenger capability and plenty of room to haul almost anything. Wish we had one now…..

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  4. Lee

    Also, that is a 69 to 70 grill. Not 67-68.

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  5. Steve Clinton

    Why did someone put Crosley wheels and tires on the Jimmy?

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  6. 70SuperSport

    Auction is over

    • Steve Clinton

      “This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.”
      He forgot to mention the Crosley wheels & tires. LOL

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    • Steve R

      When you see that happen on auctions for desirable and highly sought after cars it’s often the case where someone makes a deal to end the auction early and sell the car off of eBay.

      Steve R

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  7. mainlymuscle

    “Converting to 4 wheel isn’t easy, but a much better chance of a sale.”
    The opposite is true,there are many 4wd units converted to 2,because original 2wd trucks are so hard to find.I have an excellent 1972 driver,as well as 3 project Blazers.all are 4 x 4 ,and I might convert one myself.Incidentally the 67 front end, as seen on this featured Jimmy, as well as the white custom,suits the sportier lower look.To my eye ,the Big Quad GMC grill suits the 4 x 4 slightly lifted look much better.The white roadster look is way overboard though.At anything under 15k, I would pick this one up if it was in my ‘hood .

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  8. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heyday Member

    So nobody noticed that it’s not even a GMC grille? It has the 67-68 Chevy grille in place. To be more specific, 67 as it does not have the side marker lights. Hard to say what would happen with this truck whether restored or customized. The 2wd version is quite sought after. The rear hatch isn’t present and hard to find in good condition. The bucket seats are standard in a Blazer/Jimmy so the only thing I can see is the fact that they have the CST/Sierra Grande vinyl on them and matching door panels that seller thinks they’re rare. SPID shows blue interior though. There was a soft top available for these but most 2wd versions I have seen roll with no top at all, fair weather ridin I guess. SPID didn’t list original engine. Not sure if 6 cyl, 307 or 350. Do you continue the plan for LS swap at this point?!? Cool start for somebody, long way to go however.

  9. Howard Ross

    Soooooo, the same guys that are outraged that someone would pay $7k for a super clean low mile dodge truck will gladly pay over 11K for this ? Bizzaro world.

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