Restomod Hauler: 1949 Chevrolet COE

I always like to see these old Cab Over Engine trucks being put to use. Sadly many of these trucks sit by the wayside as parts, and restoration are typically higher than the value of these old trucks. Although this COE may not be a purists dream, it is fantastic that someone has built up this truck into a once again useful vehicle. Upon listing both trucks for sale, the seller sold the smaller COE pickup, so this auction is solely for the COE hauler. Packing a modern drive-train, and a unique appearance, this Chevrolet is currently bid up to $19,600 with the reserve not met. Check it out here on ebay out of Pine Knot, Kentucky.

Within this classy old cab is a bare bones interior that could certainly be improved upon. There is a modern steering column, seats, and a gauge cluster linked to a 2011 6.6 liter Duramax lml engine with a brand new GM transmission. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the drive-train, or from the build of this cool re-purposed truck. I would look into sprucing up the interior and door panels to add to the classic looks, but modern function. The modern gauge cluster is nicely sculpted into the dash yielding a nice finished appearance.

Beneath this classic Chevy is a 2011 chassis, and brakes. The 19 foot hauler bed is from Hodges custom haulers, and has been painted to give a matching patina to the cab. There are 4 tool boxes built into the bed, and there is also an electric winch. There are modern alloy wheels fitted which certainly do the job, but I would personally like the look of a steel wheel to keep a rather stock and unassuming appearance. Driven and towed many miles, this COE is solid, and has all the necessary lights and equipment to be road legal. There is a title, but the only thing that could make this truck a little sweeter would be if it had functioning air conditioning. No hints have been given as to whether there is any climate control in this truck, but I am sure someone could add it, if not already installed. The COE body is solid, but there are dents on the rear portion of the passenger fender, and the driver fender has a loosely worked out dent below the headlight. Guaranteed to get looks no matter what you may be towing, this Chevy would look fantastic towing a patina’d car to the next big car show. Are you a fan of this Chevy COE?

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  1. BronzeGiant

    Time to paint both of them.

    • Jaygryph

      Because shiny paint has never been done before. :)

      Like 1
  2. Joe Defelice

    Love it!! (Well, except for the wheel choice, but that can be addressed easy enough)

    • Jaygryph

      I’ve seen some interesting treatments of modern style wheels, where they acid etched them and used I imagine copper dust to give them a nice green streaked aging. It really helped the wild modern style wheels blend in a little better when the finish wasn’t such a stark contrast to the rest of the vehicle.

      Wheels are, thankfully, a pretty easy to change aspect.

  3. JW

    I’m a Ford truck man but I would love to have this big bad Chevy.

  4. Pnocisu

    Aerosmith Pump CD!

  5. Ed P

    These trucks were very short on creature comforts. The new chassis and drivetrain would be a giant improvement.

  6. AlanB

    I guess the seller read your article …
    from the eBay ad:

    “On May-24-17 at 15:59:02 PDT, seller added the following information:

    Truck has vintage heat and A/C “

  7. Fred W.

    I don’t like the patina look on most vehicles, this being one exception.

    • Brian Staff

      Patina isn’t for everyone, but I will admit this truck has a unique appearance that can be appreciated.

  8. kman

    The only issue I see as a problem is Pepsi instead of Coke, it kills the deal.

  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    I admit that there is a lot of potential in this truck, and agree that modernizing it does make it a lot easier to drive without wearing yourself out. Considering that someone has already started this project, I’d finish it and use it. Definitely nix the P-word!!! The first thing I’d do is get rid of that instrument cluster and put in a decent set of repro gauges that look stock. Putting a modern cluster in an old truck is plain tacky. Wire in a bank of warning lights to keep the ECU happy, and incorporate them into the engine shroud or a special panel of its own. Would I build something like this from a complete stock truck? NO! But that’s me. I still admit that they look real good all decked out. Get rid of those off-shore wheels though!!!!

    • Brian Staff

      Hey geomechs, I agree that this truck could be improved upon based on ones personal taste. Individual gauges would certainly be cool and add a classic appearance to the dash once again. The patina works in this instance, but with the proper body work and paint, this truck would be a modern work of art. Then ditch the wheels for a more retro appearing wheel set and call it a day.

  10. KEN TILLY Member

    Looks like a job for Danny the Count!

  11. jdjonesdr

    Oh look, how cute. Patina. What an original idea. I love the truck though.

  12. Oingo

    Too me missing paint is not patina it just invites more deterioration.

  13. Eldon

    Really tired of “Great patina”

    • BronzeGiant

      Really tired of “Patina” period.

      Like 1
  14. Doug Towsley

    Updating vintage Iron like this with modern drivetrains is the best thing going. It gets more classics and vintage back on the road and actually provides a great and useful platform. Plus its actually useable. Not too mention its enviromentally sound practices rather than building some nw plastic POS that doesnt work as well.

  15. chad

    luv more info on the p/u…

  16. Harvey Peever

    I don’t know how many coe’s are still out there but I love every one I see.

    • Tony L

      At least in my part of Arizona, they are pretty rare. I enjoy every one I see.

  17. Vintage Car Loner

    As I have said before no respecting hot rodder would leave his car or truck rusty until 20 years ago. If not painted it would at least have a coat of grey primer on it. When I grew up rust was sign that you did not care or were to impoverished or cheap to paint your car or truck. Leaving body damage on a vehicle was not the thing to do, a repaired spot with primer showed at least you were trying rather than being ghetto like today. But like today’s fashions of running around in torn and tattered pants rather than the neatly patched ones that I wore when I was young. I think today’s fashions and ideas of what looks good in cars and trucks suck.

    • Buzmad

      Often, all grey primer does is cover up too much bondo and bad body work. In addition, it doesn’t seal what it covers. Your ride will rust if primer you trust.

  18. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    I want it… Can’t afford it.. but I want it…

  19. Doug Towsley

    ” Often, all grey primer does is cover up too much bondo and bad body work. In addition, it doesn’t seal what it covers. Your ride will rust if primer you trust.”
    Well, that used to be true and I would agree it was often the case. But now days there is still no substitute for bare steel so you can see what you are working with, and many old style primers DID allow corrosion to occur under the paints, but more modern materials for many years now thats not so much the case.
    Too many variables to outline them all,, But I use catalyzed primers, with etch properties that once applied you will have a very hard time inducing any rust or corrosion is the correct term. (No such thing as Rust)( Despite what Neil Young says). I recomend RM-Diamont DE15 (etch) & DP20 (Filling/sanding) as well as DS30 Sealers (Tintable)
    And I now mostly use Valspar DP50 which etchs, fills and seals and can be tailored to just Etch & bond/seal or can be mixed as a filler/sand primer. Tintable as well but they have another line of primers thats good as well and can be sprayed in a variety of colors. So, I also use one of my favorite rust (Corrosion) KIllers that converts Iron Oxide to Iron Nitrate and provides an AWESOME surface for paint to bond to. OSPHO,, (Try it, you will love it)
    The whole matte finish and “Murdered out” style has kind of ebbed and flowed but not as common as it was,, But over the years many of my projects have been works in progress so, no shame in some primer here or there. My $0.02

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